Curriculum Newsletter for Year 6 Leopard and Panther Class

Curriculum Newsletter for
Year 6
Leopard and Panther Class
Dear Parents and Carers,
In order to keep you informed and help you support your children, we thought it would be
useful to share with you some of the arrangements in year 6.
SATs are fast approaching and the children have been working really hard over the last few
weeks in preparations. Thank you again for all of your support.
Class Teacher
Other teachers teaching
the class
Support staff working in
the classroom
Home learning
Reading books
PE kits
Planned trips this year
Topic work this half term
Year 6 – Leopards/ Panthers
Miss Beacham
Mrs King
Mr Dodman (Daily set groups and Leopard class)
Mrs Tomson (Thursday afternoon and all day Friday)
Mrs Petre (Leopards and group work)
Mrs Matthews (Panthers )
Mrs Jackson (Panthers)
All projects and handwriting will be sent home on a Friday.
Our online home learning will be up and running shortly, with
year 6 taking home additional projects.
Children are given the opportunity to change their reading
books every day, as long as they have read the book at home.
Please try and ensure that your child is reading for at least 20
minutes each day. Also, remember to sign the reading record
when you have read with your child, indicating the page
number reached. Again, any brief comments about how your
child read the book or about any questions / conversations
you had about the book are very useful for continual
Our PE days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please ensure
PE kit is in school on these days. Jewellery should be
removed and children with long hair should have it tied back
for health and safety reasons
Residential to PGL Barton Hall 8th June
Bikeability 22nd June and 6th July
Summer Term
Stairway to Devon – A sports science theme looking at
our bodies, healthy lifestyles and exercise. We will be
linking our residential trip experiences with designing our
own adventure sports centres and studying the history
and geography of Devon.
Christian Value
Our Christian value for this half term is Wisdom. We will be exploring ideas around
this during our in class worships, RE and PHSE sessions.
This term’s fiction work will include looking at short stories and genre types.
We will read stories from a range of cultures and study the use of
language used for dramatic effect. We will also look at how to write
extended stories over a longer period of time.
In Maths, we are currently focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages, giving the
children the opportunity to revise key skills and develop their methods to apply to problem
solving. We will be giving children the opportunity to work on real SATs questions from
previous years in order teach them the skills to tackle them methodically. Children take part
in a weekly times tables challenge, and practice key mental maths under timed conditions.
Our next focus in numeracy will be measures and how to convert between these (grams to
kilograms, etc.)
In R.E. we have been looking at Buddhism and places of worship. The children will be
looking at the traditions, morals and rules of the religions, as well as meditation and
reflection. To link in with the work we have already done on Arabian Nights, the children will
be studying the contrast between different places of worship, concentrating on mosques and
the key belief of Islam.
Children have the opportunity to learn a new sport. This term, Year 6 have been developing
their skills in badminton, cricket and rounders. The children will also be working on areas of
fitness work through multi-skill challenges and athletics.
ICT/ Computing
As well as using ICT throughout the curriculum, the children will be introduced to data
handling using computing. We will use computer software to create graphs and charts to
show information in an easy to understand way. The children are currently working on a
unit on programming and coding, creating a basic APP.
Theme Work
This term our theme is a Stairway to Devon, based on our upcoming visit to Torquay during
our residential. We will be improving our map using skills, tracking weather and
temperatures, researching famous landmarks and historical events. The children will be
carrying out cross-curricular lessons and looking at how exercise and a healthy lifestyle is
essential focusing on diet, heart rates, digestive system and the effects of poisons and
This term the children will be continuing to learn a variety of songs during hymns of praise,
along with topics about rhythm and pulse.
The children are continuing with their weekly session of French with Mrs Tomson. They have
been revising key vocabulary from the previous year and developing their conversational
If you have any questions about this, feel free to catch one of the Year 6 team and we will be
happy to help.
Many thanks again for your continued support.
Kind regards,
Mrs King, Miss Beacham and the Year 6 team.
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