What is it all about? Content Marketing: Fundamentals and best

What is it all about?
Content Marketing: Fundamentals and Best Practice is a 5-week online course that introduces you to content marketing: the
practice of creating and publishing valuable, interesting and sustainable content that helps you build relationships, tell brand
stories and keep today’s fickle digital customers engaged.
We practice what we teach. Our knowledge officers distil information from digital
experts in real agencies and create awesome, practical courses that are industry relevant.
A “knowledge officer”
is a person who
transforms real-world
expert knowledge
and research into
digestible, practical
and entertaining
learning content.
What are the benefits of thIS COURSE?
Capitalise on the customer retention benefits of creating relevant and targeted content
Create superb, effective content across all your channels based on insights, audience, brand and objectives
Using a series of models, tactics and approaches, distribute your content effectively on the web with your
community’s help
Constantly iterate and optimise your content marketing, using real audience insights and data
Who is it for?
Great if you’re a current or aspiring marketer
Perfect if you’re a business owner, blog custodian, online manager, social media practitioner,
CRM manager, or email marketer
For absolutely anyone who’s interested in an exciting career in online marketing
What CERTIFICATION do you receive?
A certificate from Red & Yellow at the end of the course (if an average of 50% or more is obtained across the
assignments and research project)
A virtual badge to add to your website, blog, email signature or social network
When does the course run? How much does it cost?
21 July to 25 August 2014 – 5 WEEKS
Completed online, so no travel is required
Open to anyone in any country
ZAR: R5 200 (including VAT)
USD: $ 480 (exchange rate fluctuations may occur)
GBP: £ 290 (exchange rate fluctuations may occur)
“I know budgets are tight, but I’ll be learning principles directly from the experts and I’ll be able to practically apply my
knowledge to our agency – that means we’ll be spending less and earning more!”
“I’ll become skilled in content marketing – so we can be sure our competitors don’t leave us in their dust.”
“I can inspire the team with new ideas, tools, channels and more – things that we can implement and act upon.”
“I’ll be able to move into a career path I want to pursue, which will benefit both of us.”
“My course can be added to your list of accomplishments at the end-of-year review.”
WHAT learning tools are included?
Engaging course notes in PDF format
Discussion forums on the learning platform
Live chat sessions
Weekly assignments
Recommended reading materials
Academic coordinators available by email, phone or online forums
What do you explore in each module?
Module One:
Introduction to
content marketing
Module Two:
Creating marketing content
• Conduct a content audit to see where your business and its content stands
• Use audience, brand and market insights to start planning your content marketing strategy
• Understand and implement a variety of content approaches, including stock and flow,
campaign and always-on content, and tactical marketing
• Define your brand’s key content themes and start creating appropriate content
Module Three:
marketing content
• Create an effective content distribution plan and conversation calendar to ensure you are distributing your content in the right places, at the right time
• Capitalise on a series of powerful online channels to spread your content
• Encourage your community to help share your content, and use creative tactics to expand the reach of your content
Module Four:
and reporting
• Determine the objectives and targets that you want your content marketing strategy to achieve
• Use a wide range of powerful analytics tools to gain real insights about your customers and how
they engage with your content
• Report on the successes and returns of your content marketing strategy, in order to win over key
business decision makers
• Test, improve and expand your content marketing strategy to ensure you’re always on the cutting edge
Understand and explain key content marketing concepts
Justify content marketing for your business and customers
Understand how digital user behaviours have changed the way people consume content
Explain the purpose and objectives of content marketing
Start the shift towards content marketing within your business
Completed entirely online on our learning platform
5 modules (1 per week)
4 assignments (1 per week, mix of quizzes and written questions)
1 research project (completed over the duration of the course)
About 5 to 7 hours of study per week (including reading the course notes, further research and completing assignments)
register online
Visit www.redandyellow.co.za/product/content-marketing-course
Click on “Register Now.”
Visit the cart, fill in your checkout details & place your order
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(please arrange beforehand by phone or email)
Past student discount: If you’ve taken any of our other courses or have attended a workshop with us, you get 10% off
Once-off payment: R5 200 by 21 July 2014
Payment plan: R2 600 in two instalments if you register early
First instalment: Two weeks after registration
Second instalment: before the course starts on 21 July 2014
Course Consultants
Melissa & Dominic
To obtain a refund, notify us in writing before the day on which registrations close
Cancellations after this day do not qualify for a refund
Please note: Red & Yellow reserves the right to cancel the entire course if there is insufficient demand. Students will then receive a full refund
Option: You can defer your credit to a later date
Account Name: Bank: Branch Code: Account Number: The Red and Yellow School of Logic and Magic (Pty) Ltd
First National Bank
202509 (Thibault Square)
Academic Coordinators (L-R)
Abby, Claudia & Megan
Knowledge Officers (L-R)
Anna (Team Lead) & Zara
Knowledge Officers (L-R)
Carla & Jonathan
eLearning Founders (L-R)
Lyndi & Katharina