Light and Plant Structure Quiz

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(1 point each) Choose the word from the column on the right that best fits the description on the left. ______ 1. the organelle responsible for photosynthesis
a. absorb ______ 2. the pigment found inside the chloroplasts
b. stomata ______ 3. openings on the bottom of the leaf that allow for gas exchange
c. glucose ______ 4. the fluid inside the chloroplast
d. pigment ______ 5. organism that can make its own food
e. stroma ______ 6. to take light in
f. carbon dioxide ______ 7. a chemical that absorbs or reflects specific light wavelengths
g. chlorophyll ______ 8. the gas the plants need in order to do photosynthesis
h. chloroplasts ______ 9. the “food” chemical created during photosynthesis
i. oxygen ______ 10. to bounce light back
j. autotroph ______ 11. disk membranes inside the chloroplasts
k. reflect ______ 12. the gas produced by plants during photosynthesis
l. thylakoid Short Answer Answer the following questions with the most correct answer (words OR pictures). 1. Explain why leaves are green. (3 points) 2. What is white light? What is an example of white light? (2 points) 3. Why are the cells with the most chloroplasts found near the top of the leaf? (1 point) 4. What is the equation for photosynthesis? (2 points)