12. Ningbo Imported Commodity Exhibition & Trade Center Co., Ltd.

Sinochem Group ..................................................................................................................... 2
China Chengtong Holdings Group Ltd ................................................................................ 2
China National Light Industrial Products Import and Export Corporation.................... 4
China Artex Corporation Fujian Company......................................................................... 6
China Salt Import & Export Co., Ltd. ................................................................................. 6
CREC Material CO., LTD..................................................................................................... 8
China National Township Enterprises Corporation ........................................................... 8
China Sinopharm International Corporation.................................................................... 10
China-Africa Investment and Development Co., Ltd.(CAIDC): ..................................... 10
CITIC International Co. Ltd. ...................................................................................... 12
CIFTIS........................................................................................................................... 12
Ningbo Imported Commodity Exhibition & Trade Center Co., Ltd. ...................... 14
Ningbo Foreign Trade Service Center Co., Ltd. ........................................................ 14
Ningbo Foreign Enterprises Service& Trade Co., LTD ........................................... 15
NFTZ Imported Food Supply Chain Co.,Ltd. ........................................................... 15
Ningbo Cixi Import & Export Corp. Ltd ................................................................... 15
China International Trading Exchange Center ......................................................... 17
Utour International Travel Service Co., Ltd. ............................................................. 19
Gao Yu Providence (Beijing) International Culture Communication Co., LTD ..... 22
Dongfang Hongrun (Beijing) Investment Co., Ltd. ................................................... 22
Beijing Jinri Xinxun Investment Consulting Co., Ltd .............................................. 24
Huludao WoLin Real Estate Development Co., LTD. ............................................... 24
Jilin Kun Zhe Investment Co., LTD............................................................................ 24
Shanghai ELBE International Trading Co., Ltd ....................................................... 26
Shanghai Huacheng Zhongben CciCapital Ltd ......................................................... 26
Kenmit Townwall Culture & Media (SH) Corp., LTD .............................................. 27
Kelly Shanghai industrial co., LTD. ............................................................................ 27
Shanghai Zhengfei Dteel Co.,Ltd. ............................................................................... 29
Wuxi Dihe Investment and Development Co., Ltd .................................................... 29
ZHEJIANG WILLING FOREIGN TRADING CO., LTD. ...................................... 29
Jiangsu Guoxing Group ............................................................................................... 31
Ningbo Jinyuan Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. ....................................................................... 33
Hunan Rongpin international trade investment co., LTD ........................................ 33
Shaanxi dahongmen Ivestment Group Co.,Ltd ......................................................... 35
Success Finance Group ................................................................................................ 35
Yihai Property Holdings Limited ................................................................................ 36
1. Sinochem Group
Sinochem Group was founded in 1950. Its predecessor was China National Chemicals Import and
Export Corporation, which was China’s largest trading firm. Sinochem is a state-owned company, which
owns more than 300 subsidiaries inside and outside China. Sinochem’s headquarter is located in Beijing.
Sinochem’s core businesses span over energy, agriculture, chemicals, real estate and financial
service. It is one of China’s four state oil companies, China’s biggest agricultural input company
(fertilizer, seed and agrochemicals), China’s leading chemical service company. As a global
conglomerate with market orientation, Sinochem’s quality product and service are relevant to many
aspects of mass economy and people’s well being. Its brand enjoys high reputation and
acknowledgement around the world.
Sinochem is China’s earliest entrant in Fortune Global 500 and has entered the list for 24 times,
ranking 107th in 2014. Sinochem has been listed in “World’s Most Admired Companies” by Fortune for
2 consecutive years, both ranking the first in Trading Industry List.
(北京复兴门内大街 28 号凯晨世贸中心中座邮编:100031)
Tel: +86-010-59568888
Fax: +86-010-59568890
Website: www.sinochem.com
2. China Chengtong Holdings Group Ltd
With more than 6 billion RMB's total assets, China Chengtong Holdings Group Ltd. ("China
Chengtong")is a large enterprise group under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and
Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council. China Chengtong belongs to the first batch
of standard board-of-directors enterprises in the transformation of central enterprises authenticated by
SASAC. It serves as a significant operating platform, contributing to structural and distributional
adjustments and strategic recombination of central enterprises.
China Chengtong was founded in 1992, after merging the materials-circulation enterprises that
directly under the former Materials Department. In 1998, China Chengtong and its member enterprises
established a system, which joined the parent group and its subsidiary companies with property right as
the umbilical cord. In 1999, China Chengtong made adjustments and recombination. Since 2000, the
group is supervised by Central Work Committee for Large Enterprises. With a further omnibearing
transformation in 2006, China Chengtong Holding Group Ltd. came into being.
At present, China Chengtong owns more than a hundred subsidiary companies all over China,
among which, five are listed companies, viz. Zhong Chu Development Stock Co., Ltd., (No. 600787,
Shanghai Stock Exchange), Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd (No. 200968, Shenzhen Stock
Exchange), China Chengtong Development Co., Ltd. (No. 00217, HKMB), Guangdong Guanhao
High-Tech Co., Ltd (No. 600433, Shanghai Stock Exchange), and Yueyang Forest & Paper Co.,
Ltd(No. 600963, Shanghai Stock Exchange). Besides, it also has set up overseas business platforms in
areas such as Hong Kong and Russia.
The main businesses of China Chengtong are assets management, integrated logistic service,
capital goods trade, production and exploitation of forestry-pulp papers. The group's business also
covers prompt goods wholesale market, tourism, cultural and packaging industries.
China Chengtong insists on combining assets management and industry management, accelerates
to improve the assets management functions, brings the unique function of its assets management into
active play, focuses on enhancing the competitiveness of its main business, forges the core competitive
capability of the group, and is keen on a all-round, sustainable, rapid but healthy development.
3. China National Light Industrial Products Import and Export Corporation
Established in 1952 and as one of China’s then key foreign trade corporations on the national level,
China National Light Industrial Products Import and Export Corporation(hereinafter referred to
as“Chinalight”)made continuous contributions for China’s foreign trade and economic construction.
Over recent years, in compliance with economic situations and by seizing market opportunities,
Chinalight has facilitated its strategic restructuring and transformed its operation of traditional light
industrial products to the management of important resource commodities that is closely related to
China’s economic and social development, in a specialized and intensive way and on a large scale.
Chinalight has constantly expanded its business spheres, steadily enhanced its business
performance and gradually formed three business sectors of pulp and paper, staple raw material and
resource commodities and international trade as well as the platform of financial service. The
subsidiaries of Chinalight have formed a multi-regional business pattern covering Beijing, the Pearl
River Delta Area and the Yangtze River Delta Area. An overseas marketing network has been set up by
Chinalight’s operations in Hamburg, Moscow, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai, San Diego and
In 2008, upon approval by the State-owned Asset Supervision and Administration Commission,
Chinalight has been incorporated into China General Technology Group Holding Limited. From 2010
onwards, Chinalight has stepped on a new journey through strategic restructuring and resource
integration with Genertec International Corporation.
Since 2011, Chinalight has become one of
China’s top 500 enterprises and has come out top among China’s top 500 service firms, a significant
enhancement of its overall strength.
In the light of state policies and the strategic guideline aimed at restructuring, upgrading and
leapfrog development and in accordance with the purpose of“trade service as the forerunner”,
Chinalight, by virtue of its professional and effective contingent, has constantly increased its service
connotations, extended its value chains, widened its industrial chains and spared no efforts to build itself
into one of China’s important suppliers of staple resource commodities and one of integrated trade
service providers.
4. China Artex Corporation Fujian Company
China Artex Corporation Fujian Company is established in April, 1981. We are key enterprise
under China National Arts & Crafts Group Corporation (ranking NO.61 of China 2010 Top 500 Key
Enterprises).It is one of 117 state-owned enterprises which under central administration of the SASAC
(State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council). Our direct
subordinate and holding enterprises include Fuzhou Artex Factory, Quanzhou Artex Factory, China Arts
Huatai Trading Company Ltd. .The scope of our import business including granite and marble stones,
tapioca,minerals,marine products, agricultural and sideline products, natural rubber, raw wood,
converted timber. Our export business including artex products, clothing, shoes and hats, ceramics, resin
In the past thirty years, we always take customers’ inquires and satisfactories as our first priority.
We have built up our marketing channels and possessing good relationships with our trade partners. The
worldwide network of trading of our company includes Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Cameroon, India,
Europe, Pakistan,Iran,Vietnam, South America, America and other countries and regions as well.
5. China Salt Import & Export Co., Ltd.
China Salt Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Salt Group
(CNSG, also named CNSIC), and is also the largest, authorized import & export company of CNSG.
Since its establishment in 2000, China Salt Import and Export Co.,Ltd has explored business scope
of imports and exports in Salt and Salt chemical products;Household appliances, Office equipment,
Textiles needles, Auto parts sales; Storage and transportation; Consulting services within the industry;
Technical communication; Crude salt, Processed salt, Salt chemical products (except hazardous
chemicals), Saline aquatic products, Saline organisms and products, Equipment for salt plants, Timber,
Cement, Cable, Corporate packaging material that salt companies needed, Salt pan crystalline plastic;
Auto sales; Sulfuric acid; Acetone, Hydrochloric acid; Turpentine, 1,4 – Xylene, Sodium hydroxide,
Sodium sulfide, Phthalic anhydride, Hydrofluoric acid, Methanol, Naphtha, Nitric acid; Naphthalene,
N-butanol; Sodium perchlorate, Sulfur; Wholesale pre-packaged food.
The company has trade its production with many countries around the globe including east and east
south Asia (such like Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.) America, middle and south America
(such like Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, etc.), European Union, Russia, and other far east area like
Kazakhstan. The company’s financial background is very strong with a current financial rating and the
CNSG Group support. The volume of foreign trade for 2013 was just over USD 200 million.
China Salt Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a professional import and export company with
international industry standards and practices which can adapt very easily to meet the needs of our most
demanding clients. We have built a strong international reputation of excellence with our customers and
are well known for our high efficiency and quality of service..
Business Scope:
company has successfully developed export business for salt and salt chemical products. It also has
added other trade items such as light industrial products,machinery, equipment and agricultural
products, as well as create import business for chemical products (including PP, PE, TDI, MDI, Borax,
Boric acid etc.) , scrap and recycling products (including scrap car/ metals/ plastics, etc.)
ADD:WestTower 10/F, China Salt Building, Lian Hua Chi, Guangwai Street, Beijing, China
TEL:0086 10 3063590
FAX:0086 10 63272383
Email: [email protected]
6. CREC Material CO., LTD
CREC Material CO., Ltd was established as in 2011,The general business is minerals, including
iron ore, manganese ore, nickle ore, chrome ore and alloys, coal, fuel, building materials, metal
materials, mechanical equipment, hardware, electronic products, chemical products, lubricating oil,
grain and oil; cargo import and export technology import and export, agent for import and export;
investment management, investment consulting; enterprise management consulting; conference services,
According to our business development, we now have 28 employees distributed in 8 different
Departments, which are Carbon Steel materials Department, Iron Ore Department, Coal and coke
Department, Stainless Steel materials Department, Logistics Department, Finance Department, Business
Management Department and General Affairs Department.Since its establishment, CREC Material CO.,
Ltd actively explore the international and domestic markets, and the market share has gained a steady
7. China National Township Enterprises Corporation
China National Township Enterprises Corporation (CTEC) was established in 1980. The company
is wholly owned by China National Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd. (CNADC), which is a
large state-owned agricultural enterprise.
The company was granted as the national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises by
Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, and other eight ministries. The company’s import &export
trade, tenders and services has passed the ISO9001 certification, it was also one of the national top 500
large Chinese foreign trade enterprises for five years in succession.
As a large state-owned agricultural enterprise, CTEC has adhered to the principle of “Depending
on agriculture and serving agriculture”, the company has build agricultural international trade,
government procurement tender and storage logistics as the core business of a complete industrial chain
in order to promote the integration of agriculture and the world economy. In the agricultural production,
agricultural science equipment, agricultural products, livestock products, seafood, seeds, feed additives
and other agricultural international trade, the scale of advantaged project and market share entered the
top ten industries. With a high level of management ability and sustainable development of international
trade and tender service, the company has become a strong economic strength in the agricultural
8. China Sinopharm International Corporation
China Sinopharm International Corporation (hereinafter abbreviated as “Sinopharm International”),
is a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group (hereinafter abbreviated as
“Sinopharm”). Sinopharm is the largest pharmaceutical group of medical and healthcare industry in
China under the direct leadership of SASAC. In 2013, the revenue of Sinopharm reached RMB200
billion yuan, and become the first Chinese pharmaceutical company of the Global Top 500
Corporations, ranking as one of the Global TOP 10 pharmaceutical companies.
Sinopharm International shoulders the strategic mission of developing international pharmaceutical
business, medical and health industry for Sinopharm. Its major business covers international
pharmaceutical trade, overseas pharmaceutical investment, international medical cooperation, and
medical and health services.
The sales revenue of Sinopharm International in 2013 values more than RMB 13.5 billion with a
total Imp&Exp volume exceeding USD 1.5 billion. In terms of Imp&Exp medical and healthcare
products, Sinopharm International is one of the top 5 companies in China. Its long-term goal is to
become China's largest enterprise in international medical and healthcare business.
International trade products: Pharmaceutical Chemical Raw Materials, Healthy Food Ingredients
(sunflower seed oil, peanut oil, barley, milk powder), Chemicals (glycerine, boric acid), Feedstuff (fish
meal, feed barley)
Add: Fortune tower, No.4,Huixing Dongjie, Chaoyang District ,Bejing, China
Tel: 0086-10-84663789
Fax: 0086-10-84639160-3789
Website: www.sinopharmintl.com.cn
9. China-Africa Investment and Development Co., Ltd.(CAIDC):
CAIDC was co-founded by Poly Technologies, Inc. and China-Africa Development Fund(CAD
Fund) in 2009. By taking advantages of market development of Poly and financing backup of CAD
Fund, CAIDC focuses on the investment and development of the energy, infrastructure, real estate,
logistic and new energy, and aims to achieve the value growth of the project by the professional and
experienced team.
10.CITIC International Co. Ltd.
CITIC International Co. Ltd., mainly involved in import and export business, is a newly established
subsidiary of CITIC Group after its restructuring in trade business. Founded on August 6, 2012 . CITIC
International has a registered capital of RMB 150 million and 55 employees.
Beijing part of the CITIC group, CITIC International devotes itself largely to import and export of
commodities and technology and domestic trade business, and is at the same time engaged in related
logistics and distribution services.
Since the dawn of the new century, the trend of economic globalization has been continuously
accelerating. The world has entered the age of the service economy, and service innovation has become
an important source of added value. The trend of manufacturing moving into services is ever more
obvious, and the trade in services has become a new force in the fusion of industries.
In recent years constraints on resources and energy for China's economic development have
become all the more severely felt, and a transformation in the mode of economic development and
industrial restructuring has become important themes in China. Speeding up the development of the
service industry is the main direction of task in transforming China's mode of development and
restructure its economy. This is an prerequisite for the continued improvement of the quality of life of
urban and rural residents. China, and the world as a whole, needs to build a comprehensive platform for
the trade in services. This is the context in which CIFTIS arises at the historic moment, which will
shoulder the mission of advancing the service industry and the trade in services.
CIFTIS is the first comprehensive platform specializing in the trade in services around the world.
Hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the People's Government of
Beijing Municipality, it will be permanently based in Beijing. The World Trade Organization, the United
Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and
Development are permanent supporters. Defined as a state-level, international and comprehensive fair
for trade in services, the CIFTIS currently figures as the only comprehensive trading platform in the
world covering the 12 sectors of trade in services defined by the WTO, namely, business services,
communication services, construction and related engineering services, distribution services, educational
services, environmental services, financial services, health and social services, tourism and
travel-related services, recreational, cultural and sports services, transport services and other services.
12.Ningbo Imported Commodity Exhibition & Trade Center Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Imported Commodity Exhibition & Trade Center Co., Ltd. is co-invested by the
Administrative Committee of Ningbo Free Trade Zone, Ningbo Municipal People’s Government of
Jiangdong District, and Ningbo Ningshine Trading Group Inc.. It is located at the Ningbo International
Conference & Exhibition Center of the core area of East New Town, with 200,000 ㎡ business area for
the 1st phase of the project. Commodities in the center includes imported foods, imported daily
necessities, imported home decoration accessories & handcrafts, imported electronic products and
imported luxuries etc..
The NIGETC enjoys the unique advantages like free trade and preferential tax policy. What’s more,
it can provide great convenience on clearance, logistics, warehousing, finance, etc. together with the
strong supporting from government. It attracts enterprises and institutions such as global commodity
importers, China’s general agent for imports, headquarters of international trade, trade service
organizations and other high quality importing bodies, aims to build the NIGETC into a National
famous Distribution Center of Imported Goods Trade, Accounting Center Of International Trade,
Service Center of International Trade, Information Center of Imported Goods, Price Setting Center of
Key Imported Goods, and becoming the largest platform of middle and high class Imported goods in
Zhejiang Province in 3-5 years.
13.Ningbo Foreign Trade Service Center Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Foreign Trade Service Center Co.,Ltd., established in 2007, was
invested and operated by Ningbo Enterprises Association for Foreign Economic Relations & Trade. It is
a professional company for exhibition organization and trade promotion and also an executive member
of Zhejiang International Convention & Exhibition Industry Association.
The company works on domestic and international meetings and exhibitions in planning, organizin
g, operating, reception and service, etc. Specializing in information consultancy and advertising service
as well, it is one of the companies authorized to organize major international exhibitions in Ningbo.
14.Ningbo Foreign Enterprises Service& Trade Co., LTD
Ningbo Foreign Enterprises Service & Trade Co., Ltd. (NBFESCO) was founded in 1988. It is a
comprehensive modern service & trade company which involves foreign enterprise commercial service,
human resource service, exhibition service, international trade service, auction and other services.
NBFESCO is the appointed foreign service organization by Ningbo Municiple Government. It is
the standing member of the China Association of Foreign Service Trades, vice chairman member of
Ningbo Foreign Enterprise Association, vice chairman member of Ningbo Exhibition Association,
standing member of Ningbo Foreign Trade Enterprise Association and member of Ningbo Entrepreneur
15.NFTZ Imported Food Supply Chain Co.,Ltd.
NFTZ Imported Food Supply Chain Co.,Ltd., co-invested by SAMIC Shanghai (affiliated to AVIC)
and NFTZ Market Development Co., Ltd, is a professional supply chain company specializing in food
import in NFTZ.
To present one-stop international trading service, the company’s service platform embraces various
sections, including international sourcing, financial service, logistic service, multi-channel marketing
service with both online and physical stores, free value added service, etc.
Overseas offices have been established in Ukraine, Belgium, Spain, Australia and Guinea.
16.Ningbo Cixi Import & Export Corp. Ltd
Ningbo Cixi Import & Export Corp. Ltd. was established in 1988. It is a comprehensive group with
import and export trade as its main business, and is one of the China top 500 enterprises and top export
200 enterprises.
The main lines of the company are 6 types of products such as bearing and automobile fitting,
hardware water pipe, electrical appliances, textile and garment, case, bag, shoes and hat, and light
industry technology, which find a good sell in over 120 countries and regions all over the world, such as
America, EU, Middle East and Hong Kong, etc.. Under the company there are over 20 subsidiaries, 2
comprehensive industrial parks and over 10 productive enterprises. The company has domestic branches
in places such as Shanghai, Ningbo and Hangzhou, and overseas office or production enterprises in
places such as America, Hong Kong, Russia and Vietnam, etc..
The company is entitled to import and export directly, it has the operational right of international
freight forward agent and the right of international engineering contracting and labor service
cooperation. With the authorization of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the company also has the
examination and approval authority of sending temporary personnel going abroad and inviting foreign
businessmen to come to China.
17.China International Trading Exchange Center
Founded in April 1995, MOFCOM China International Trading Exchange Center (CITEC) is a
professional company that carries out international business exchanges and holds international
exhibitions under the Ministry of Commerce (MOC). We are qualified to hold foreign economic and
technical exhibitions at home and to participate in and hold exhibitions abroad. Since establishment, we
have been organizing and undertaking businesses such as outbound business investigation, trade
negotiation, business exchange, professional training, industrial conference and business exhibition.
Over the past years, we have planned, organized and undertaken dozens of major international business
exchanges for the MOC, central ministries and commissions as well as enterprises and institutions
around the country.
In business activities over the years, we have provided extensive opportunities and quality services
for Chinese institutions to send delegations abroad and foreign delegations to come to China for
business activities. For a dozen decade, we have sponsored and undertaken various international
exhibitions and training programs in countries and regions like China, Japan, the U.S., Russia, Canada,
Kenya and the Middle East; have organized and undertaken major conferences of the U.S. government,
world non-governmental organizations and the Chinese government; and have received enterprise
delegations from countries like Portuguese, Israel, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Through the
events, we have made exclusive contributions to the business development of Chinese and foreign
enterprise circles.
We own a professional service team of 80 members from the international department, market
department, convention & exhibition center, liaison department, training department and visa translation
department, which have rich experience in business, convention & exhibition and liaison. All enterprises
and institutions are welcome to cooperate with us.
Our business slogan: common development, common progress. Service concept: raising the
awareness of service trade and increasing the level of service quality. Development plan: endeavoring to
develop new business markets, creating new opportunities for exhibition holding and participation and
new directions for international cooperation, and developing profiting and promising exchange
18.Utour International Travel Service Co., Ltd.
With a registered capital of 58.29million yuan, Utour International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (Utour)
is a joint-stock enterprise with independent legal status established with the approval of the National
Tourism Administration (CNTA) and Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce. The company
is committed to providing Chinese citizens with entry & exit and domestic travel services (business
license number: L-BJ-CJ00071) on a concessionary basis. The company mainly engages in outbound
travel wholesale, retail, and incentive, business travel and meetings. Utour headquartered in Beijing,
andbranched in Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang, Harbin, Xi'an, Tianjin, Xiamen, Chongqing, Hangzhou
and Wuhan. The company is a member of China Association of Travel Services, Beijing Travel Industry
Association, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and International Air Transport Association
(IATA), passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in late 2007.Utour titled No. 4 in the
ranking of top 100 travel agencies, No 2 in the ranking of Top 10 outbound travel agencies and No.5
in the ranking of top 10 travel agencies of National profits and tax which all released by the National
Tourism Administration in 2011.In 2012, Utour titled NO.4 in the ranking of Top 100 travel agencies
awarded by National Tourism Administration and NO.3 in top 10 travel agencies of National profits and
tax by the National Tourism Administration. In 2013, Utour titled NO.5 in the ranking of Top 100 travel
agencies awarded by National Tourism Administration and NO.2 in top 10 travel agencies of National
profits and tax by the National Tourism Administration.In 2013, Utour was selected as the Beijing 5A
travel agency. On January 23rd,2014, Utour successfully listed in Shenzhen stock market, as the first
privately operated travel agency in A stock market in China. The stock code is 002707. As a professional
e-commerce travel service website, Utourworld .com(www.utourworld.com) under the company provides
tourists with one-stop and all-around travel services such as group travel, FIT travel, hotel reservation,
visa application and member services. Utour e-commerce platform was elected as "one of the best
online platform of Chinese outbound traveling for 15 years" in 2013 by Top Travel Magazine.
As one of China’s largest outbound travel operators, Utour, with products as core and service as
orientation, integrates elements and resources of the outbound travel industry chain such as air ticket,
hotel, visa, cruise, overseas transportation and overseas reception, is a manufacturer of outbound travel
products and provider of services, with its products covering major countries and regions of destination
such as Europe, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, America and Asia. Since 2005, Utour has played a
leading role in China’s outbound travel market, especially China’s long-route outbound travel market, is
currently one of China’s top ten wholesalers of travel routes such as Europe, Northern Europe, Russia,
Australia and New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, America, Phuket , Bali & cruise travel and has
received a bundle of awards including the product innovation award and the marketing innovation
In recent years, Utour has persisted in the strategy of “integrating wholesale with retail and online
operations with offline operations”.
On the one hand, the company has consolidated and expanded outbound travel wholesale,business
established a nationwide travel agent network, and owned more than 2,000 agents; on the other hand,
the copmany has been actively developing retail business has established Utourworld.com and a call
center, and had established 37 stores of which 33 in Beijing and 4 in Tianjin by September 2014, thus
forming a store network basically covering Beijing. Besides, the company offers differentiated and
intimate services through Utour Club, and owns a large number of loyal and stable customers. Also, the
company has carried out flexible and diversified channel marketing cooperation with major customers
such as banks and insurance companies.
Utour has independently developed an e-commerce system, focused on a standardized service
process, integrated traditional travel agency businesses through modern information technology,
established an online e-commerce platform centering on the ERP integrated operation management
system and combining Utourworld.com, the B2B distribution platform and the call center, preliminarily
accomplished the informatization of internal management and operations, managed and controlled key
business links such as upstream resource integration, travel product R & D, sales channel construction
and travel group operations, improved operation efficiency, better responded to and satisfied customers’
individualized and diversified demands, and formed a business mode integrating offline entity
marketing network with online e-commerce.
Besides, Utour has made great strides in MICE
business recent years, has owned customers
including several of the world’s top 500 enterprises, renowned domestic and overseas enterprises,
governments and institutions, earned recognition and trust from customers, and established the
professional role of U-MICE brand in the industry.
Utour is maintaining good relations with foreign embassies and consulates, foreign tourism
administrations, airlines, overseas local agencies and hotels, enjoys a great fame in the industry, and has
won the award for best air travel cooperation, the award for best group sale and the award for best
partner from airlines such as Air China, Austrian Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Air France,
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Dragonair; besides, it is one of the few travel agencies
entitled to deliver passports to embassies and consulates in consular districts such as Beijing, Shanghai,
Guangzhou, Shenyang and Chengdu, especially embassies and consulates of European and American
countries.In 2007, Utour exclusively operated more than 1,000-tourist to Japan and Korea via chartered
luxury cruise which caused a great sensation in Beijing’s outbound travel market. Since then Utour
operated charted cruise travel to same destinations successively
As part of the travel service industry, Utour upholds the concept of “integrity, quality”, gives
priority to customer feel and experience, and keeps enhancing product quality and service level to make
travelers truly experience the fun of travel and enjoy the company’s services. In 2010, Utour was
selected by Legal Evening Newspaper as the “Most Reliable Travel Agency for Readers”, and titled
“Best Service Travel Agency” in the first session by Beijing Entertainment Daily Newspaper. In 2011
Utour was awarded by Sohu.com as “Best Travel Service and Best Travel Route Design”. In 2012 was
selected as “Most Favoured Travel Agency” by Voyage Magazine. In 2013 the company currently won
“The 14th Forbidden City Capital Tourism Advanced Group Award ” recommended by Beijing Tourism
Development Commission and Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Administration,and the
title of “Most Trustworthy Travel Agencies for Family” by Global Times.
In early 2009, Utour changed its corporate VI system as a significant step towards brand
development. The new VI interprets the essence of the company’s new brand as a “great global travel
partner” with fashionable, humanistic, internationalized and trendy visual languages. In 2013, Utour
App released to providing more intimating and convenient service such as useful appliances, popular
routes and interesting games to consumers, bringing the splendid world to you only by the fingertip.
19.Gao Yu Providence (Beijing) International Culture Communication Co., LTD
Gao Yu Providence (Beijing) International Culture Communication Co., LTD was founded in
2007。Committed to the international cultural exchange as the theme, carry out international business
and cultural exchanges and cooperation, promote common progress, harmonious development in the
world; To carry forward the Chinese nation excellent culture; For Chinese people to build the stage of
international communication; Organizations to undertake many large domestic and international
activities and 37 countries and regions of the world to establish good relationship with international
cultural exchanges and cooperation; Create a global win-win and harmonious atmosphere of the world.
Business Scope: Organizational of culture and art exchange activities(not including performance),
Corporate image planning, Technology promotion service, Brand design, Conference service, Exhibition
services, Culture and art field, The energy sector, Real estate sector
Add:NO.38th Building, Shenggu South ,Chaoyang District,Beijing 100029
Tel :010-64951659
[email protected]
Contact: Mr. Gao
20.Dongfang Hongrun (Beijing) Investment Co., Ltd.
Oriental hong run (Beijing) investment co., LTD. Is a joint-stock enterprise approved by the
Beijing municipal administration of industry and commerce, is a mainly industrial investment, project
investment fund management, equity investment and the new rural construction, power engineering and
power equipment supply, international economic and cultural exchange, as one of the diversified
Company organization structure is simple, clear division of labor, pragmatic and efficient; Follow
the good faith, the steady management policy, the company has a number of senior involved in all areas
of experts think tank, and industrial companies and more than a dozen domestic industry association and
maintain close cooperation, so as to achieve win-win cooperation in integrating resources can be fully
realized the strategic objectives. Through with a number of investment institutions, financial consortium
to establish strategic cooperative relations, at present, the company in shandong, henan, hebei, fujian,
liaoning and other places have a joint-stock enterprises. Based on China, facing the world, the company
in China's economic development and at the same time actively seeking international cooperation.
Welcome to the relevant units to provide project information, cooperative development, create a better
"Patriotism, innovation, inclusiveness, thick Germany\" is our enterprise tenet. At present, in the
cultural and economic under the background of \"great prosperity, development\", we sincerely invite
you, knowledge and people with lofty ideals to join and cooperation, create, harvest more and better
economic benefit and social benefit.
21.Beijing Jinri Xinxun Investment Consulting Co., Ltd
Beijing Jinri Xinxun Investment Consulting Co., Ltd was constructed under the support of related
ministries and commissions in State Department, with the purpose of providing interior information and
management consulting services for enterprises.
It has several kinds of theoretical publications such as Economy Today, Management Today, China
Entrepreneurs Thought Club, etc. Meanwhile, we have a group of consultant team consists of scholars,
specialists, officials and entrepreneurs.
22.Huludao WoLin Real Estate Development Co., LTD.
Huludao WoLin Real Estate Development Co., LTD., founded in June 5 2012 , is
a developingenterprises, in predominantly comprehensive real estate.
Since its establishment, the company produces market orientation of real estate in line with
"tocreate high-quality goods communities and residential trendsetter" .The first phase of "WoTaiHua
city" ofits project construction is located in the region in the Middle East street of south gate, about 9
square meters,is advantage and out of print.
In the fierce market competition, Huludao WoLin real estate development co., LTD., tries to make
concerted efforts and innovation, to build the company into one of the most competitive real estate
enterprises, to improve people's housing conditions and beautify the urban environment ,with the
advanced development concept, mature development experience andhonest management style.
23.Jilin Kun Zhe Investment Co., LTD
Jilin Kun Zhe Investment Co., LTD. has been set up owing to its being jointly funded by 28
outstanding entrepreneurs, The investment projects cover finance, real estate, education, internet, and
catering service, etc. Kun Zhe finance sector includes Shang Jin (China) Operation Center of Jilin
Province, Kun Zhe Financial Service Center chain brand; the real estate sector contains Northeast Asia
Shang Jin Financial Industry Base, Changchun Yong-Jia-Guo Era Real Estate Project; the education
sector counts in Youth Art Education Base in Jilin Province; the catering sector covers the high-end
brand restaurant “King Mansion” and the national chain brand “Hong Kong & Guandong Tea
Restaurant”. The internet sector includes Huicheng Internet Free Trade Area, Huicheng the Third Party
Payment Platform, Bank of Huicheng Wisdom.
24.Shanghai ELBE International Trading Co., Ltd
Our Group, including Shanghai ELBE International Trading Co., Ltd, is an international group,
carrying out international ocean transportation, international logistics and trade. Our business and
commercial activities are focusing in Africa, Central America, East Europe and North European
countries and USA.
In respect of ocean transportation and logistics, by managing and controlling one ocean fleet, we
provide “door to door service” to oversea projects, including ocean transportations, for example,
projects in African countries and Central American countries.
On side of international trading, we provide building materials, machineries for international
project companies, international traders and distributors, also, we provide supply chain management and
plan for crude oil industries.
With the construction and development of “MARITIME SILK ROAD AND MARITIME SILK
ECONOMIC BELT”, with strategy of “GO ABOARD”, we are playing an important role as a bridge
and escort fleet for Chinese companies to develop oversea.
Our group devote ourselves to building the modern “MARITIME SILK ROAD”.
25.Shanghai Huacheng Zhongben CciCapital Ltd
Shanghai Huacheng Zhongben CciCapital Ltd, with registered capital of 150 million yuan, which is
a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Asia Television Art Center, is a large state-owned enterprise
approved by Shanghai Administrative bureau for Industry and Commerce. Huacheng Zhongben
implements a diversified industrial development model. Its business is mainly four areas( Finance、
Cultural、Science and Technology 、Trade), and lay outs in five geographical fields, namely North
China, East China, South China, West China, Central China.
26.Kenmit Townwall Culture & Media (SH) Corp., LTD
Kenmit Townwall Culture & Media (SH) Corp., LTD was founded in 2005. We listed in SHANGHAI EQUITY
EXCHANGE on Nov. 2013. Our company is developing based on Animation Movie, Animation Game, Cloisonné and
so on.
We began working on the animation work of “A Jewish Girl in Shanghai” cooperating with Shanghai Animation
Studio, the film screened on 18th, April, 2010. Our company also holds the rights of the related books.
Awards of A Jewish Girl in Shanghai
1. The Jewish Experience Nominated award in 27th Jerusalem int’l Film Festival.
2. Golden Cartoon Award Best Chinese Film Prize by the International Jury of the 7th China International
Animation and Digital Arts Festival (CICDAF 2010), held from August 26 to 30, 2010 in Changzhou, Jiangsu
Province. People’s Republic of China.
3. Achievement award of Shanghai culture and art creation award in “ 2011 Shanghai Culture and art creation
Union ”
4. Best Animated Film Award award in the 5th International Animation & Comics Exhibition, jilin China.
5. Nominee For Best Screenplay award in 2011(11th) SICHUAN TV Festival International “GOLD PANDA”
Awards for Animation.
6. Best Animated Feature Film award in The 3rd Macau International Movie Festival.
7. The Closing film of 2012 the Second Annual Kuandu International Animation Festival
8. Best Animation of the 5th China•Ya’an Panda • International Animal & Nature Film Festival
Influence of A Jewish Girl in Shanghai
1. The Animation Movie - "A Jewish Girl in Shanghai" has entered more than 30 film festival all over the world.
Thirty thousand people have watched our film abroad.
2. The Movie has been favorably accepted by spectators both at home and abroad after “A Jewish Girl in
Shanghai” played in theater throughout the country on Apr 18, 2010 .CCTV Morning News reported the introduction
about this movie with one minutes and 58 seconds to highlight this movie which have been nominated in 27th JFF.
Now if you search the "A Jewish Girl in Shanghai”, you will find the information over ten million on web.
3. CCTV6 have already taken over the broadens authority of “A Jewish Girl in Shanghai” 4. The Animation
Movie- “A Jewish Girl in Shanghai” was showed in CCTV-6 on 8th Oct, 2011. It is the debut of “A Jewish Girl in
Shanghai” on TV.
We are producing Animation Movie -A Jewish Girl in Shanghai part 2- The Mystery of The Necklace in 2014, this
film will be screened on 2015. This film is produced for the anti-fascist anniversary.
Meanwhile, our company also owning a number of intellectual property rights of Cloisonné.
27.Kelly Shanghai industrial co., LTD.
In April 1995, Kelly Shanghai industrial co., LTD. Was established in Shanghai, is engaged in
children's products in the domestic promotion, sales of professional firms, as of December 2013,
\"kelly\" brand has been in the provinces city famous department stores, shopping alum and each big
supermarket set up counters, run by the company acting famous toys all over the world.
Company started from Shanghai, after several years of development the company's tentacles have
been throughout the country, is now in Beijing, guangzhou, wuhan, chengdu and other places set up
branches, and major cities in the country's department store set up shop, at the same time in the \"toys\" r
\"us\" \"carrefour\", \"wal-mart\" sales in the supermarket chain.
Rely on the company's advanced management idea, strong economic strength, as well as in the
Chinese toy market share, many international famous brand of toys are wedded to the \"kelly\", rely on
their own advantages to develop the Chinese market. Has become the \"GP\", \"Mattel\", \"Mage\",
\"Disney\", \"Epoch\" and other international brands of China general agent.
Peripheral products, toys and toys each other, each other mutual correlation. Companies in the
development of the toy market, therefore, at the same time, the gifts, children's products, cartoons,
series, and the public welfare undertakings in the areas of diversification, contact angles and try;
Successively with TBS, TMS, film and television companies such as cooperation, and jointly with
Shanghai, Beijing and other places of TV to introduce a number of animation and entertainment.
Various competitions organized to improve children's brain and hands-on ability. Through multilateral
interaction to improve the recognition of a company in the society as a whole, comprehensive
development laid a solid foundation for the company.
28.Shanghai Zhengfei Dteel Co.,Ltd.
SHANGHAI ZHENGFEI DTEEL CO.,LTD. was established in February 2001, Shougang an
agent, and a large distribution of Maanshan Steel, Benxi Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel and other
steel products. Annual turnover of 5 million and get 9001 quality system demonstration. The company's
investment in "one-stop a" chain hotel brands, real estate agent, health center, across more than 20 cities
across the country and in rapid development.
29.Wuxi Dihe Investment and Development Co., Ltd
Established in 2008, with registered capital of CNY 82 million, Wuxi Dihe Investment and
Development Co., Ltd mainly focuses on its own development pattern as “One City, Two Business”
which is unique all over China now. This pattern means Dihe is building up and operating a platform of
international high-tech machinery and equipment industry, which is Dihe International High-tech
Machinery and Equipment Industry City. Meanwhile, Dihe is committed to the design, R&D,
manufacture of equipment for high-speed rail and subway engineering construction, including tunneling
boring machine, high-power tracked trencher, unballasted track plates, shield segments and other
auxiliary products. Dihe is a diversified, innovative and high-tech private-owned enterprise covering
various fields like research and manufacture of high-tech equipment, international business,
e-commence, logistics, engineering service, industrial service, financial investment and so on.
Zhejiang Willing Foreign Trading Co., Ltd. was established on April 14, 1995. As a subsidiary of
Zhejiang Native Produce & Animal By-Products I/E Group Co.,Ltd., it's registered capital is
RMB27.581 millions. Flexible ways of business are being conducted. The main export products include:
carpets, fireworks, toys, gifts, jute & plastic products, edible fungi, boiled bamboo shoots, honey and
bee products, medicines and health products, spices and essential oils, hardware, TV sets, bicycles,
patch-work quilts, which are sold well in over 80 countries and regions. Taking advantage of the parent
company, we enjoy good credibility and strong competitiveness, and consistently pursue the business
principle of "quality first, reputation first, excellent service, and mutual benefit", aim at the international
market demand, in order to satisfy the product requirement for new and old customers, and try our best
to provide excellent services for business friends all over the world.
Add: 308 North Zhongshan Road. Hangzhou, China
31.Jiangsu Guoxing Group
Jiangsu Guoxing Group is a national business group approved by the Jiangsu Provincial
Administrative Bureau For Industry And Commerce. Established in 2003, with 91 million Yuan of total
registered capital and over 500 staff, Guoxing Group is a diversified and professional modern
management enterprise focusing on financial investment, real estate development, express and logistics
and cultural industry.
It includes:
Jiangsu Guoxing Investment Co., Ltd. Locates in 23rd floor of Jinlun International
Xinjiekou, Nanjing, it has 50 million Yuan of registered capital and over 1000 square meters of office
space. The company has first-class modernized work environment and a[an] outstanding management
team. 90% of its staff has bachelor degree or above, including 15 economic managers and 3 masters.
Main business of the company is to make project investment, which ranges from investment consultant,
direct investment of high quality projects, project cooperation between enterprises, enterprise financial
loan to land hypothecated loan and real estate development loan and so on. It has long and extensive
cooperation with many banks.
Anhui Lvdu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Established in 2007, it has 21 million Yuan of
registed capital, 350 thousand square meters of total development area and over 500 million Yuan of
total investment. Adhering to the development concept of "Be kind to land and concentrate on building",
the company has developed a series of internationalized and fine decorated communities and
commercial sales center, which is the biggest real estate development enterprise in the area.
Jiangsu Fanbang Express Co., Ltd. With its headquarter locates in Chenguang Community, Qilin
Street, Nanjing, it has over 10 million Yuan of registered capital. The company mainly deals with the
express business in Nanjing and the surrounding areas, containing urban express service and express
between Nanjing and Suzhou. it works all year round with packages delivered are all tracked and
monitored to ensure timely delivery. With the development of the company and the expanding of its
business, it strives to make itself a flagship brand of logistics industry in Eastern China.
Langxi Asia-Pacific Plaza Commercial Development Co., Ltd. Established in 2013, it has 10
million Yuan of registered capital, 9.53 hectare of project area and over 1.2 billion Yuan of total
investment, which make it the best place of commercial complex in Langxi county and the biggest
commercial property project in Langxi. In 2014, the company devotes to making the project a landmark
project in Langxi by building a big commercial center that combines shopping, leisure, entertainment
and dining together.
Oriented by the market, motivated by innovation and set brand management as the core, Guoxing
Group are striving to become a large-scale investment group leading in management, scale, service and
benefits area in its road of diversification development. We are dedicated to creating value for our
customer, exceeding their expectation, and promoting the social and economic development. We look
forward to creating the future with you.
32.Ningbo Jinyuan Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Jin Yuan Import & Export Co., Ltd. In the original Native Produce and Animal
Import&Export Corporation basis,in 2001 approved a right to import and export foreign trade
companies by the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Our main export commodities are: craft gift, wooden toys,
bamboo grass products, rabbit fur, plastic products,
leather bags, clothing, household hardware,
electrical, chemical raw material products, household appliances, auto parts, shoes, steel and so on.
Mainly exports to the US, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong and other countries. The
company has established trade relations with over 50 countries and regions worldwide. The company
business purpose: regard economic efficiency as the center, expand the scale steadily, and constantly
optimize the product structure, scientifically and rationally combine Commodity business with asset
management and capital management, gradually establish a modern industry-based enterprise which put
science and technology as the pilot, trade as the leading. Most of the company's products have passed
CE, GS, CCC, UL certification.
The Company value contract and have good faith, has set a good business image in the foreign
trade sector and won the praise of Chinese and foreign customers. Strict internal management and
long-term foreign trade practice have created a number of high-quality business personnel, the company
is full of vigor and vitality. Customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit of the goal!
33.Hunan Rongpin international trade investment co., LTD
Hunan Rongpin international trade investment co., LTD, Belonging to the Hunan chamber of
Commerce in Jiangxi Province, is a company with import and export trade qualification of business
The company Mainly engages in various agricultural and sideline products, building materials,
chemical products, chemical machinery, engineering machinery, clothing bags and other import and
export business and technology.It also has a green ecological garden and organic food production base.
The company is increasing the scale of trade and customers in more than a dozen countries and
regions, by the good prestige got the trust of customers at home and abroad.It promotes
construction of local and international economic and technological cooperation and exchange.We
warmly hope: around the world, by hand in hand, you and me will create the glorious future!
34.Shaanxi dahongmen Ivestment Group Co.,Ltd
Shaanxi dahongmen Ivestment Group Co.,Ltd. was established in March 2003.company Address:
Shaanxi Province Hanzhong City, 81 North Main Street, the registered capital of 57.5 million yuan ;
total assets of the Group is principally engaged in investment in agriculture, commercial complex
operations, catering, entertainment and other iperations,25 one hundred million yuan , now has eight
subsidiary companies and the self-employed , more than 100 affiliated shops.
35.Success Finance Group
Started in 90s of the last century, Success Finance Group is the first and only private finance
enterprise in Guangdong. As a private constitution rooted in Foshan and serves for the local, Success
Finance Group commits herself to integrating local industries as well as serving for the society..
Through 20 years’efforts, Success Finance Group has gained a reputation on providing diverse financial
service for small business.
With ten-year sustainable operation and continuous innovation and development, Success Finance
Group has professional management and service team of finance industry with nearly 400 people. The
financial assets it manages are more than 5billian. It provides non-banking financial service for about
1000 small and medium sized enterprises and industrial and commercial units which includes futures
investment, insurance brokers, finance guarantee, venture capital, micro credit, equity investment, credit
rating, property right transaction, fund management, gold financial management, wealth management,
network finance, leasing services and others.
Success Finance Group has been the leading professional financial service provider for small and
medium sized enterprises in Guangdong It was prized with the Guangdong Financial Innovation Award,
Demonstration Mechanism of Small and Medium Sized Financing Service in Guangdong, Most
Potential Growth in Small and Medium Sized Enterprise of Foshan,
Citizens’Favourite Financial
CFompany in Foshan in 2011, Foshan FService Innovation Award.. Also, it is nominate as the
Outstanding Management Talent Pool of Guangdong Enterprises, Outstanding Financial Talent Award
and Chinese Optimal Economic Impetus Enterprise Award etc.
36.Yihai Property Holdings Limited
Founded in 1989, Yihai Property Holdings Limited (“Yihai”) is one of the first brands in China that
stepped into the real estate market in the form of foreign capital. During the 25 years real estate business
development in China, Yihai has developed to a diversified enterprise group setting foot in several areas,
including real estate development, education management, property management, commercial
investment, health fashion and financial investment.
With real estate as leading role and education as wings, Yihai is also an active pioneer and
practitioner of public charity and gained recognition form its peers and the society. In the meantime,
Yihai has won numerous honors: the top 10 Education Groups That Influence the Education in China,
China’s Most Responsible Entrepreneur Award, and the Earthquake Disaster Relief Advanced Unit.