Chapter 9 Notes

Chapter 9 Notes
Reconquista-the Christian reconquest of Spain from the Muslims(see map p. 199)
 Influences on the development of the Spanish worldview
o Influenced by Islamic culture and learning
o Reconquered Spain after centuries of warfare
o Conquered and ruled by Muslim forces
o Borders include both he Atlantic Ocean and
Mediterranean Sea
 Aztecs & Spanish worldviews:
o both cultures valued military service
 see figure 9-7
p. 199 in text
o conclusion by looking at figure is that medieval Spain was
dominated by violence and warfare against Muslims
 Expulsion of Jewish people from Spain and the Spanish
Inquisition used to find and punish any who challenged the
Christian Church were steps taken by the King and Queen of
Spain following the Spanish conquest of Grenada and the
defeat of the Muslims
 A person with the Spanish worldview at the time of the
conquest of the Aztecs would most likely have defended the
Spanish victory by arguing that victory over the Aztecs
meant they could be converted to Christianity
 The Spanish goals who were involved in the conquest of
Mexico were:
o To become wealthy enough that they could live in luxury
for life
o To become famous and recognized for their great
Spain - Chapter 9 Notes continued
 The actions taken by the Spanish against the Indigenous
peoples in the Americas were supported by:
o The Spanish actions were necessary since the people in the
Americas needed to be converted to Christianity
o Spain was not the only nation involved in the conquest of
the Americas
o Only a few Spanish people committed the actions which
the book condemned
 The economic motives that were most important in the
Spanish takeover of the Americas was proven by the quest
for gold to pay the armies to protect and expand Spanish
Similar Aztec and Spanish Worldviews
o Belief in religion
o Desire to expand and create an Empire
o Trade with neighbors
o Controlled be a near-absolute monarch
o Social classes
Different Aztec and Spanish Worldviews
o Specific differences in language and customs
o Spanish military technology
o Aztec belief that they were their gods’ chosen people
 The Aztecs and the Spanish would probably view each other
as more different than similar. Each culture tended not to
value the achievements of others, and would likely have
emphasized their differences.
 Spanish Worldview elements that are related to risk taking
are the desire for conquest, glory, God and spreading
Christianity and military ideals.
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