An Invitation to Stewardship

An Invitation to Stewardship
Welcome to the Institute of Health Sciences ~ Houston Center! As co-occupants of this
new facility, we are all being challenged to care for this structural gift that has been
entrusted to us. Some of the ways we can express respect for our TWU home are as
1) We ask that you bring to our attention those physical issues you encounter in the
structure. Help us by being our eyes and ears when things need to be repaired.
2) Please refrain from using any adhesive like tape or attaching anything to the
surfaces of the building. For announcements you would like to post or
information you would like to share with others in the TWU family, please get with
the Student Life Office to brainstorm ways of “getting the word out”.
3) You are encouraged to pick up after yourselves when you utilize areas of the
building. Please do your best to leave the space in better condition than when
you came upon it.
4) We appreciate your cooperation with not bringing food or drink (except water)
into classrooms. The designated areas for food are as follows:
The Legacy Room on the 8th Floor
Rooms 4314, 6310 and 7305
3rd and 6th floor vending areas
Student Lounges on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th floors
Small Student Study Alcoves on the 3rd, 5th and 7th floors
Student Study Rooms in 3110, 3118, 3120, 3128
The 2nd floor bridge area
5) As you plan your group and organization activities, we ask that you be
thoughtful in the type of food and drink to serve. Please steer away from items
such as greasy foods, those with sauces and dressings, sodas, red substances,
and others that would easily attract dirt in the fabric cloth and carpet. (For
example, try sandwiches or wraps instead of pizza or lasagna; offer lemonade
instead of red punch.)
6) When moving articles from floor to floor on carts, we request that you use
the spacious freight elevators. They are located in the near proximity of the
public restrooms on each floor. This frees the space in the six main elevators to
transport comfortably people of the TWU community and visitors to various
locations through the building.
7) Out of courtesy to those who come after you, please use the tables, couches and
chairs wisely. It is appreciated that you do not rest your feet on the surrounding
furniture while in use.
To maintain the beauty and functionality of this facility, we will need the cooperation of
everyone who passes through the doors of this Institute. Numerous gifts within the
utilization of this building still lay in wait ~ yet to be discovered. As those rise to the
surface with the unfolding of daily life here at TWU, we will continue to examine and
refine our community expectations. Collectively, we are all members of the TWU family.
And as such, we are committed to a manner of excellence in the way we treat this
“home” of ours. Please work with us to make it so…