Welcome to the 6th Grade Wax Museum 2015

Welcome to the 6th Grade Wax Museum. As you enter
the museum please remember not to touch the wax
figures. (They are very delicate!!)
As you walk around please place the artifact by each
statue into their hand and watch as they magically
come to life and give you information on their lives and
how they made a difference in history. When they are
finished with their speech they will replace their
artifact and return to their wax like state.
Please continue on your way and visit the next lifelike
wax figure.
Thank you for visiting!!
Brodie Darnell ~ Alexander Graham Bell
Vicki Ference Amelia Earhart
Kayden Good ~ Anna Pavlova
Autumn Foster ~ Annie Oakley
Blessy Fieldgrove ~ Bethany Hamilton
Liana Jablonski ~ Betsy Ross
Breanna Reed ~ Billie Holiday
Emma Cline ~ Clara Barton
Abigail Jacobs ~ Cleopatra
Kaitlynn Abbott ~ Coco Chanel
Delaney Cargill ~ Corrie ten Boom
Alex Flessner ~ Cyrus McCormick
Blake Malcom ~ Davy Crockett
Caiden Hill ~ Elvis Presley
Eidy Cardona ~ Eva Peron
Ivory Cronk ~ Florence Nightingale
Kenna Simpson ~ Gabby Douglas
Jacob Brown ~ Garrett Morgan
Autumn Smith ~ Harriet Tubman
Jessica Bruha ~ Hatshepsut
Jessie Dancer ~ Helen Keller
Bronson Blair ~ Henry Ford
Garret Kluthe ~ Jackie Robinson
Kelen Meyer ~ James Naismith
Zach Smith ~ James Watt
Kendyl Koehlmoos ~ Jane Goodall
Traeven Scheidler ~ Jerome Case
Quinton Ries ~ Jesse Owens
Bentley Reilly ~ Jimmy Doolittle
Tye Bruha ~ John Deere
Christian Rice ~ John F. Kennedy
Ashley Bruha ~ Joy Adamson
Bandy Miller ~ Lane Frost
Jackson Alexander ~ Louis Zamperini
Abby Stethem ~ Malala Yousafzai
Emma Biskeborn ~ Marie Currie
Pedro Negrete ~ Pancho Villa
Hailee Smith ~ Pocahontas
Maggie Underhill ~ Rosa Parks
Ashley Harrison ~ Sacagawea
Braiden Lubbers ~ Thomas Edison
Vito Javarone ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Kevin Vigneur ~ Walt Disney
Quintin Behnk ~ Wilbur Wright