Soc 100 test outline - November 2011

St. Francis Xavier University
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Sociology 100: Introduction to Sociology – 2011-12
Dr. John Phyne
Annex 110A
Phone: 867-2313
e-mail ([email protected])
Outline for Test Two
Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2011.
Evaluation: 12.5% of your final grade.
Format: Three essay questions worth 50 marks each. All students must complete
question 1. You have a choice of answering question 2 or 3.
Requirements: The examination will cover class lectures up to, and including, the class
on Thursday, November 3, 2011. Your performance on the examination will be based on
your ability to combine materials from class lectures and the following required readings:
New Society
William Shaffir and Michael Rosenberg, ‘Chapter
Three: Socialization’, pp. 48-72.
Society in Question
Frank F. Furstenberg Jr., et al. ‘Chapter 4: Growing Up is Harder
to Do’, pp. 45-54.
New Society
Graham Knight and Josh Greenberg, ‘Chapter Five: The Mass
Media’, pp. 97-119.
Society in Question
Barry Wellman, ‘Chapter 8: Connecting Communities: On and
Offline’, pp.76-85.
John L. McMullan, ‘Chapter 24: News, Truth, and the Problem of
Corporate Crime’, pp. 303-316.
4. Religion
New Society
Reginald W. Bibby, ‘Chapter Thirteen: Religion’, pp. 309-334.
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