Newsletter 04 - 19th December 2014

Number 4 - 19th December 2014
St. John the Baptist Catholic Primary School,
Floral Way, Andover, Hampshire SP10 3PF
Tel: (01264) 361806
Head teacher: Jacqueline M. Davies
Dear Parents,
Thank you all for all your support this term.
The new curriculum
The term has been packed with challenges for all of us and I am pleased to
announce that the challenges associated with the new curriculum are proving to be
exciting and welcomed. Staff have been working creatively and comprehensively to
ensure parents are kept up to date with their child’s learning and developments. We
are particularly challenged, as are staff in all schools, with the introduction of
assessment without levels for some of the year groups; this is in keeping with
directives associated with the new curriculum. There is however, some good news
on the horizon as we are exploring what this will look like at St John’s. There are a
number of options and we want to make sure the one we choose is right for our
pupils and our parents. You can be assured that we will share our proposals in the
new year as more information is released by government and county to support this
change in assessment.
Enterprise group
Well done to the enterprise group who raised over £50 in the Advent sale on Friday.
Christmas celebrations
This week involves the Nativity by the infants, hot on the heels of a very impressive
and reflective advent liturgy by the Junior pupils. Mr Darby, Mrs Fowles and their
choir will be singing carols and songs for Ashbourne Court this coming week.
Mrs Richardson
This week we say farewell to Mrs Richardson and thank her for all the work she has
done at St John’s. It has been a pleasure and privilege working with Joyce and I
know the impact she has made on her pupils is everlasting. We pray for a long,
happy and healthy retirement knowing she will always be in our thoughts and
prayers. Thank you from all at St John’s.
Thank you
I would like to say thank you for all your kindness and generosity to the staff this
yuletide; also the support and respect you show for the work the staff do in
developing each individual personality and learner. I am proud to be associated with
wonderful, talented and hardworking professionals, and it is a privilege to work
alongside each of them. I appreciate and am indebted to what the staff do at St
John’s. I know that parents appreciate the extraordinary work they do every day to
care, nurture and educate individuals at St John’s.
Advent is that wonderful opportunity to prepare again for the coming of the infant
child and give thanks for the gifts and favours God bestows on his people during this
most holy and happy time in the church’s calendar. It just remains for me to say have
a happy, holy and blessed Christmas and let us look forward together to a year of
favour in the year of prayer for 2015.