The Year 1962 Taking You Back In Time

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Courtesy of The People History
Taking You Back In Time
Courtesy of The People History
How Much Things Cost
Average New House: $12,500.00
Average Monthly Rent: $110.00
Average Income Per Year: $5,556.00
Average Cost of New Car: $3,125.00
Cost of a Gallon of Gas: 28 cents
Dozen Eggs: 32 cents
• The first US rocket Ranger IV lands on the moon
on April 26
• Marilyn Monroe is found dead of an overdose on
August 5
• The first Wal-Mart store is opened by Sam Walton
in Bentonville, Arkansas
• US Embargo of all imports from Cuba goes into
effect under President Kennedy
• Telstar relays the first live trans-Atlantic television
• 12 European countries form the European Space
• The Oral Polio Vaccine is developed by Albert
• The Cuban Missile Crisis occurs when the USSR
planned to deploy missiles in Cuba, on the brink of
nuclear war the United States blockaded Cuba and
the USSR agreed to dismantle Soviet missile silos
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The Year 1962
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Born This Year
Joan Cusack - October 11
Evander Holyfield - October 19
Demi Moore - November 11
Jodie Foster - November 19
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