Mythology In Harry Potter

Mythology In Harry Potter
1. Fluffy isn’t one of a kind! What is the name of the 3-headed watchdog in Greek mythology?
a. Cerberus
b. Augeas
c. The Cerynian Hind
2. Like Fluffy, Cerberus was once lulled to sleep by beautiful music. Which legendary musician enchanted Cerberus
with song?
a. Apollo
b. Orpheus
c. Eurydice
3. The lightning bold on Harry’s forehead was the symbol of which Greek god?
a. Zeus
b. Hermes
c. Dionysus
4. In Greek mythology, Hermione was the daughter of Kind Menelaus of Sparta and this famous beauty:
a. Dido
b. Aphrodite
c. Helen of Troy
5. The hippocampus-half horse, half sea-creature-appears not just in Harry Potter but pulling the chariot of this
mythological ruler:
a. Athena
b. Poseidon
c. Pegasus
6. The Hogwarts’ caretaker Argus Filch may bring to mind the mythical Greek guard Argus, who is said to have:
a. One hundred eyes
b. One hundred ears
c. One hundred feet
7. Ancient Greek gods and goddesses were often depicted with a nimbus-not a flying broom, but a shining:
a. Bird
b. Cloud
c. Wand
8. In The Goblet of Fire, Harry meets a sphinx who asks him a riddle. Which troubled mortal in Greek mythology
meets a sphinx and solves her problems?
a. Theseus
b. Hercules
c. Oedipus
9. Professor McGonagall’s first name, Minerva, is the Roman name for which Greek goddess?
a. Artemis
b. Athena
c. Demeter
10. Centaurs roam the Forbidden Forest by Hogwarts. In Greek mythology, centaurs are half man and half:
a. Bull
b. Goat
c. Horse
Final Challenge: The most famous Greek centaur was named _________________.
He was a teacher to a number of Greek heroes, including Jason, Achilles, and Hercules.
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