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Utena Dauniškis Gymnasium
COMENIUS Multilateral Partnership
2013 – 2015
Training for LIFE: Leadership Initiatives For Europe
By Anita Clarke
What is delegation?
Delegation (or passing down) is the
partnership of authority and not responsibility
to another person (normally from a manager
to a subordinate) to carry out specific
The opposite of delegation
The opposite of effective delegation is
micromanagement, where a manager
provides too much input, direction, and
review of delegated work.
Proper delegation is good, because
it can...
• Save money and time
• Help in building skills
• Motivate people
Stages of delegation
Delegated tasks
Delegated tasks must be:
• Specific
• Measurable
• Agreed
• Realistic
• Time bound
• Ethical
• Recorded
Interview with Bill Gates
‘Hard work, without a doubt, is more important to my
success. But not just my hard work. What really matters is
the hard work of people who come to work with me.
Over a period of years, when you're in business building
complex projects and working with customers, success
is much more a result of dedication and persistence
than brilliance.
There is no secret to success. But certain attitudes and
approaches contribute to success. For example,
knowing the value of time and such.‘
Utena Dauniškis Gymnasium
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