ECE/CS 356: Computer Network Architecture Homework 1

ECE/CS 356: Computer Network Architecture
Homework 1
Problem 1
Assuming the following scenario:
a) Write down the expression for the end-to-end delay between A and B end systems
(Assume a very fast processor and no other network traffic)
b) Generalize the previous expression for M packets and N routers, assuming that the
transmission rates, distance and communication speed are the same for each section
of the network.
Problem 2
We need to transfer 700 Tbits of data (700x1012 bits) between two points. We have to
transmission systems available:
i) A new dedicated and direct link between the two end systems
ii) A nice car to bring a 700 Tbits Hard disk between the two points separated by 100
miles. Our car can run as a steady speed of 50 miles per hour. So, our car requires two
hours to make the travel.
1) What is the transmission rate of our car?
2) Under what transmission rate the network link is more efficient than the car? Express
the transmission rate in Mbps. (No consider gas cost or other factors, only from
throughput perspectives)
Problem 3
What advantages circuit-switched network offer over a packet-switched network?
Problem 4
True or False, and brief justification:
a) 5 Mbps is equal to 300 Mb per minute
b) Client-server architecture is always more efficient and better option than P2P
c) UDP guarantees data transfer (no packet loss)
d) HTTP is a Transport layer protocol
e) TCP guarantees data transfer (no packet loss)