CLS response

Student Learning Assessment Program
Response to Summary Form
Undergraduate Programs 2010
Department: Biological Sciences, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Level 2, B.S.
How, Where,
and When
Level 1-2, B.S.
Level 2, B.S.
How Results
Will be Used
Level 1-2, B.S.
Level 2, B.S.
Clinical Lab
Objectives are program-specific and describe student
behaviors. This set of objectives is more focused on student
learning than program goals, so that is a good improvement
over previous reports. You may want to break your first
objective into several objective. It is very uncommon to have
the entire content of a major enveloped in one objective.
You have identified an annual survey for an indirect measure.
It appears that you will administer this to graduating seniors.
Where does this administration take place? You have started
selecting assessment measures that directly evaluate student
learning with the evaluation rubrics. In which classes are these
rubrics used? Are there specific assignments for certain classes
that will be used as assessment artifacts? Are you asking the
hospital coordinators to complete a different assessment or do
they administer the same rubrics? It would be helpful if you
included copies of your rubrics with your next report. Let me
know if you want help as you continue developing your
Expectations are given for the measures listed. Try to connect
them more directly to your measures. For example, if you are
using a rubric with a 5 point Likert scale, what is the average
holistic score that would indicate that your students met your
minimum standards? What holistic scores would indicate
exceeding or not meeting expectations.
As you begin to report results for your new assessment plan,
you should indicate the number of students represented by
averages and percentages, and then make sure that the numbers
given correspond to the expectations listed. That is, if your
expectations are in % of students that agree with a statement on
a survey, then the results are the % of students that did agree;
likewise, if you are using a holistic score from a rubric, give
the number or percentage that attained those scores.
Feedback loop in place, but the collection part of the loop is
not apparent. The role of the faculty who teach the courses is
not really addressed here. Also, you’ll want to discuss how
results are shared and acted upon.
While it looks like I’m asking a lot of questions, I am doing this to help guide you as your plan
progresses. This program, however, is making progress with its assessment plan.
Levels should not be interpreted as grades or scores; they are stages of implementation based on patterns of
characteristics described by North Central Association. These levels are approximations based on the information
provided in the summaries. Please refer to the checklist for the Primary Traits listed for each level on the
assessment web site at