Developing Your Leadership

Are leaders born or
made? Abraham Lincoln
became the President of
USA at the age of 51.
Before that, he worked as
a clerk, failed in his
business, rejected as a
land officer and attempted
to become a politician for
numerous times. What if
he had given up the desire
to lead too early? In this 3 hours program, you will
learn about what makes a leader.
1. How motivated are you to lead?
An Assessment
2. Increae Your Motivation to Lead
De-motivation Demolisher
Conquering De-motivators
Passion Propulsion
3. Inspiration through Information
Background Information
Task-related information
4. Leading from the Front
How to build expert power?
5. Picking the Right Player for the Right Job
Overlaps and Gaps
Briefing each team member
6. Using the Right Style for Your Situation
Leadership styles
Using the right style – Situational Leader
7. Resolving Conflict
Understand the theory
Conflict Resolution Process
8. Unleashing the Power of Purpose
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
9. Delegation: When, How and Why?
To take control of time
To build your people
Prepare to delegate
Effective control
Importance of full acceptance
What You Will Learn
Leadership Motivation Assessment
Leadership Motivation Tools
Information Gathering
Building Expert Power
Task Allocation
Leadership Style
Conflict Resolution
Vision and Mission
Successful Delegation
For Whom
Individuals who want to develop
their leadership
Business Owners
Busy executive
Our Programs
1. Time Management For
Effective People
2. Managing Your Stress
3. Managing Your Information
4. Communicate Effectively
5. Improving Your Memory
6. Developing Your Leadership
7. Problem Solving 1 & 2
8. Making The Best Decision
9. Running Successful Project
10. Becoming More Creative
Your Investment: $50/- per program
Register for 9 programs and attend the
10th program FREE!
Total Investment: $450/-
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