luis felipe sfeir-younis

1980–1991 and 2004–present
Lecturer in Sociology
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Taught Introductory Sociology, Introduction to Social Psychology, Social Problems courses, as
well as, Social Theory, Social Inequality, Sociology of the Body, Love & Intimacy, Sociology of
Sexuality, Sociology of the Body, Marriages & Families, Race & Ethnicity, Special Courses, Intergroup Relations & Conflict, The Sociology of Human Animal Relations, and Latino Studies.
Sociology , Faculty Concentration Advisor 1984-1991 and 2004 to 2007
“Visions & Definitions” faculty group on Multicultural Pedagogy, sponsored by CRLT under
Provost Diversity program.
Advisor to IGR Global program, 2004/05
GIEU Faculty: Took 17 UM students to Barahona, one of the poorest regions of the Dominican
Republic in 2006 and 14 students to a diversity in The Netherlands in 2007.
SAPAC Advisor: advisor to the men’s program to prevent rape on campus, 2005
Japan Foundation, 2005: Received a grant to visit Japan to engage in conversations with
community leaders fighting violence against domestic violence and rape.
LSA Dean Award to design and teach a course on Diversity and Conflict in 2005.
CRLT Lecturer’s Award, 2004: Funds to improve website of Sociology of Sexuality course.
First Coordinator of the Sociology Undergraduate Program, 1986-89. Number of sociology
concentrators increased from 49 to 202.
LSA Academic Counselor, 1984-89
One of the founders of the Inter-group Relations Program and originator of inter-racial, intergender, and inter-sexuality Dialogue Groups at the University of Michigan
CSP, Summer Bridge Program: worked for two summers as faculty and advisor to students in this
minority summer program.
Member of the Program on Conflict Management Alternatives (PCMA), 1987-89
Member of FAIR Teach, a group of faculty designing and teaching multicultural pedagogy, 198991
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
PhD, M.A. Sociology.
Dissertation: “State Formation in the Periphery: The US Military Occupation of Cuba and Puerto
Rico, 1898-1902.
Award: nominated as Best Dissertation of the year
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
M.A., Economics.
American University
Beirut, Lebanon
B.A., Economics.
Graduated summa cum laude.
Award: Most Promising Student in the Arts & Sciences, 1971
The Dreamkeeper Award, 1992. Office of the vice-president. “In recognition for commitment and
dedication in promoting equity and justice for all people of color at the University of Michigan.”
Sociology Award, 1990. Sociology department. “In grateful appreciation of intellectual leadership and
loving attention to Undergraduate education.”
Excellence in Counseling Award, 1991. Office of the Dean.
Best Teaching award: 1986,1987,1988,1989, 1990.
Certificate of Recognition, 1990 SAPAC and office of the Dean. “For valuable work in the struggle to
end violence against women and children, presented by The Sexual Assault prevention and awareness
Center on behalf of the Ann Arbor Community.”
Founder Award, Intergroup Relations, 2008. Award given as one of the founder of the Intergroup
Relations Office at the University of Michigan.
Teaching with Technology Award, 2012
Global Teaching and Videoconferencing Award, 2013
Luis F. Sfeir-Younis, “Reflections on the Teaching of Multicultural Courses” pp. 61-76 in David
Schoem,, Multicultural Teaching in the University, Praeger, 1993.
_________________,, “Diversity and Multicultural Curriculum: Understanding Social
Causation,” Michigan Journal of Political Science, Issue 16,Spring 1993, pp. 1-22.
_________________, State Formation in the Periphery, UMI Dissertation Services, 1989.
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