Courses Approved for Multicultural Women's Studies

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Courses Approved for Multicultural Women's Studies
Programs, Majors &
Art/WS 3343 Women in the Visual Arts
Undergraduate Studies
BIOL/NURS/WS 3163 Evolving Woman
Graduate School
BUS/WS 2803 Women in Business Research
DNCE/WS 3383 Dance, Gender, and Culture
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Distance Education
Academic Affairs
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Denton, TX 76204
940.898.3301 (Phone)
940.898.3306 (Fax)
DRAM 3103 Gender, Theater, and Performance
EDUC/WS 3013 Gender and Education
GOV/BUS/WS 3393 Law for Women
HS/WS 3133 Perspectives on Women’s Health
MATH 2053 Women and Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - added Fall 2011
MU/WS 3703 Women in Music
NURS 3143 Multicultural Women’s Health
PHIL/WS 4033 Philosophy of Women & Western Religions
PSY/WS 3733 Psychology of Women
SOCI 1413 Culture, Inequality, and Self
SOCI/WS 3213 Women's Roles
WS 2013 Women: Images and Perspectives
WS 3023 U.S. Women of Color
Other courses are pending approval. To have a course reviewed contact:
Dr. Barbara Lerner, Office of Undergraduate Studies & Academic Partnerships
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