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Welcome to Mr. Conrad’s AP European Studies Class!
Room 316
512-464-6250(cr) 512 630-6488(cell)
[email protected]
The Western Experience 7th http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072424370/student_view0/ (Note: this is for the 8th ed.)
A History of Europe in the Modern World, 11th (New Adoption- arrival date?????)
Welcome to my class! I am sincerely glad you are here and I will make every effort to make our class a safe and enjoyable place for
you. In order to accomplish this objective, we all have responsibilities. If there is anything I can do to help you in my class, any
other class or at Round Rock High School in general, or anything else- do not hesitate to talk with me.
AP European Studies; AP Euro, or, “APES”, is an academically rigorous study of Europe’s history since 1450 A.D.
Although APES is an elective course, AP Euro is a College Board approved, college-level class taught with a collegelevel text and ancillaries with college-level expectations- in other words, a very challenging High School course. Near
the end of the school year (Friday, May 6th, 2016) all AP Euro students are encouraged to take the AP European
Studies Examination which, with an acceptable score, may provide them with college credit. APES is an elective
course, and also may provide elective credit at university.
Texts The Western Experience (the Blue book) by Mortimer Chambers (you’ll have to pick this up at the bookroom ASAP) , and
The Day the Universe Changed. Burke. I will provide this to you electronically
The Course First semester will cover the Renaissance through the Napoleonic Wars, second semester will cover the Congress of
Vienna through the fall of communism (sniff) and the European union with a look at the increasing polarization within modern
Europe (fun!)
Grading Policy: ALL QUIZZES, EXAMS, & ESSAYS ARE TIMED. 50% Tests (multiple choice & essay), 50% Quizzes/
Daily Grades. Requirements are not relaxed for students who choose not to take the College Board Advanced Placement Exam in
May. Expect a quiz every day.
Opportunities to improve your grade : Aside from studying and being prepared, there are additional opportunities to improve
your grade that are described on the attached document “APES Grading at a Glance”
Exams, Essays, and Quizzes: All exams are multiple-choice and reflect the CB-AP European Studies exam format (80/55)with
regard to timing, allowing 41 seconds per multiple-choice question. Students will practice two types of essays- each is written inclass in a timed environment. Expect at least one exam and one - two essays each six weeks. Daily reading &/or ID quizzes are
usually multiple-choice and will have 5 or 10 questions. Quizzes will be based on either the assigned reading or the ID’s associated
with the assigned reading. Students will have 7 minutes to complete a quiz. Exams and essays will be based on readings and
Outside Project: There will be an outside project assigned the beginning of the second six weeks and due after winter break. This
project will be worth TWO exam grades.
Homework: READING and lots of it. Reading homework will not be graded but will be assessed by quizzes and/or class
participation. You may encounter vocabulary that you may never have encountered before. If you do not know a word, look it up!
Midterm All AP students will take the Midterm Semester Exam in December.
Absences IF you miss class on a test day, please make arrangements with me to make it up asap! You must always check my
website for homework assignments and anything else you might need to know.
Assignment Calendars All students will be provided with an assignment calendar as close as possible to the beginning of each six
weeks. The calendar may also be found on the Dragonwhap.com website under headings specific to APES All assignment
calendars are subject to change.
Tutorials and Meetings
I arrive every morning at about 7:00. At that time I am ready to meet with students about any issues regarding my class. I will have
morning duty from time to time during the school year but the classroom should be open. If you wish to track me down at my duty
station please feel free to do so. The Principal schedules faculty meetings in the morning from time to time but I will leave a note on
my door advising of my whereabouts. Believe me, I would rather be in my class helping you but sometimes circumstances do not
permit. Please understand. You may contact me via email at school at the address above. You may also call my classroom phone
(also above) or my cell phone.
REMIND 101 Sign up for Remind 101 (now just “Remind”) by texting @eurodragon to 512 851 0481.
APES (Advanced Placement European Studies) Grading at a Glance
Expectations are not relaxed for students not taking the AP Exam.
Six Weeks Grades based on:
Homework (IDs- download from website) *
50% Quizzes *
50% Exams (1 multiple choice/1 essay)
Nightly reading assignments (“Key Points” accompanying an average of 25 pgs reading per
assignment) accompanied by guided reading worksheet. If all Key Points have been submitted
throughout the semester, ten points will be added to the grade of the semester final exam.
Daily Reading Quizzes: Timed, Ten multiple-choice questions. Students may use completed Key Points for help on
1. Timed, 80 Multiple Choice questions, 55 minutes, usually one per six weeks.
2. Timed essay, at least one – two per six weeks. Two types; DBQs and FRQs
There will be an outside reading project assigned at the beginning of the second six weeks and due after winter break.
This project will be worth Two Exam grades with a late penalty of 30 points off after grading for each class day for
both exam grades.
Quiz Corrections: If the student had IDs completed on the day of the quiz, the student may complete quiz corrections
to receive half-credit back for each question missed regardless of original grade. No on-time IDs, no corrections. There
is a one week window for completing quiz corrections. If you did not have IDs on time but complete them within that
week, you may do quiz corrections. If original grade is less than 40% then grade goes to 70% after corrections. For
example; original grade 90% corrected grade 95%. Original grade 50%, corrected grade 75%. 30% = 70%.
Exam Corrections/Retakes: Per District policy, if a student makes less than a 70% on an exam, students may correct
exam to a 70% within one week of reporting. This includes essays. Essays are
returned to students with a grading sheet indicating what requirements of the essay
were not awarded points.
Students and Parents please read, initial where indicated, and sign this page.
Please return the next class day.
Expectations for the course
Be Peaceful, Be on Time, Be Honest, Respect the Opinions of Others, Politely Participate, Use Time Wisely and clean up any mess you
Students are encouraged to purchase a third-party course study guide.
Parent/Guardian and Student please Initial each of the following indicating your understanding of APES expectations.
Parent Initials
Student initials
It is understood that a substantial amount of outside of class preparation is
required for success in this course and on the College Board Examination.
Classroom expectations and requirements are not relaxed for students who choose
not to take the College Board AP European Studies Exam in May.
It is expected that the student will have internet access to receive homework
assignments and additional readings. If internet access is not available at home, the
RRHS library provides internet access as does the Round Rock Public Library.
We understand that there is a cost associated with all College Board Advanced
Placement Exams.
We have read and understand the APES grading policy.
It is expected that students and parents subscribe to and actively monitor RRHS Home Access.
Ultimately it is the student’s responsibility to be prepared for the AP European History Exam.
Please sign and return the next class day.
I have read the European Studies Course Information and I understand, am aware of, and will comply with, the expectations for
AP European Studies.
Parent or adult guardian’s Signature/email & phone/Date
Parent or adult guardian’s printed name and any other contact information
I have read the AP European Studies course Information and am aware of the expectations for AP European Studies and will be prepared
to start my course of study on the first day of class in August 2014.
Student Signature/Date
Printed Student Name
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