David Kinley Hall (0054)

David Kinley Hall (0054)
Windows & 3rd Floor Classrooms
Building Information
Year Built: 1926
Project Area Primary Users: General assign
Affected Rooms: 322, 325, 326
Room Capacities: 322 & 325: 36 seats ea., 326: 30 seats
This project will replace deteriorated windows and renovate 3 classrooms
in David Kinley Hall. This is expected to be the final phase of window
replacements at DKH. The final three classrooms on the third floor will
be upgraded. Classrooms will receive wall, flooring, and ceiling finish
upgrades, modern & efficient light fixtures, new seats and furnishings,
and perimeter radiation replacements. The rooms will also have
modern classroom IT systems installed.
Existing Conditions
Upper Left
Room 325
Missing and cracked ceiling tiles
Middle Left
Severely deteriorated windows and frames
Below Leftt
Room 326
Plaster damage
Upper Right
Severely deteriorate windows and frames
Lower Right
Room 325
Plaster Damage