the Report - Methodist Health Foundation

It may sound like a cliché but after 30 years, Methodist
Health Foundation is just getting started. In 1982, as
part of a corporate restructuring plan, the Foundation
was created as the organization of charitable support for Methodist Hospital. Yet philanthropy has been a part of
the history of Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital since its founding in
1899. Charitable giving built and has sustained this hospital for all of its years.
And it continues to do so today.
Pearls are the traditional gemstones representing 30th anniversaries and we
used that imagery in 2012 as a metaphor for the full service critical care and
the continuum of care provided at IU Health Methodist Hospital – and our
linkage as the organization providing charitable support.
Just as pearls come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors and individually
are quite stunning, the individual departments and units, care teams,
physicians and nurses at IU Health Methodist are remarkably skilled,
experienced and compassionate. Like a single pearl, each one is unique.
But joined together, they are capable of so much more and provide a continuum
of care that is so important to patients and families.
As healthcare evolves, so must fundraising for healthcare. Foundation
President Kevin Armstrong began his tenure in March, 2012. He and the staff
have engaged in a strategic planning process designed to provide a more
focused approach to fundraising while also remaining agile and able to respond
to the needs of the hospital.
Change can be hard. Building on success, especially successes realized over 30
years, might seem like a daunting prospect. With the complete confidence and
support from the Board of Directors, Kevin and his team are poised for the
challenges ahead and have embraced the need to adapt to this changing
healthcare landscape.
The stories in this report reflect the grants and gifts made to the hospital in
2012 and the patients who have been the beneficiaries. It is our privilege to
champion the mission of the hospital through fundraising. Thank you for
making it possible for Methodist Health Foundation to continue providing
charitable support to IU Health Methodist Hospital.
Otto N. Frenzel, IV
Chairman of the Board
Kristin L. Altice
General Counsel
Shiel Sexton Company
Vivian Cintron, PhD
Manager Clinical Development
& Education
Medical and Scientific Affairs
Roche Diagnostics
Daniel F. Evans, Jr.
Kevin R. Armstrong
Associate Partner
The Baker Group
Arthur Coffey, MD
Mary Wynne Cox
Jud Fisher
Otto Frenzel, IV
Cardiovascular Service Line Chief
IU Health Physicians
Cardiovascular Surgeons
President and CEO
Indiana University Health
President & COO
Ball Brothers Foundation
Greg Gibson
Anne H. Gilbert, MD
ReTec Corporation
B. T. Maxam, MD
(Director Emeritus)
Retired Physician
Tim Beloat
Methodist Health Foundation
MC Marketing
Business Owner
Nancy Hunt
Medical Director
IU Health Behavioral Care Center
Civic Leader/Community
Rose Mays
Angela Barron McBride
Professor Emeritus
Indiana University
Distinguished Professor and
University Dean Emeritus
Indiana University
Gary Brackett
IMPACT Foundation
Julie A. Davis
Civic Leader/Community
David Frick
Retired Partner
Baker & Daniels, LLP
Deborah Lilly
Civic Leader/Community
Sarah McNaught
Civic Leader/Community
Michael Niemeier, MD
Ralph G. Nowak
Myrta J. Pulliam
Medical Director
IU Health Methodist Hospital
Inpatient Medicine & Critical Care
Regional Director,
Portfolio Management
BMO Private Bank
Director of Special Projects
The Indianapolis Star
Catherine Ross
Rafael A. Sanchez
William Shrewsberry
Civic Leader/Community
Bingham Greenbaum Doll, LLP
President and CEO
Shrewsberry & Associates, LLC
Dennis Sponsel
John Tanselle
James G. Terwilliger
RJE Business Interiors
Krieg DeVault, LLP
Gordon Wishard
Albert Wurster
(Director Emeritus)
Ice Miller, LLP
Wurster Construction
IU Health Methodist Hospital
IU Health University Hospital
David Resnick
Managing Partner
Katz, Sapper & Miller
Cindy Simon Skjodt
Civic Leader/Community
Susan Tolbert
Civic Leader/Community
Donors who have made provisions in their estates to benefit the future of
IU Health Methodist Hospital through gifts to Methodist Health Foundation;
named for founding leaders Francis Hughes and Eldon Campbell.
Names appearing in red are deceased
Joseph L. Adcock
E. Hardey Adriance
Bishop Ralph T. and Marian B. Alton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Anderson
Clara E. Andrews
Robert B. and Miriam F. Annis
Sydney F. Arak
Carl D. Archey
Kevin R. and Nancy S. Armstrong
Joan B. Atlass
Michael J. Ault
Heinz Baer
Rev. Dr. Dick and Sandy Bailey
Charlotte Bailey
Isabel Antrum Bain
Mrs. Charles A. Barnes
Virginia K. Basso
Mr. Charles E. Bateman
Edith M. Bates
Lola Beelar
Jennie Benefiel
Marjorie J. Benjamin
Dr. and Mrs. Dale S. Benson
Mary Birch
Robert Birch
Edward A. Block
Henry C. Bock, MD
Elizabeth A. Bolser
Carol Marie May Bonham
Earl T. Bonham
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Boyd
Vivian L. Boyd
Jane M. Bray
Joan Bernice Brookes
Royla J. Brown
Betty K. Buchanan
Lorene Burkhart
John Burkhart
Harry Burnstein
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Busche
Helen J. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Campbell
Eldon Campbell
Katy and Dan Cantor
Earl H. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Bain A. Chadsey
William Clarkston
Mr. and Mrs. John Coldren
Mr. Charles E. Collins
Mr. David and Dr. Suzanne Combs
Doctors Lynda and David Cook
Cathryn Anne Coulter
Blanche Crawford
Carol A. Crichlow
Robertine Daniels
Joanne W. Davis
Guilford A. Deitch
Leona E. Devaney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Diaforli
Eva Marie Dice
David W. Donoho
Webster Donoho
Marcella E. Dryer
Elizabeth A. Duvall
Hugh Mck Landon-Elizabeth Scott Memorial Fund
Selma G. Earnest
Roy C. Echols
Jane Cooling Brady
Thomas A. Brady, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Evans, Sr.
Mabel Fee
Alvin C. Fernandes, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Pierre J. Fisher
Gertrude Flanagan
James Kenneth Forbes
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Fox
Ruby K. Fritch
Lavonne Burns Gable
Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Gabovitch
Clara L. Gehm
Louis E.Gehm, Sr.
Mrs. Dorothy Gerner
Henry Gerner
Julius M. Goodman, MD
David W. and Julie Houk Goodrich
Florence H. Goodwin
Rich and Susan Graffis
Marjorie Lynn Griffith
Barbara L. Hahn
Jack A. L. Hahn
Grace Haislup
Myra K. Haley
Joanna Mitchell Hall
Anna May Hamilton
Jeanette E. Hardebeck
Estate of Mrs. August M. Hardee
Wilma Havercheck
Gilbert T. Herod, MD
Harold J. Hibben
Norma L. Hilgenberg
Mary Alice Burgess Garboden Hise
Walter & Margaret Hiser
Philip F. & Ruth Holton
Harold and Marion Hoopingarner
Mrs. Walter H. Huehl
Clarena E. Huffington
Robert T. Huffington
Doris Hughbanks
Anna Delzell Hughes
Francis M. Hughes
Mary F. Hulman
Mr. and Mrs. V. William Hunt
Florence K. Jaus
Judith A. Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jensen
Reasa Snyder Johnson
Mildred Lavon Johnston
Dr. and Mrs. Lee G. Jordan
J. William Kingston
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Kohne
Julia and Andre Lacy
Donna J. Lambert
Dr. and Mrs. J. Eugene Lammers
Bernice Bailey Lemaster
Lois Letzter
A. N. Lewis
James E. and Rita K. Lingeman
Mr. William and Dr. Joyce Loveday
Doris L. Lynn
Charles J. Lynn
Skip and Sherry Makely
Dr. and Mrs. James K. Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Manning
Elizabeth Marshall
Illene K. Maurer
Mr. Michael B. Maurer
B. T. Maxam, MD
Evelyn Maxam
Earl M. and Dessa R. McClure
I. Maurice McFadden
Opal M. McGurk
Virginia S. McIntire
Wayne L. McIntire
William Foster McKenney
D. R. McKinney
Doctors Sherman and
Kathleen McMurray
Mrs. John Melin
Marjorie T. Meyer
John R. Meyer
Ann Miller
Mildred V. Peters Mills
Dr. and Mrs. Gary W. Misamore
Ati B. Morgan
Gladys Murray
Hazel M. Myers
Judge Joseph N. Myers
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Nation
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Nay
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Nelson
Julie Sommers Neuman and
Laurence E. Neuman
Clara Noyes
Nicholas H. and Marguerite Lilly Noyes
Mr. Evan L. Noyes, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Odle
Martha L. Ogborn
J. Glenn and B. Mildred Ogborn
Dr. and Mrs. J. Brian O’Toole
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Permut
John N. Pittman, MD
Retha Platt
Theodore N. Popoff
Gerhard Posner
Franklyn L. Prickett
Kay Pruett
Sally Reahard
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Reed
Ruth Blackburn Richardson
Stephen C. Rinkenberger
Mr. Richard G. Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel J. Rosenberg
Dane and Mikki Rowland
Asa O. Ruse
Clarence V. Sales
Samuel and Ruby L. Schahet
Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Schumacher
Dr. and Mrs. Dwight W. Schuster
Louis Schwitzer, Jr.
Elizabeth L. Scott
Dr. and Mrs. Gene E. Sease
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Sedam
Edna M. Shafer
John W. Shafer, M.D. and Olive Shafer
Mrs. Margaret A. Shaw
Ruth Leigh Shoop
Ralph W. and Grace Showalter
Macy M. Simmons
Paul W. Sindlinger
Eloise Crabtree Jones Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. Alex P. Slabosky
Carol L. Sliter
Catherine M. Smith
Erma B. Smith
James Preston Smith
John Preston Smith
Sher Lee Sommers
Dr. and Mrs. Hunter A. Soper
Edith I. Spencer
Roberta J. Standiford
Mr. Rollin H. Stewart
Betty Stilwell
James W. Stilwell
Howard Stinson
Barbra A. Street
Alma Streibeck
Marjorie C. Tarplee
Robert E. Tarplee, DDS
David Tavarczky
Ms. Guila Thompson
Marianne W. Ullyot
Kenneth F. Valentine
Edna Van Riper
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Van Vorst
Helen E. VanArendonk
Mrs. George E. Vickery
Sophia Ellen Wade
Virginia M. Wagner, M.D.
C. E. Warren
Bonnie Jean and Harry A. Weaver, Jr.
R. Alberta Wells Estate
Jean Whitcraft
Robert T. Whitcraft
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel White
Mrs. Mildred M. Wiese
Margaret Williams
Velma L. Williams
Donald L. Wilson, MD
Gordon and Anne Emison Wishard
Carolyn Davis Wishard
William H. Woost
Luther Worley
Elizabeth C. York
Les and Enid Zwirn
Albert Frankel Charitable Annuity
Trust, in memory of Jacob Frankel
& Emma P. Frankel
Joan Bernice Brookes
Robertine Daniels
Guilford A. Deitch
Hugh Mck Landon-Elizabeth Scott
Memorial Fund
Selma G. Earnest
Don C. Garboden
Louis E.Gehm, Sr.
Harold J. Hibben
Mary Alice Burgess Garboden Hise
Anna Delzell Hughes
Charles J. Lynn
Elizabeth Marshall
D. R. McKinney
Ann Miller
Asa O. Ruse
Elizabeth L. Scott
Ralph W. and Grace Showalter
Robert E. Tarplee, DDS
Busy days are the norm for the IU Health Methodist Hospital Emergency Department.
March 20, 2012 was exceptional even by their standards: a 20% increase in the
number of patients treated, and the complexity of cases that would overwhelm
most other hospitals. Two patients received double lung transplants; two suffered
ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms; one had an aortic dissection; and late in the
afternoon, 14-year-old Jaelyn Kinchelow arrived with symptoms of a heart attack.
Cardiothoracic Surgeon Art Coffey was finishing surgery when he was alerted to
Jaelyn’s condition. After being revived from cardiac arrest in the Emergency
Department, she was rushed to the Cardiac Catheterization Lab. There, Dr. Coffey
and Dr. Rolf Kreutz reviewed the results: a tear in the main coronary artery, with
poor blood flow to the heart. Emergency surgery was the only option for saving
Jaelyn’s life. “We made a snap decision, we had to go right then if we were going
to save her,” offers Dr. Coffey. “We didn’t have time for pre-operative procedures.
She was dying.”
The surgical teams had been working non-stop since before 6 am, both with
scheduled surgeries and the multiple emergencies, yet everyone volunteered to
stay. “That’s not unusual for our people. It’s who they are,” says Coffey. Others on
the team acknowledged, “We treat patients with a sense of care and urgency, but
we each felt a heightened sense of responsibility because the parents of that girl
put her life in our hands.”
The surgery repaired the torn artery yet Jaelyn’s heart was only functioning at 5%
of its capacity. Dr. Coffey met with the parents who were surrounded by dozens of
extended family, friends, classmates and well-wishers. “I’ve never seen the waiting
room filled with that many people especially at 10:30 at night,” notes Coffey. “She
had a lot of people pulling for her.”
The next morning, Jaelyn’s condition became unstable. She was rushed back to
surgery and Dr. Coffey along with Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon Mark Turrentine
made the decision to put her on ECMO: extra corporeal membrane oxygenation.
Similar to bypass, the ECMO circuit can do the work of the heart and lungs for days
– traditional bypass can only be used for a few hours. ECMO allowed Jaelyn’s heart
and lungs to rest so that the heart muscle could repair itself.
In the first 24 hours, her heart function improved to 20%. By day eight, it reached
43%, and she was removed from ECMO. Being a pediatrics patient, Jaelyn was
transferred for recovery and rehabilitation to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.
She continues her follow up care there with her cardiologist, Dr. Robert Darragh.
Dr. Arthur Coffey is a member
of Indiana University Health
Physicians and since 2005, has
served on the Board of Directors
for Methodist Health Foundation.
Even so, Dr. Coffey has remained connected to his young patient. “For me, it’s more
emotional when it is a child,” he admits. “I get mad [at the circumstances]. I told
Kim [Carlson, RN surgical nurse], after the first surgery, ‘I will go to this girl’s high
school graduation!’ ”
Jaelyn completed the school year with straight A’s and entered Avon High School as
a freshman. Graduation is in 2016 and Art Coffey has it circled on his calendar!
The ECMO units were initially funded by a $44,000 Methodist Health Foundation
grant in 2011. Additional funds of $125,000 were granted in 2012 due to increased
demand and positive outcomes.
Donors who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more, expressing their
commitment to the compassionate and preeminent care delivered to
patients and families.
Jennifer Acciani, MD
Laurie L. Ackerman, MD
Kelly Alexiou
Martha Allen
Kristin and Robert Altice
Mr. and Mrs. David Alvar
Kevin R. and Nancy S. Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Arruda
Michael J. Ault
Rev. Dr. Dick and Sandy Bailey
Mary L. Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Barbaro
Mrs. Charles A. Barnes
Ed Bartkus, MD
Amanda Bates
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Batt
Dorian Beasley, MD
Randy and Janet Belden
Ms. Diane C. Bellamy
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Beloat
Shirley Bishop
John R. Black, MD
Scott and Diana Black
Mary and Greg Blitz
Joel Boaz, MD
Mark and Patricia Bode
John Boe
Robert Boeglin, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Steven P. Boha
Mrs. Eleanor F. Bookwalter
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brackett
Chris Brandenburg, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Breall
Cara L. Breidster and John Fair
Thomas Brink
Jo Ann Brooks
Constance D. Brown and
Douglas R. Brown
Royla J. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Buchanan
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Buckwalter
Karen L. Bumb, MD and
Thomas Lauer, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Busche
Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Calkins
Dr. and Mrs. James David Callahan
Katy and Dan Cantor
Thomas Cantwell
Mike and Tory Castor
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Caudle
Linda and Steve Chase
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Chew
Dr. and Mrs. Carey D. Chisholm
Doctors Alexander and Jennifer Choi
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Coffey
Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Cohen-Gadol
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Collins
Mr. David and Dr. Suzanne Combs
Mrs. Elaine J. Conklin and
Mr. Charles Conklin
Mrs. Mary Wynne Cox and
Mr. Joseph Cox
Karen and Jeffery Crevier
Mrs. Julie Davis and
Mr. C. Richard Davis, II
Cynthia L. DeBord
Mark S. DeCarlo
Andrew J. DeNardo, MD
Alice Denson
Rob and Joan Dickson
Jo Dinwiddie
David W. Donoho
Jennifer Drayton
Dr. and Mrs. Cory Duncan
Mrs. Jennifer Dunscomb and
Mr. James Dunscomb
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Elberger
Tim, Kyla, and MacKinley Ellender
Dan and Marilyn Evans
Benton and Linda Everett
Deb Fabert
Karla Jean Fehd, MD and
Damian Garino
Connie M. Ferguson
Mr. Rolland L. Fifer, Jr.
The Finnell Family
John Fitzgerald and Ann Moriarty
Gertrude Flanagan
C. T. Fletcher, MD PhD and
Kristina Reckley
Gracia and Jim Floyd
Michael S. Foye
Dr. and Mrs. Larry C. Franks
Otto N. Frenzel, IV
Mr. and Mrs. John Frew
David and Ann Frick
Howard and Suzanne Friedman
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Frye
Daniel Fulkerson, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Gabovitch
Mr. Adairius J. Gardner and
Mr. Brian M. Kehoe
Mari H. George
Mr. and Mrs. Anton H. George
Mrs. Dorothy Gerner
Peter G. Gianaris, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Gibson
Anne H. Gilbert, MD and Rick Gilbert
Jason and Janelle Gilbert
Robert and Donna Gildea
David W. and Julie Houk Goodrich
Rich and Susan Graffis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gravett
Mr. and Mrs. C. Perry Griffith
Bruce A. Hall and Angela K. Owens
Carol A. Harmon
Mary K. Hendershot
Gregory L. Henneke and
Martha O’Connor
Tony Fair and Polly Horton Hix
Cherri Hobgood, MD
Ms. Jo Ann Hoffman
Steve and Debbie Hogan
Alan P. Hogan
David and Kathleen Holling
Eric M. Horn, MD, PhD
Dr. and Mrs. Terry G. Horner
Linda L. House
Mrs. Walter H. Huehl
Clarena E. Huffington
Chris and Jeanne Hugo
Mr. and Mrs. V. William Hunt
Benton R. Hunter, MD
Steven and Karen Ivy
Mr. Stephen Jacobs
Ann and Michael Jaimet
Steven M. James, MD
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Jones
Steven L. Jones
James Jorgenson
Dr. Louise Kao and Mr. Yong S. Chae
Carol Karp
Saad A. Khairi, MD
Laura J. King
Laura Jean King
Mrs. Erin Kirby
Jonathan Kirschner, MD
Jim and Fran Klene
Mrs. Susan Klingerman and
Mr. Max Klingerman
Rick and Debbie Koehl
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Kohne
Mr. and Mrs. Randall R. Koorsen
Dick and Roxanne Kovacs
Ron Kraus
Dr. and Mrs. Peter F. Kunz
Sheriee C. Ladd
Marsha and Allen Langdon
Marc D. Larsen, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Leipzig
Mrs. Deborah Lilly and Mr. Eli Lilly, II
James E. and Rita K. Lingeman
Pamela Livingston
Rebecca Lomax
James T. Luce and Fred Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Lugar
Rob and Carol Lukemeyer
Shelly Maersch
Rev. L. Cameron and
Mrs. Rebecca S. Manifold
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Manning
Cary Mariash, MD
Orson Mason
Illene K. Maurer
B. T. Maxam, MD
William and Rose Mays
Doctors Angela and
William McBride
Shannon P. McCanna, MD
Hillary and Kevin McCarley
Bill and Barb McConnell
Dr. Robert & Kristine McCready
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher M.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Timothy McGinley
Virginia S. McIntire
Doctors Sherman and
Kathleen McMurray
Mrs. Sarah McNaught and
Mr. Harry McNaught
Patti Medvescek
Dr. and Mrs. Nimish Mehta
Mrs. John Melin
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Stacy D. Miller
James C. Miller, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Miroff
Jean-Pierre Mobasser, MD
Gail Moffatt
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Mossler
Judith Jacobi and James Mowry
Kris and Victor Nanagas
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Nation
Chris and Shelly Naum
Nancy Centlivre Neary
Mr. and Mrs. R. Matthew Neff
Julie Sommers Neuman and
Laurence E. Neuman
Tyson Neumann, MD
Michael and Janet Niemeier
Ralph G. Nowak
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Odle
Sheila and David Ogden
Leisha L. Osburn
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Pashley
Aashish Patel, MD
Jill Payne
Dr. Troy D. Payner and
Dr. Cara F. Peggs
Camiron L. Pfennig, MD
Neil and Deborah Pickett
Sandra Pherigo Piercy
George Pillow, Jr.
Cory J. Pitre, MD
Dr. Timothy H. Pohlman
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Pollom
Dr. Eric and Mary Claire Potts
Mamon Powers, III
Michael B. Pritz, MD, PhD
Myrta J. Pulliam
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Rawls
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lawrence Reed
Sally and Billy Reel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Reilly, Jr.
Terri Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. David Resnick
Tom and Tammy Richardson
Kim Rigdon
Dr. Gregory Risk
Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Rivas
Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Robbins
Linda Roberts
Judy Robinson
Richard and Betty Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Rodgers
Richard B. Rodgers, MD
Sherron and Tyrone Rogers
Ken and Cathy Rood
Mrs. Catherine Ross and
Edward Ross, MD
Stanley and Jodi Ross
Frank and Michelle Runion
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Russell
Jonas and Magdalena Rydberg
Dragos Sabau, MD and
Corina Nailescu, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael A. Sanchez
Carl J. Sartorius, MD
John F. Schaefer, Jr., MD
Dr. and Mrs. Luke C. Schafer
Dr. and Mrs. Jason T. Schaffer, MD
Gary and Phyllis Schahet
Schlueter Family
Jonathan and Brooke Schmitz
John A. Scott, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Gene E. Sease
Alexey Seleznev
Rawle Seupaul, MD
Mitesh V. Shah, MD
Mrs. Yvonne H. Shaheen
Scott A. Shapiro, MD
Dr. and Mrs. K. Donald Shelbourne
Seth W. Shields
Mr. & Mrs. William Shrewsberry
Dr. and Mrs. Charles M.
Chetan and Leena Shukla
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Siderys
Jon R. Simala, MD
Mary Sitterding
Chris Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. Alex P. Slabosky
Jodi L. Smith, PhD, MD
Martin L. Smith
Alyson H. Smith
Gregory Snead, MD
Naval Sondhi, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Spech
Alycia M. Spells
Betty Stilwell
Ron and Catherine Stiver
Ginny Storar
Chris Strachan
Scott A. Sundet and
Dr. Cindy Trosen Sundet
Norman G. and Dawn C. Tabler
Marjorie C. Tarplee
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Thomasson
Mrs. Susan Tolbert and
Mr. William G. Tolbert
Kathy and Joseph Traeger
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Traynor
Tate Trujillo
Joseph Turner, MD
Michael S. Turner, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Van Hove
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Van Pelt
Dennis Verkamp
Doctors Jennifer and Adam Walthall
Steven and Donna Wantz
William G. Ward
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Warden
Douglas Webb, MD
Elizabeth Weinstein
Doctors Dylan Cooper and
Julie Welch
Mrs. Kim Wethington and
Mr. Steve Wethington
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel White
Stephanie Whittaker
Gordon and Anne Emison Wishard
Thomas C. Witt, MD
Andrea L. Wolff, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Wubben
Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Wurster
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wurster
Mrs. Ann C. Yates
Mr. William H. Yates
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Young II
Mr. and Mrs. Darell E. Zink, Jr.
Judi and Randy Koorsen and their family made a significant gift in 2012 to
support the IU Health Neuroscience Center – because of care Judi received more
than a decade prior. Through the Foundation they were reintroduced to Judi’s
surgeon Dr. Troy Payner, president of Goodman Campbell Brain & Spine.
“The son of one of our employees was in a serious auto accident and was cared for
at IU Health Methodist. We reconnected with Dr. Payner because of their experience,”
says Randy Koorsen, president of Koorsen Fire & Security. “It reminded us how much
Dr. Payner meant to us when Judi had her aneurysm. Doing something in his honor
made sense to us.”
The Koorsen gift supports the Brain Injury Support Group at the new center that
opened in August. Directing their gift to a patient-focused program was a family
decision. “One of our kids said, ‘Wouldn’t you rather be able to help people than see
your name on something?’ We agreed – we want to help people get back to life!”
They have also offered to speak to other patients and families who have experienced
traumatic brain injuries. “My wife is a miracle. She wasn’t expected to live. We
thought she might never be able to swallow again. But today, she leads a very, very
normal life,” responds Randy. “I think it can be encouraging for others to know when
faced with hardships that you can get through it.”
Dr. Troy Payner, president
of Goodman Campbell Brain
& Spine.
Corporate Gifts
Gifts and pledges by businesses, foundations and organizations that
represent the confidence of community leaders in the care delivered at
IU Health Methodist Hospital.
Gifts of $1,000 or more
Anesthesia Consultants of
ASHP Foundation
CARA Charities
Ed Carpenter Racing, LLC
Community Foundation of Boone County
d2p, LLP
Richard M. Fairbanks
Foundation, Inc.
Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Centers
Frenzel Family Charitable Lead Trust
Froderman Foundation
Gregory L. Gibson Charitable
Foundation Inc.
Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine
The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, Inc.
Hoover Hull LLP
Healthcare Trust of America
Indiana Aids Fund
Indiana Chemical Trust
Indiana University School of
The Indianapolis Foundation
Johnson-Weaver Foundation
Jessie E. Jones Charitable Trust
Katz, Sapper & Miller
Langdon Family Foundation, Inc.
Laser Peripherals
Letterman Foundation for Courtesy & Grooming
Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation
Meridian Medical Group, Inc.
Messer Construction Company
MET Foundation Inc.
National Marrow Donor Program
NFL Alumni Indianapolis Chapter
Pillow Logistics
Powers & Sons Construction
Company, Inc.
Ricoh Americas Corporation
Schahet Hotels, Inc.
Shiel Sexton Company, Inc.
Sundet Foundation
Thoratec Corporation
Vermeer Midwest
Wheeled Coach/Fire Service
F.A. Wilhelm Construction Company
Wurster Construction Company, Inc.
ZOLL Medical Corporation
Gifts of $500 - $999
Central Indiana Intergroup
Circle City Produce
Community Foundation of Muncie
& Delaware County, Inc.
Fishers United Methodist Church
Indiana University
Medical College of Wisconsin
Gifts of $100 - $499
American Suburban Utilities
Apple Valley Farm POA, Inc.
Bloom, Gross & Associates, Inc.
Brand Investments
Bucheri McCarty & Metz LLP
Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Inc.
Care ePublications/Care
Daniel F. O’Riley Funeral Home
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Indianapolis Art & Antiques Show Sponsors
The Foundation’s volunteer organization, Methodist Hospital Task Core, hosts
the Indianapolis Art & Antiques Show as its annual fundraiser to support IU
Health Methodist Hospital and related community health initiatives. Thanks
to the generosity of these underwriters, the 2012 show raised needed funds
that directly benefit patients, employees and the community.
The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
Ice Miller
Indiana University Health
Indiana University Health Physicians Rheumatology
The National Bank of Indianapolis
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Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Breall
Domestic violence occurs in this country every nine seconds and it is the leading
cause of injury to women. Equally shocking is the fact that more than three million
children witness domestic violence each year.
Beth’s Legacy of Hope was implemented at IU Health Methodist Hospital in the
Emergency Department and Trauma Center in response to a brutal, fatal incidence
of domestic violence to a former co-worker. Turning their distress and sorrow into
action, colleagues of the victim, Beth Stayer, RN, developed a multi-disciplinary
program designed to teach themselves and other healthcare providers how to
screen and respond to victims of domestic violence.
The program operates on three fronts:
1. Education and training to raise awareness and teach providers how to react and intercede with knowledge and compassion.
2. Wrap-around support services to respond to the immediate and critical needs
of victims.
3. Data collection to document injuries and patient outcomes.
A dramatic video produced to support the education and training component has
been rolled out to the IU Health Methodist Emergency Department. The program is
still in the pilot phase, yet has made an immediate impact and IU Health Ball
Memorial has already begun using the training video; IU Health North Hospital
is in the queue for 2013.
Beth’s Legacy of Hope: Preventing Domestic Violence in our Patients and Peers is
a pilot program funded by a grant of $43,200 from Methodist Health Foundation
in 2012.
Comments by healthcare
workers after initial
training sessions:
“I thought it was just physical
violence. I didn’t know that it
also included verbal, emotional
and financial abuse.”
“As a nurse, I want to fix the
problem immediately. I never
understood that the process
of leaving can take years.
Now I know we can provide
the victims with resources
and a safety plan.”
And from an employee who
took the training and is a
victim of domestic violence,
“I learned I am not alone.
There is help available.”
Memorial and Tribute Gifts
Gifts made to Methodist Health Foundation in 2012 in memory of or tribute
to the following:
Kathy Vance Abell
Mrs. Marjorie Abramowski
Martha G. Allen
Kevin R. Armstrong
Ms. Dorcas F. Austin
Mr. Donald Avery
Ronald Baber
John C. Bailey, MD
Mr. Carl E. Bayne
Ms. Marilyn K. Blair
Mr. Randall L. Bland
Mr. Gene P. Bohannon
Jeffrey A. Breall, MD, PhD
Mrs. Esther L. Brethman
Mr. Bruce L. Brock
Mr. William J. Brolley
Mr. Francis P. Brophy
Mrs. Deborah S. Bryant
Mr. Robert E. Burns
Ethan R. Burris, MD
Mr. Robert Cain
Ms. Lena Carpenter
Mr. Jason J. Casto
Mr. Jason Cato
Ms. Sara Clindaniel
Ms. Mildred P. Coates
Martha Cox
Ms. Mary L. Cullom
Mr. Edward Cunningham
Mrs. Grace Curd
Fonia Holland Dame
Mr. C.W. DeLaCruz
Mr. Jerome Deluco
Mrs. Martha L. Devine
Constance Dinwiddie
Mrs. Angelia DuVall
Ms. Ona Dyar
Mr. Milford R. Edwards
Robert E. Evard, MD
Mrs. Martha Robinson Fehr
Leslie Field, PhD
Mrs. Suzanne Fifer
Joan W. Freihofer
Jacob Friedman
Ms. Mildred E. A. Frost
Ms. Sue Fuller
Adairius J. Gardner
Ms. Gloria A. Garrett
Alexander Georgiades, MD
Ms. DiAnne S. Glas
Mrs. Eugene B. Glick
The Gonda Family
Ms. Eldonna Graffis
Ms. Elizabeth K. Haggard
Mr. James L. Hall
Mrs. Dolores Hansen
D.C. Hatton
Ms. Freda Henry
Ms. Sarah Herbig
Dorothy M. Eads Hollingsead
Richard E. Hulet, PhD
Mrs. Debra A. Hunt
Judge Richard H. Huston
Mr. William Jackson
Alicetine Jackson
Mr. James L. Johnson, Jr.
Ms. Linda Johnson
Mr. Timothy Jones
Ms. Irene Kaplanis
Sean Keller, MD
Ms. Laura Kelley
Mrs. Joyce L. Kernodle
Don Koverman
Mr. Daniel Kruse
Larry Kuhlenschmidt
Donald Lamport
Ms. Abigail E. Leiser
Miss Samantha Levin
Ms. Kimberlyn S. Lindenfeld
Mr. Richard A. Lindsey
Matthew Luedeman
Mr. Raymond Manuel
Mr. Charles Marshall
Sherry Page Masso
Mr. Michael McCarley, Jr.
Ms. Brenda McClendon
Paul McHenry, MD
Joseph Miller
Mr. William E. Miller
Elizabeth Minniear
Mr. Robert F. Moore
Nellie Jo Nash
Chris C. Naum, MD
Mrs. Lueretia Newton
Anastacio C. Ng, MD
Rev. Gordon U. Nichols
Mrs. Helen M. Outt
Mrs. Nancy D. Parsley
Mr. Linn H. Quigle
Mr. Michael R. Raisor, Jr.
Miss Kayli G. Revolt
Catherine Ross
Mrs. Phyllis E. Ruffin
Ms. Mildred M. Sample
Mr. Raymond C. Satterblom
Ms. Allison Schaefer
Mr. Jay Schlueter
Mr. Bob Scott
Velma I. Screes
Mr. Lanny D. Selke
Ms. Mary C. Serie
Mr. Claude N. Shepple
Ms. Sylvia S. Simon
Ms. Mary V. Springman
Mr. Donald W. Stephenson
Carolyn Stevens
Mrs. Anna Stewart
Mr. Kelsey B. Stewart
Mr. Steven R. Stone
Mr. Barry Subrin
Brad Subrin
Ms. Juliane Subrin
Janet Suja
Ms. Dorothy Taber
Ms. Sandy Taylor
Mr. Corbin Tillman
Mr. George E. Tolson
Mr. Russell Walden
Ms. Cynthia Warnecke
Betty J. Watts
Gary Weesner
Mr. Fred Wells
Douglas H. White, Jr., MD
Mrs. Gap S. White
Mrs. Wilma Jean Wright White
Mr. Tom Wilkinson
Mr. Robert E. Woods
Albert W. Wurster
Gifts made in tribute or memory; annual gifts; and gifts of support to the area
of greatest need or a specific purpose fund.
Wesley Society: $500 - $999
Mary Beth and Jim Crossin
Mary Jane Palmer Sursa
Janet and Roger Roth
Jennifer J. Bucki, MD, FACP
Marjorie T. Meyer
Mr. Greg J. Schahet
Molly R. Mathews, M.D.
Richard and Dana Siegel
Emma L. McKinney
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. William Rooks
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jud Fisher
Ms. Deborah L. Jenkins
Mr. Dee E. Cuttell
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E.
Ethan and Cherrylynn Burris
Bart and Marianne Besinger
Tai Oliver
Melvin Bolden, Jr.
Alicia Currin
Haley Minor
Kelvin Wade
Brian Barrick
Epworth League: $100 - $499
Mr. Matthew Alber
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Alley
Eugene Ansah
Carole Arney
Ms. Rachel Baber
Jenise N. Baber
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Doser Bailey
Ms. Pamela A. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Gene L. Bass
Mr. Jay D. Benjamin
Mrs. Cheryl Bland
Ms. Marjorie Blocks
Mrs. Marsha L. Bohannon
Carol Marie May Bonham
Kenneth A. Borgus and Sue Crick
Philip H. Bornstein, PhD and
Marcy Bornstein, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Boxman
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bozic
Robert W. Brandt, MD
Meredith Brashear
Mr. Arthur W. Brumley
David Burch
Mr. Gariel Burchett
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Campa
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Carrell
Mr. and Mrs. Jamieson R. Carter
Ms. Debra S. Chandler
Jim Christison
Kaye Claytor
Ms. Susan E. Cohen
Mr. Burton E. Colvin
Ms. Betty Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Sam M. Cordes
Lisa R. Corliss
Ms. Debra Cox
Thomas W. Crews
Norman Cridlin
Carolyn A. Cunningham, MD
Mrs. Patricia B. Custer and
Mr. John R. Custer
Helen Czenkusch, MD and
Mr. Leonard Czenkusch
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Davis
Ms. Patricia Dennis
Glenn A. Dobecki, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Downer
Gertrude Johns Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Duffin
Ms. Karen Z. Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn F. Durilla
Ms. Rita E. Elmore
M. A. Emmelman
Mr. and Mrs. Murvin S. Enders
Dr. and Mrs. Pierre J. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Fitzgibbon
Dr. and Mrs. Erik S. Fossum
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Frette
Andrea and Alan Friedman
Ms. Jane Fuller
Dr. and Mrs. R. Brent Furbee
Phyllis Geeslin
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Gernhardt
Mr. Jerry Gibbs
Diane and Lee Giles
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Glass
Joyann B. Goehring
Mr. Alan H. Goldstein
Maureen Grande
Paul F. Grice, MD
Janice and Mickey Guffey
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Hackl
Ms. Patricia Halloran and
Ms. Liza Near
Ms. Barbara A. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Hansen
A. M. Hardee II
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Harden
Mr. Greg E. Harrison
Kathleen Haughan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Haus
Martha J. Hays
Duane Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Hermon
Kerri and Aaron Hilbers
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hiles
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Hillsamer
Michael Hoppe
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hostetter
Oscar Hufnagel
Theodore R. Hunley, DDS
Mrs. Patricia Utley Huston
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hutson
Derek Jahnke
Dorothy Johnson
Ms. Yvonne Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Henry L. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kazwell
Mr. James H. Keil
Mr. Charles Kenny, Jr.
Michael Khouli, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kissel
Elisabeth Kline, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Kreher
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Kruse
Mr. and Mrs. Rondal K. Lambirth
Kelly J. Land
Dr. Alec J. Langford
Lisa Liles
John Lindenfeld
John W. Lindenfeld
Duane and Crissy Lutz
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Manchir
Mr. William K. Manuel
Bud “Pamp” Martin
Stacy Maurer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. May
Andrew J. McCanna
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. McClure
Dr. and Mrs. Roland B. McGrath
Betty Bayless McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Melchert
Mr. Chris Meusing
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Mitchell
Veronica Montgomery
Thomas Mote, MD, MDH
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Muellner
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Murray
Nellie Jo Nash
Dr. and Mrs. Anastacio C. Ng
Daniel P. O’Donnell, MD
Michael Olinger, MD
Casey Patrick, MD
Karen and Don Payne
Adrienne Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Perkins
Randall Pierce
Dr. and Mrs. James T. Poulos
Ms. Gina M. Price
Dean and Ann Rainbolt
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Rapp
Nena Ray
Kathleen Redelman
Charlotte A. Reed
Rita Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Riley
Ms. Ruby E. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rossman
Mr. Thomas M. Ruffin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary N. Schahet
Mr. Jay Schlueter Family
Megan Schnitz
Mr. John Schurz
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Sease
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Sellers
Mr. Michael Shinn
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Simon
Ms. Stacy A. Small
Sue and Mike Smith
Tyler M. Stepsis, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Alex P. Strati
Ms. Jean Styvaert
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Subrin
Jami Sutton
Carol S. Tretter
Kim A. Truttschel
Hubert and Imogene Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Van Vorst
Mr. V. Anthony Vilutis
Doctors Marie and Michael Vrablik
I Wen Wang, MD
Dale K. Weber Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Whitesell
Dr. and Mrs. Lee G. Wilbur
Lucia Wocial, PhD, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Woodhouse
Zack Worley
Thomas Wozniak, MD
Mrs. Lillie Wyatt and
Dr. Lewin J. Wyatt
Mrs. Ann C. Yates and
Mr. William H. Yates
2012 GIFTS
Funding Innovation That CHANGES Lives:
Neurorehabilitation and Robotics provides 3D motion assessments of a patient’s
movements using specialized cameras and reflective markers; recording the force
made when striking the ground and the degree of change to muscles when they
move. The information offers a more complete picture in deciding the patient’s
needs for surgery or advanced rehabilitation.
“It allows us to pinpoint the exact areas causing problems and treat the areas
exclusively,” says Dr. George Ganstoudes, the program’s medical director. “The
result is improved care for our patients.”
The equipment and technology was made possible through a gift from the family
of Gary and Phyllis Schahet of Indianapolis-based Schahet Hotels, Inc. Gary
acknowledges that the roots of service and philanthropy run deep in his family,
“That’s how I was brought up – creating a better community through service and
support. My Mother [Ruby Schahet] was a nurse and she was involved. At one time
she sat on the Methodist Hospital board.”
Many years ago, Gary was a patient of the late Dr. Julius Goodman whose name
is on the building of the new IU Health Neuroscience Center. Later they served
together on the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Asked why the Schahet family gift
was directed to neurosciences, this grateful patient uttered just one word, “Julius.”
2012 Grants and Commitments
Trauma Center Research Infrastructure Program (year 2 of 3 year grant)
Culture of Clinical and Quality Improvement (year 2 of 3 year grant)
Emergency Medicine Learning Center and Renovation
Transcatherter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)
Extra Corporal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Program
Beth’s Legacy of Hope: Preventing Domestic Violence in Our Patients and Peers
Stroke Telemedicine System of Care
Total Grants Disbursed
2012 Assets
Specific Purpose
In addition to grant disbursements approved by the Board of Directors, in 2012
Methodist Health Foundation distributed $10,887,893 to the hospital’s specific
purpose funds.
Editor’s Note: In the 2011 annual report, the total amount of the two multi-year
grants (Trauma Center Research Infrastructure Program; Culture of Clinical and
Quality Improvement) was reported. The amount above represents part of the
funds committed in 2011 and allocated in 2012, not additional funding.
Funding Innovation That CHANGES Lives:
Telemedicine uses communication and information technologies – cameras, audio
and other remote monitoring tools – to provide healthcare to patients from long
distances and in underserved geographic regions. The Stroke Telemedicine System
of Care or Telestroke, uses this same technology for treating patients who have
suffered a stroke.
Time is Brain
This phrase is used by physicians referring to the fact that nervous tissue is rapidly
lost as a stroke progresses. Telestroke can aid faster, more effective care for stroke
patients, by reducing time delays caused by ambulance transfers to IU Health
Methodist Hospital – the hub for stroke care in the IU Health system.
How it Works
One Sunday, a patient was admitted with stroke-like symptoms to the Emergency
Department at an IU Health hospital in southern Indiana. After initial assessment
by the nursing and physician staff, the patient was sent for a head CT Scan while
the physician contacted the Telestroke neurologist on call at IU Health Methodist.
The Telestroke cart containing computer equipment and a remote camera was
brought to the patient’s room. There, the IU Health Methodist neurologist assessed
the patient, spoke with the family, consulted with the onsite care team and
recommended a course of treatment.
This advanced level of care was available to the patient in minutes rather than the
hours it would have taken had she been transported to Methodist. The time savings
allowed effects of the patient’s stroke to be reversed. Once the patient was stable,
she was transferred to Methodist to receive a higher level of care not available at
the rural hospital. When the patient arrived, she was in a better health state, able
to make additional improvements.
Methodist Health Foundation
provided $292,800 in grant
funds to the Stroke
Telemedicine System of Care
program in 2012.
The IU Health Neuroscience
Department has implemented
the Telestroke program at six
IU Health hospitals, with plans
to add 11 more facilities in 2013.
Kevin R. Armstrong
Kelly Alexiou
Michael Ault
[email protected]
Executive Assistant
[email protected]
Director, Special Events &
Volunteer Services
317. 962.1786
[email protected]
Penny Barrett
Katy Cantor, CFRE
Adairius Gardner
Coordinator, Special Events
[email protected]
Debbie Hogan
Coordinator, Volunteer Services &
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
Jeanne Lilly
Vice President
[email protected]
Laura King
Kate Kiser
Director, Marketing &
[email protected]
Prospect Research &
Database Manager
[email protected]
Jane Manning
Hillary McCarley
Financial Analyst
[email protected]
Development Officer
[email protected]
Jamie Thompson*
Joe Traeger, CPA, CGMA
Database Coordinator
[email protected]
Development Officer
[email protected]
Vice President,
Finance & Operations
[email protected]
Major Gifts Officer
[email protected]
* Joined Methodist Health Foundation Staff in 2013
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