August 8, 2014 - Seminole County Schools

Department of Teaching and Learning
Middle School Weekly Update
August 8, 2014
ESE Recertification PD Activity Information
As you know, anyone who renews their professional certificate will now be required to have 20
or their in-service points come from the area of ESE. If you are creating a PD activity at your site
that you intend to count towards this requirement of the 20 points, you need to use one of the
following component numbers when creating the activity:
2100200 Method and Techniques to use when providing Inclusive Settings for the Exceptional
2102002 Techniques and Methodology for Exceptional Education
2102005 Issues and Content for Exceptional Student Education (ESE)
The descriptions for these components are in the PD Place system to assist you with
determining which component number is the most appropriate. If you need assistance with this
process, please contact Pam Broome at 5-0529.
ESE Online Course Now Available
There is now a 20 point online module available to every teacher and administrator in the state
of Florida free of charge. This module can be accessed at
Attached below is a Q & A paper regarding this online course. Please share this important
document with all of your certificated personnel at your site.
FSA Test Item Specifications Feedback
The FDOE is gathering public feedback on the test item specifications and ELA writing rubrics
until Friday, September 12 (extended one week from the originally published date). Review
the test item specifications and/or writing rubrics and use the link on the FSA portal in the
corresponding section to complete the feedback form.
Writing Rubrics Posted to FSA Portal
If you are registered on the FSA Portal to receive e-mail alerts, you received the following
message this past week:
We have posted a new resource to FSA Portal.
ELA Writing Rubrics 4-5 Informative[PDF]
The writing prompt rubrics define how points will be
ELA Writing Rubrics 4-5 Opinion[PDF]
ELA Writing Rubrics 6-11 Informative[pdf]
given within each domain. This document also offers a
description of the overall task, stimulus attributes, and
assessed standards, as well as directions, acceptable text
types, and possible writing topics.
ELA Writing Rubrics 6-11 Argumentation[PDF]
If you are not yet registered in the FSA Portal to receive the alerts, please listen to Module 1
that was sent out last week and follow the steps for registering. If you have any questions,
please contact Shawn Harrold at 5-0193.
Reading Endorsement Courses
Reading Endorsement courses are open for registration in PD Place. The following schedule is
Fall Schedule
Comp. 1
Comp 2
Comp. 3
Comp. 4
Comp. 5
ID Number
Sep 16-Nov18
Sep 17-Nov19
Sep 16-Nov18
Each class will be held from 5-8pm for the face-to-face meetings. All Classes will have a
maximum enrollment of 30 participants. The first class meeting will take place at ESC- other
meetings may be moved to other locations.
For more information, contact Courtney Kavanaugh at 5-4911.
UF Coaching Institute
Seminole County Public Schools is committed to improving teacher effectiveness and student
achievement, and has once again partnered with the University of Florida Lastinger Center to
develop a cadre of skilled instructional coaches across the district.
The UF Certified Instructional Coach program will develop coaches who have a strong grasp of
highly effective instruction and work effectively with colleagues to improve teacher practice
and student learning. The program’s content draws on the latest research and evidence-based
practice from the Florida Standards, National Research Council, collaborative instructional
coaching, digital integration breakthroughs and the work of noted scholars in education.
During the course of the program participants will:
Develop a shared understanding of the frameworks of effective teaching
Explore high impact instructional strategies
Learn the philosophy and mechanics of collaborative peer coaching
Learn strategies for supporting principals and teachers
Utilize an online platform to enhance participant learning and support development
Document progress with an electronic portfolio
Each principal is asked to select one candidate from the school. Candidates for the UF Certified
Instructional Coach program should be master teachers or coaches in their discipline,
interested in teacher leadership, and committed to student achievement. This candidate will
be involved in a 3 day intensive induction into classroom observation and coaching. Over the
course of the school year each participant will also participate in six Coaching Symposium
Sessions. All sessions will take place within the district. At the conclusion of the program each
candidate will be a UF Certified Instructional Coach.
Full Day Session Dates
Symposium Dates
October 22-24, 2014
Half Day Coaching
Friday, November 14, 2014
Thursday, December 4, 2014
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Thursday, April 9, 2015
For additional information, please contact Karen Nolen at [email protected]
Applications are attached. Candidate applications are due Friday, September 12, 2014.
Electronic, Courier, or Fax: 407-320-0288
UF Coach
Application 2014.docx
Discovery Education Webinar Series
Below is information on Discovery Education’s Webinar Series. Please share this with your educators,
because it is a great opportunity for remediation and to reinforce concepts for some, as well as a chance
to accelerate or dive deeper into certain topics for others. These are live and interactive, so questions
and feedback are welcome during the sessions.
Discovery Education Back-to-School Webinar Series
Register at
Be the first to get a look at the new enhancements inside Discovery Education! The new My DE makes it
easy for you to access your personalized content and connect with your educator community.
This Back-to-School Webinar Series will also highlight meaningful instructional strategies for leveraging
digital tools, content, and resources, including Student Center, Board Builder, and the new Streaming
Plus with support for the Common Core. After exploring all that is available to you right now, we will end
the series with lessons just for students.
Back-to-School with Discovery Education:
8/6, 8/13, 8/21, 8/27, 9/4, 9/17
Deep Dive Sessions:
Common Core and Discovery Education Streaming Plus - 8/7, 8/20, 9/10
Discovery Education Assessment - 9/3, 9/18
Discovery Education Board Builder - 8/14, 8/28, 9/11
Discovery Education: Student Edition - 9/24, 9/25
STEM Alliance Student Recognition Program (Formerly PRISM)
Many of you are aware that we have had a PRISM award in place for several years that
recognized math and science students and teachers. The award has changed as the group
responsible for it has merged with several others.
In the past, there have been opportunities for recognizing new awardees and then “Sustaining
Scholars” (who are recognized every year if they continue to meet the criteria). Beginning this
year, there will only be new awardees. Students can be re-recognized each year if the school
chooses, but students will not automatically be recognized just because they have won before.
Please look over the attached document and send the names of those you wish to recognize, to
Dr. Rachel Hallett-Njuguna (K-12 Science Specialist) no later than Aug 25th at
[email protected] Please contact Rachel via e-mail or at 5-0189 if you have any questions
about the award.
If you have any questions regarding content in the communicator, please
contact Corbet Wilson at 5-0186
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