In krik? Krak? Danticat delivers messages about Haitian struggles

In krik? Krak? Danticat delivers messages about Haitian struggles by using deaths,
symbols, crying. People trying to get away from their country to make something of them
self. In multiple stories like children of the sea, 1937, wall of rising, night women
Danticat showed the troubles of Haitians.The troubles of Haiti influenced broking
families, lovers, relationships, and to never give up regardless of happen . But while these
and other characters all see the same horrible things happening to the people and the
nation they love, they all have their own reactions., As Danticat often explains, there is
no universal Haitian experience because the people who suffer remain individuals.
One of the symbols is death and crying in the children of the sea, a 15 years-old girl
named celianne, her struggle started when she was brutally raped by soldiers. ended up
getting pregnant and leaving her country. She give birth to a dead baby, she threw herself
in the in the sea with her dead baby.”Children of the Sea” consists of letters that are were
never exchanged writing by two lovers who were far away from each other. or how the
people had to throw their stuff in the sea so that they could survive, crying represents life,
which in Haiti is always marked by pain. Crying expresses suffering, and as long as
Haitians live, they suffer and therefore cry.
In 1937 .there was so many death in the massacre.symbols were the Doubt in each
other, the daughter doubting about why she was in the jail ‘flying”. How the mother was
always happy to the Madonna statue, and when her mother gave her the Madonna when
she knew she wasn’t going to make it. Crying is one of the symbols in this stories,
Josephine tries not to cry in order to suppress her suffering, as well as her mother’s. But
Josephine’s mother makes the Madonna statuette cry because her suffering has not died,
and she needs to express it somehow. Injustice: how many women’s suffered about
something they didn’t people thought they killed babies sent to jail to die.
Hope has the power to give people strength in times of suffering, but it also blinds them
from the reality. Most characters in this stories hold on to hope to stay alive. In “Night
Women,” the narrator makes up stories about an angel coming to rescue her and her son
in order to hide the truth from him, but she also uses these stories to escape the harsh
reality of her life.They become in denial with their own self.