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6th Grade ROAR
Language ArtsWe will be completing our rough draft this week. We will then go over our papers and have
a peer editing session. We will be quizzed on our proofreading marks. Our focus will be
writing this week. We will move into Oral Tradition next week.
September 11- Proofreading Marks Quiz
September 5- Vocabulary Test
Math- Algebra is fully underway as we start solving equations using inverse operations in
the coming week. We will also be touching on The distributive property and combining like
terms. If your student wants to own a kennel by the end of the week, I am not
Social Studies- We are moving into our study of Ancient India and China including
Hinduism and Buddhism. Make certain you are keeping up with your vocabulary. Any
vocabulary word is fair game to show up on an assessment after it is introduced. Many
students have already selected their assignment for the Mythology Wax Museum next
month. If you have, start researching your “person” and gathering items for your
costume. Assignment detail are coming.
All test and quizzes should be signed and returned within 2 days.
Important LinksScience Class- Mrs. Clemmons has created a Donors Choose for a portable sink. This
sink will be utilized in the 7th and 8th grade. Please follow the link to help out our
We are Sinking Without a Sink
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Fun Reading IncentiveWake Co. Library Reading Incentive
Important DatesMythology Wax Museum- September 24th
Space Camp- March 10th-13th