are SportChek/Atmosphere, Target, fashion boutique Boathouse

are SportChek/Atmosphere, Target, fashion
boutique Boathouse, Smart Set, Reitman’s,
Nygard, and fashion mogul Marshalls.
The mall, which has around 100 stores, is
anchored by Thrifty Foods, Bolen Books, Sears,
and Zellers (to be replaced by Target). The
outside of the mall and the lot that it’s on are
also going to see some serious changes.
“The landscaping is going to be incredible
and the exterior is going to be great,” says
Don Burton, executive vice-president, retail, at
Triovest Realty Advisors, which manages the
mall. (Hillside is owned by the Canada Pension
Plan Investment Board.) “You’ll see lots of
different finishes, from natural stones to wood.
It’s going to be the best-looking shopping
centre probably on the island.”
Signs of the Times
But it’s not all window dressing. The new look
of the mall will, in keeping with the times, be
a significant shade of green. Not literally, but
in a manner of speaking: no small amount of
money and effort will be going towards making
the mall more environmentally friendly (see
page 28).
“Green features are really a reflection of the
values of Victoria,” says Victoria Mayor Dean
Fortin. “Everything from Hillside’s plantings to
the storm water control, how the buildings are
built, and greater energy efficiency ... It reflects
the values of Victoria: we really have a green
ethic here.”
Going green is a sign of the times. And
Hillside was in need of an update. Although,
Hillside Shopping
Centre’s renovation
and 160,000-squarefoot expansion puts
a strong focus on
fashion, according to
Triovest Properties,
and shoppers can also
expect an expanded food
court, more windows
and natural light, new
flooring and ceilings, and
lighting finishes, natural
stone and woodwork, as
well as a new exterior
façade with green walls,
featuring a bio-diverse
mix of native plants and
plant materials.
to many people,
the building had a
comforting, familiar
look, oftentimes
“familiar” really just
means “old.”
Dallas Gislason,
development officer
for the Greater Victoria Development Agency
(GVDA), says Hillside’s status as a staple in the
neighbourhood for over 50 years proves two
things: it’s important to many area residents,
and it’s time for some reinvestments.
“Hillside remains an important part of the
daily lives of many people,” says Gislason. “But
the fact is, it’s 50 years old ...”
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