Advent begins this weekend and our long

Giving Tree
Advent begins this weekend
and our long-standing custom
of the Advent Tree also
returns. Nativity of the Lord’s
practice of sharing during the
Christmas season has been
symbolized by the Giving Tree
in the front of church. The
“tree” represents the Tree of
Jesse or the family tree of
Jesus. The “bareness” reminds
us that there are many people
who are trying to exist on very
little resources. The
ornaments on the tree provide
each parishioner with the
opportunity to share with
those less fortunate. One side
of the ornament carries a
symbol from the Jesse Tree
and the other side a gift
suggestion. This year our gifts
will benefit Project Concern,
Saint Patrick Parish, The South
Side Meal Site Shower Guests
and the NOTL Conference of
St. Vincent de Paul. Please
watch the upcoming bulletins
for more information on each
of these recipient