The Single Tax Movement In Revival.

The Single Tax MovementIn
is no propaganda^ in proTuunr
gresstve economics which has cornmanded such devoted and unswervinq loyalty of so intellectual a
force of supportersas the Single Tax.
Year by year, in serson and-out, the
of Henry George have
preaehed and worked and- pressed
rlreir case. They have made ir
distinctly an intellectual cult. In
contradistinction to the socialistic
morernent! it has aimed to start at
the top and pull the masses of the
people up to ite ideal, rather than to
start at the bottom and raise them
from underneath. It has captured
lirst the intellectuals; and to-day it
has them, in starrling numbers, in
every country. Japan is full of themA u s t r a l a s i a ,e r e l o n g , w i l l b e r u l e d b y
them. Great Britain's Governmeni
has adopted tte 6ret step in their
programme by voting to impose a tax
on the unearned increment in real
.estate,landthe GerrrranGovernn.rentis
moving in the same directior) as a
r e s u l t o f t h e s u c c e s sc f r h e e x c e r i m e n t
in many citiee of rhe Ernpire.
Thg $ingle Tax, in short, hag
passed out ofthe realmofintellecrual
specu'lation and into the domain of
politics and adnrinistration. It is
getting its test.f. If Henry George
had r.ot been carled from his work st
the moment he was be might have
been. elected
_Mayorof New
; hi
certainly would have been made, even
ln. defea-t,a powerful force in that
crty s rhooght snd life and politics.
tlad he lived, rhe Siogie Tai Moverrent would u,rt be so far behind in
America. But it is gaiuing g.oond
once more.
lt is announced that a millionaire
Philadelphiao manufecturer who has
been dtvrted to the cause lor manv
years, tas offered $5oo,ooo ({roJ,
ooo ) lor the conduct of a greai
educational campaign In Austi^lia.
New Zealand, Den,nark, Swirzerland,
Canada, Uoited Srates of America
a,nd Grert Britain, on condition that
the Single Taxers in those countries
raise a like amount. This nreans a
effort to popularize th;
movement ; to carr' it (iown to the
people. ft will command attention
(if such a campaign be madg) ,u"t as
never bclore has been given to it.
Conservatives who have i vague anrl
entirely rnisraken notion of ibat irrs
all about rill do wcll to inform themselves, for tlrey wrll [ave some very
h a r d p r o p o s i t i o n sr o a n s w e r ,a n d r n e y
will nccd ro start with a preity intelii
ge.nt notion of what they are going to
talk about.-,, The Timei," lfrash?n!-ton, U.S.A.