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For Friends of the George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Melvyn and Joan New donate
personal rare book collection
Melvyn and Joan New have donated a portion of their personal collection of books
to the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries’ Department of Special
and Area Studies Collections, 544 individual titles in 944 volumes. The collection
is centered on Professor New’s area of specialization, eighteenth-century English
literature, and most significantly on Laurence Sterne (1713-1768) and his writings,
but there are also titles from the seventeenth century to the present. The collection
was evaluated at close to $200,000. Its most valuable item, perhaps, is the 9-volume
set of Sterne’s most famous work, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy (17601767), with the rare concealed second editions of volumes 7-8; and another
9-volume set, with a concealed second edition of volume 4.
There are also two first editions of Sterne’s second great fiction, A Sentimental
Journey (1768), including a copy of the rare large-paper edition designed for
subscribers, and first editions of all seven volumes of his Sermons (1760-1769). The
real strength of the collection, however, is in its multiple editions of these works,
providing an important bibliographical history from the eighteenth century through
numerous reprintings into the modern era. Hence there are more than 50 different
editions of Sentimental Journey, alone, many finely illustrated. There are also
translations of Sterne’s works into French, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish
and Japanese. When the scholarly journal, Eighteenth-Century Intelligencer, reported
this donation to the profession, it remarked that it “constitutes the most valuable
holdings for the study of Sterne west of Shandy Hall in Coxwold, Yorkshire (Sterne’s
(Continued on page 2)
The rare 1760-1767
edition of The Life and
Opinions of Tristram
Shandy, Gentleman,
(London). Nine
volumes bound into
four in original full
leather bindings with
the spines rebacked in
modern calf leather.
As noted by Professor
New, they are an
unusual combination
of signed (and
unsigned) first and
second editions.
Fall 2012
Mobile Applications
The Libraries website displays in a
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phone browsers. The library mobile
applications may be useful for quick,
specific access to Smathers Libraries
services. See
mobile for a listing of available apps.
In addition, two interactive apps
have been created by former curator
of the Baldwin Library of Historical
Children’s Literature Rita Smith and
her daughter for books from the
collection. See
What’s Inside
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Libraries collections
open house
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Grant award for librarymuseum collaboration
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Honor Roll of donors
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Parents Library
Endowment; student
assistant scholarship
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Grant awards received
for Archive of Haitian
Religion and Culture;
Digitization of Florida
Jewish newspapers
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Because of You; Exhibits
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Dean’s Message
New (Continued from page 1)
last home, now a National Trust site)
and east of the ECCO (EighteenthCentury Collections Online).”
Italo Calvino has referred to Tristram
Shandy as the “undoubted progenitor
of all avant-garde novels of our
century.” Thomas Mann has suggested
the influence of the work on his great
Joseph saga, and James Joyce has paid
tribute to Sterne in explaining the
origins of his inexplicable Finnegans
Wake. Goethe and Nietzsche both
thought of him as the primary
genius of English fiction, and more
recently Salman Rushdie in Midnight’s
Children, Juan Goytisolo in Juan
the Landless, and Carlos Fuentes in
Christopher Unborn have all written
major fictions of national identity
with acknowledgements to Sterne’s
influence. It is no accident that Virginia
Woolf herself edited A Sentimental
Journey, and was one of the first to
recognize in Sterne’s writing what she
wanted to achieve in her own highly
stylized prose. Perhaps no other writer
of eighteenth-century fiction has
produced so stellar a progeny.
The University Presses of Florida has
published eight volumes of Professor
New’s Works of Laurence Sterne,
edited by himself and colleagues from
England, Canada, and the Netherlands;
a ninth and final volume, The
Miscellanies, is in progress. The work of
more than thirty-five years, the Sterne
edition lies behind the collection now
given to the Libraries, in that the books
were gathered with an eye toward
duplicating the books in Sterne’s own
library, not only classics like Rabelais
and Cervantes, Burton and Montaigne,
but a good many esoteric titles of
works that he wove into his own
writings. In addition, in support of
the edition of his forty-five surviving
sermons, there are many theological
works, adding to the fine collection
already in the Harold and Mary Jean
Hanson Rare Book Collection, thanks
to the efforts of Professor Aubrey
Williams and Professor New, who
spent many hours of their careers at UF
combing through rare book catalogues
and ordering books for the Libraries.
In those years, professors indeed
ordered books; English literature
of the Renaissance and eighteenth
century was taught by the English
department; and the idea of preserving
and passing on the great works of our
literary heritage was believed to be
our primary mission in the University.
By housing their collection with the
University of Florida’s Department of
Special and Area Studies Collections,
the New family hopes it will be there
when students once again discover
that Shakespeare and Sterne are more
valuable to their lives and educations
than Spiderman.
Libraries hold open house
An open house was held on Friday, October 5 in the Smathers
Library Grand Reading Room to showcase rare and unique
items from the Department of Special and Area Studies
Collections as well from other select collections in the
Libraries. Department curators from the Harold and Mary
Jean Hanson Rare Book Collection, P.K. Yonge Library of
Florida History, Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s
Literature, Popular Culture, Archives & Manuscripts
(University Archives, Architecture Archives, political
papers, etc.), Latin American, Asian, African and Judaica
collections were on hand to show and discuss the materials
with attendees. Also present were representatives of the Map
& Imagery Library, Government Documents collection,
the Health Science Center Library and the Panama Canal
Museum Collection. Attendees included friends of the
libraries and the general public.
The Grand Reading Room recently
underwent a renovation with the
removal of a temporary wall that
had blocked off the processing area,
the installation of display cabinetry
and the refinishing of the long tables
previously used for processing
materials, thus increasing the
available space for researchers.
2 r Chapter One
Libraries receive National Leadership Award
for library and museum collaboration
The George A. Smathers Libraries have
been awarded $477,312 in National
Leadership grant funding from the
U.S. Institute of Museum and Library
Services (IMLS) with a matching
amount of $541,976 provided jointly
by the University of Florida and
the Libraries. The award was one
of three in Florida and the fourth
largest nationally out of 52 awards
granted from 211 applications. Dean
of University Libraries and principal
investigator (PI) Judith C. Russell
along with co-PI, Associate Dean for
Technology and Support Services
Rachel Schipper, will lead the project
The project was conceived as the
result of the transfer of materials from
the Panama Canal Museum to the
Libraries when the museum closed
in March 2012. The grant award
will enable the Libraries to evaluate,
preserve and integrate items from the
former Panama Canal Museum. The
transfer of over 20,000 objects, photos,
books and maps was completed
in July and the items will undergo
conservation and select digitization.
They will be accessible to scholars
and other visitors to the Libraries and
have the opportunity to be viewed in
national/international exhibitions. The
Libraries, along
with collaborative
partners, will
lead a multi-
institutional centennial celebration
of the opening of the Panama Canal
in 2014-2015 to promote public
understanding of the achievement
and the heritage resources available
for scholarly, educational and civic
“We are so grateful to the founders
and patrons of the Panama Canal
Museum for entrusting us with this
collection and partnering with us to
preserve it and make it accessible,”
said Judith Russell. “There is a lot of
work to do, and the grant provides
additional resources to help us make
the integration successful and the
centennial celebration outstanding.
Congratulations to everyone who has
worked so hard and so well to make
this award possible,” she added.
Formal partners include the U.S.
National Archives and Records
Administration and UF partners, the
Florida Museum of Natural History
and the Samuel P. Harn Museum of
Art. Other UF partners include the
Samuel Proctor Oral History Program,
Center for Latin American Studies,
Center for the Humanities and the
Public Sphere, College of Business,
College of Fine Arts, College of
Engineering, Health Science Center
and Legal Information Center, as
well as venue support for cultural
events from the Phillips Performing
Arts Center. Additional non‐UF
collaborating institutions are the
Museum of Science and Industry
(Tampa), Nationaal Baggermuseum
in Sliedrecht (the Netherlands), the
Natural History Museum of San Diego,
Museo del Canal Interoceánico de
Panamá, the Panama Canal Society
and the Association of Southeast
Research Libraries.
“The IMLS grant is significant not
only for its high monetary value, but
also because it validates the prolonged
efforts of the Panama Canal Museum
and the University of Florida to
preserve an important piece of United
States and Panamian history and
provides a model for the nation on
how small museums and libraries can
be integrated into larger institutions,”
said Joseph J. Wood, former president
of the Panama Canal Museum.
“Everyone who has participated in
the establishment and growth of the
Museum since 1998 is extremely
gratified that our mutual efforts with
the University of Florida will allow for
the continued growth and preservation
of the Museum’s collection, one that
will remain as a long-lasting tribute
to all the men and women of all
nationalities who participated in the
construction, operation, defense and
expansion of the Panama Canal,”
added Wood.
The Smathers Libraries were also
acknowledged for this unique
library-museum collaboration
on September 14 with the 2012
Innovation Award from the Northeast
Florida Library Information Network
(NEFLIN). The award recognizes an
innovative program or service that
has demonstrated impact on the
community a NEFLIN library serves.
Materials from the Panama Canal
Museum Collection currently digitized
can be viewed at
pcm. Read more about the Panama
Canal Centennial celebration weekend
kickoff brochure here: www.uflib.ufl.
The Institute of Museum and Library Services
is the primary source of federal support for
the nation’s 123,000 libraries and 17,500
museums. Through grant making, policy
development, and research, IMLS helps
communities and individuals thrive through
broad public access to knowledge, cultural
heritage and lifelong learning.
Chapter One r 3
Friends of the George A. Smathers Libraries
The libraries of the University
of Florida form the largest
information resource system in
the state of Florida and include
eight libraries. Seven are in the
system known as the George A.
Smathers Libraries, and one (Legal
Information Center) is attached to
the law school’s administrative unit.
Over the past 100 years, faculty
and librarians have built hundreds
of specialized collections, now
totaling more than five million
volumes, printed in practically
every written language by
publishers throughout the world.
The George A. Smathers Libraries
at the University of Florida include
specialized collections in science,
architecture, art, history, languages,
music and health sciences. The
collections cover all areas of
contemporary knowledge, from
agriculture to zoology and from
philosophy to history. The libraries
serve all of the university’s faculty
and students, but each has a special
mission to be the primary support
of specific colleges and degree
programs. The libraries support the
very best educational, research and
service performance by university
faculty and students, using the
latest online technology and timehonored methods of collection and
For more information on giving
to the George A. Smathers Libraries
at the University of Florida contact
Samuel Huang, associate dean for
advancement and development, at
(352) 273-2505.
Every effort has been made to
ensure the accuracy of this report.
Please accept our apologies if we are
in error. Contact the development
office at (352) 273-2505 so that we
may adjust our records.
(d) = deceased
4 r Chapter One
Includes gifts received by the George A. Smathers Libraries from
October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012
Donors of $100,000 or More
Panama Canal Museum
Sam & Charles LLC
Donors of $10,000 to $49,999
A. H. Burnett Foundation
Rush & Glassman
Donors of $1,000 to $9,999
Bates Family Foundation
Coca-Cola Refreshments
Meredyth Anne Dasburg Foundation
Mactus Group LLC
SP Medical-Legal Consultants, Inc.
Wells Fargo Foundation
The Woodell Family Foundation, Inc.
Donors of $500 to $999
CSX Corporate Citizenship
NextEra Energy Foundation, Inc.
Donors of $250 to $499
Constellation Energy Group
Eaton Corp.
Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
Historic American Engineering Record
Jewish Community Endowment Fund
Procter & Gamble Co.
Donors of Less than $249
Deloitte Foundation
EBSCO Industries, Inc.
Intel Foundation
Johnson & Johnson
Jordan Wells Associates
New York Life Foundation
Paramount Grill
The Quaker Chemical Foundation
Siemens Corp.
State Farm Cos. Foundation
United Technologies Corp.
Verizon Foundation
Donors of $1,000,000 or more
Drs. Martin and Sandra Fackler
Donors of $100,000 or More
Dr. Melvyn & Mrs. Joan New
Mr. Charles B. & Mrs. Lauren Price
Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Faye B. Price
Donors of $50,000 to $99,999
Dr. David & Mrs. Enid D. Owens
Mr. Alan & Mrs. Ann Rothschild
Mr. Frederic E. Stresau
Donors of $10,000 to $49,999
Mr. Gregory R. Allen
Ms. Katherine E. Egolf
Ms. Marilyn J. Hapsis-Hugo
Dr. Barbara D. Herbstman
Mr. Bernard Parker
Mr. Donald Williams
Mr. Warren B. & Mrs. Ruby Jean W. Wiltshire
Donors of $1,000 to $9,999
Mr. Julio O. & Mrs. Maria R. de Armas Aenlle
Mr. William P. Angrick II
Ms. Cecilia Botero
Cecilia A. Bryant, Esq. & Dr. Richard L. Lipsey
Mrs. Cathy T. & Mr. Melvin Burres
Ms. Jane Anne S. Carey
Mr. Richard M. Carris & Ms. Lana M. Glass
Dr. Chauncey C. & Mrs. Cheng-Yung Y. Chu
Dr. A. David Crown & Ms. Deborah R. Cohen
Mr. Dorr R. & Mrs. Caroline M. Dennis
Dr. Frank Di Trolio
Mrs. Beverly Ann & Mr. Hugh M. English
Ms. Dyan Gershman
Dr. Alex E. S. & Mrs. Freda K. Green
Dr. Lillian Guerra
Mrs. Barbara M. & Mr. Martin G. Gundersen, Jr.
Dr. Maurice Gyer
Mrs. Anne M. & Mr. Phillip S. Haisley
Mr. Ben Hansen
Dr. M. J. Hardman-De-Bautista
Mr. Samuel T. & Mrs. Corinna K. Huang
Mr. Alain J. & Mrs. Louise A. Huin
Dr. John E. Ingram
Prof. Ernest H. & Ms. Carol Ann Boyles-Jernigan
Mr. Brian W. & Mrs. Elizabeth A. Keith
Dr. Vernon N. Kisling, Jr.
Dr. Robert M. Kreamer (d)
Mr. Craig Kunaschk
Mrs. Mary L. & Mr. Todd J. Logan
Dr. Elizabeth B. Mann
Ms. Emily Mitchell
Dr. Geraldine C. Nichols
Ms. Elisabeth C. Odum
Mr. Stephen D. Ossmer
Dr. Steven Pliskow & Mrs. Blanca A. Luaces
Dr. Miriam & Mr. Jack Price
Mr. Ted C. & Mrs. Ellen B. Prosser
Mr. John D. Ridge
Mrs. Jeanne M. Rochford
Mr. Arthur & Mrs. Lauren S. Rudick
Mr. James E. & Mrs. Leslie Rutherford
Dr. Edward E. & Mrs. Karen C. Schaefer
Dr. Rachel A. & Mr. Jan K. Schipper
Dr. Ofelia M. Schutte
Mr. Edward W. Scott, Jr.
Mr. Ernest A. & Mrs. Norma M. Sellers
Dr. Ruth S. & Dr. Yeayi P. Sheng
Mrs. Eileen E. Stephens
Dr. Nan-Yao & Mrs. Jill H. Su
Dr. Robert L. & Mrs. Christine B. Suber
Dr. Laurie N. & Mr. James C. Taylor
Dr. Michele R. Tennant & Dr. Michael M.
Ms. Susan Victoria
Mr. Alfred C. & Mrs. Judy A. Warrington
Mr. Joseph J. & Mrs. Beverly B. Wood
Janet K. Yamamoto, Ph.D.
Mrs. Eunice & Mr. Barry L. Zisser
Includes gifts received by the George A. Smathers Libraries from October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012
Donors of $500 to $999
Mr. Ignacio J. & Mrs. Lourdes I. Abella
Ms. Diane L. Bruxvoort
Dr. Robert A. Bryan
Dr. Avecita D. Chicchon & Mr. Ashburn R. Piland III
Mr. Steven G. & Mrs. Susan D. Christovich
Mr. Florin & Mrs. Lucia Curta
Mr. Manny & Mrs. Joanne M. Fernandez
Mr. Robert J. & Mrs. Lili Girardot
Mr. Harvey L. Goldstein
Dr. Harold P. & Mrs. Mary J. Hanson (d)
Dr. Robert D. & Mrs. Lynne W. Holt
Mrs. Shu-Min L. & Dr. Chung K. Hsieh
Prof. Roy Hunt
Mrs. Barbara F. & Dr. Jonathan S. Jones
Mrs. Diane Linfors
Mrs. Iona R. & Mr. Peter P. Malanchuk
Dr. Fiona McLaughlin & Dr. Leonardo A. Villalon
Dr. Charles R. & Mrs. Deborah C. Merritt
Mr. Michael S. Price
Mrs. Joan G. & Dr. Richard E. Promin
Ms. Judith C. Russell
Mr. Brian D. Webb
Donors of $250 to $499
Mrs. Mary Jane Ballou
Mr. Wes & Mrs. Kim Battiste
Ms. Michele J. Crump
Mrs. Melanie N. & Mr. Steven Forbrick
Dr. C. Herbert & Mrs. C. Herbert Gilliland
Mr. Frank S. & Mrs. Rebecca C. Hawks
Mr. Stanley R. & Mrs. Patricia M. Heath
Dr. Rebecca J. & Mr. Robert C. Jefferson
Ms. Nancy A. Johansen
Ms. Martha E. Kohen & Dr. Ignacio Porzecanski
Ms. Maribeth Krupczak & Mr. Robert C. Dowd
Dr. Robert F. & Mrs. Patricia J. Lanzillotti
Ms. Sue Mauk & Mr. Douglas A. Hornbeck
Dr. N. Lindsay & Mrs. Linda P. McFadyen
Mr. Shaik M. & Mrs. Rabiya B. Mohseen
Dr. Norton T. & Mrs. Cynthia G. Montague
Ms. Hannah F. Norton
Dr. Sui-Kwong P. & Mrs. Juliet Z. Pao
Mrs. Brigitte & Mr. Angelo S. Paola
Mrs. Elizabeth B. & Mr. Robert C. Sanchez
Dr. Nancy J. Szabo & Mr. Kane Wei
Mrs. Florida Belle Tarapani
Ms. Antoinette T. Tidjani Alou
Ms. Nancy L. Williams
Dr. Chung L. & Mrs. Liu P. Wu
Dr. Robert H. & Mrs. Gay A. Zieger
Donors of Less than $249
Mr. Geoffrey S. Aaronson
Ms. Jackie Abril
Ms. Andrea M. Adams
Ms. Erika M. Aenlle
Mrs. Adeline D. & Mr. Al Anthony O. Alabata
Mr. James R. & Mrs. Karen A. Albright
Mr. Thomas J. & Mrs. Mary B. Ali
Mrs. Kathleen L. Alison
Mr. H. Dewayne Allen
Ms. Helen L. Altieri
Mrs. Marina & Mr. Lev Altman
Mr. Cromwell A. & Mrs. Shirley N. Anderson
Ms. Tanya Anderson
Dr. Bismarck A. & Mrs. Margaret Apraku
Ms. Sharon R. Argov
Ms. Shelley A. Arlen & Dr. John H. Moore
Mr. E. Richard & Mrs. Carolyn F. Atkinson
Richard A. Wainio, former CEO/Port Director of Florida’s largest seaport, the Port of
Tampa and Panama Canal senior economist and director of Economic Research and
Market Development, spoke in Smathers Library on September 27 on the topic of the
“Global Impact of the Panama Canal Expansion.”
Mr. Joseph L. & Dr. Marcia E. Aufmuth
Mr. C. Elwood & Mrs. Trudy L. Aust
Dr. Florence A. Babcock & Mr. Douglas A. Latta
Mr. Guillermo Baistrocchi
Mr. Greggory L. Baker
Dr. Tye E. Barber & Dr. Norma L. Ayala
Dr. Efrain Barradas
Mr. Christopher J. & Mrs. Catherine Barras
Mrs. Aimee L. & Mr. John J. Barrett
Ms. Sally G. Barrett & Mr. Nicolas P. Cuenca
Mrs. Virginia W. & Mr. Kenneth E. Baum
Dr. Christopher A. & Mrs. Lisa A. Baumann
Mr. Harvey E. & Mrs. Terry B. Baxter
Mr. Yaron & Mrs. Sheryl M. Bechor
Dr. Michael S. Becker (d)
Ms. Lourdes Beneria
Mr. Richard F. & Mrs. Denise B. Bennett
Dr. David W. & Mrs. Kathleen K. Berberich
Mr. Carl N. Berg
Mr. Reggie & Mrs. Melissa Bergeron
Mr. Robert M. & Mrs. Margaret J. Berntsen
Mrs. Teresa M. & Mr. Julio C. Berrios
Mr. Boyd M. & Mrs. Lucille Bevington
Dr. Mary A. Bishop
Mr. Kent M. & Mrs. Jane Blocher
Ms. Debora S. Bloom
Dr. Sylvie E. Blum-Reid & Dr. Mark Allen Reid
Mr. Jerry B. & Mrs. Gloria K. Bock
Mrs. Carol B. Boehler
Mr. Ronald E. & Mrs. Barbara V. Boenau
Ms. Teresita E. Bond
Ms. Marta R. Bowen
Ms. Karen Boyd
Dr. Stacey E. Boyette
Mrs. Patricia M. & Mr. H. Alex Bradford
Ms. Stephanie K. Brenner
Mrs. Sharon B. & Mr. Gregory A. Brown
Mr. Greg & Mrs. Leanne G. Buchanan
Mrs. Jennifer C. & Mr., Dennis Budd
Mr. Bruce S. Bullock
Mr. Daniel A. & Mrs. Sheree Bunye
Mr. Stephen R. Burant & Ms. Roxane D. V.
Mrs. June S. (d) & Mr. James C. Butler (d)
Mr. Steven B. Carrico
Mrs. Sandra A. Carrion
Mr. Tim J. & Mrs. Larissa Casey
Mr. Richard L. & Mrs. Carmen C. Cashman
Dr. Maria C. & Dr. Diego J. Castano
Dr. Alfred A. Cave
Dr. John O. & Mrs. Eve B. Cech
Dr. D. M. & Mrs. Jean Chalmers
Mr. Kam Wai F. Chan
Ms. Coral L. Chang
Mrs. Cecilia & Dr. Raymond Chen
Mrs. Dorothy H. Chen
Dr. John R. & Mrs. Barbara A. Chenault
Dr. Sarah E. Chesrown
Mrs. Taiying & Dr. Yuan-Chieh R. Chow
Dr. Russell F. Christman & Ms. Barbara T. Walton
Mrs. Shu Ching & Dr. Jacob N. Chung
Mr. Fred R. Churchill
Mr. Craig A. Cieslikowski
Ms. Louise S. Clay
Mr. Wilbur R. & Mrs. Alice A. Clopton
Ms. Linda Hilsee Coady
Mr. Daniel S. Coleman
Mr. Ralph L. & Mrs. Leona S. Coleman
Mrs. Martha L. & Mr. Warren C. Comiskey
Chapter One r 5
Includes gifts received by the George A. Smathers Libraries from October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012
Mr. Frank T. & Mrs. Marguerite R. Compiani
Mrs. Eleanor A. & Mr. Christopher J. Conner
Mrs. Sachiko Cook
Mrs. Michelle W. & Mr. Mark A. Copenhaver
Mrs. Dorothy D. & Dr. Lionel L. Cornell
Ms. Yamila Cortes
Mr. Karim J. & Mrs. Daphne C. Courey
Mr. Thomas T. & Mrs. Kathleen D. Cox
Mrs. Betty J. & Dr. John M. Craig
Ms. Cynthia L. Craig
Ms. Sally A. Cravens
Dr. Peter A. & Mrs. Virginia P. Crowley
Mr. Troy D. Crumbaugh
Mr. Jia Cui
Mr. Timothy M. & Mrs. Linda R. Davidson
Ms. Bess G. de Farber
Mr. Alejandro de la Cruz
Mrs. Lenice A. & Mr. Samuel C. Dearing
Mr. Leon T. & Mrs. Iris S. Decker
Dr. Susan D. deFrance & Dr. Michael E. Moseley
Mr. James Delattre
Mrs. Nora & Mr. Julio E. Delgado
Dr. William Randolph & Mrs. Mary E. Derr
Mr. Donald A. & Mrs. Patricia F. Dertien
Mr. Gerarde C. & Mrs. Ingeborg E. DeTore
Dr. Charles W. Dimmick
Mrs. Chelsea S. & Mr. Mark L. Dinsmore
Mr. Chuck & Mrs. Cindy Dioguardi
Dr. John S. & Mrs. Stephanie P. Dluzneski
Mr. Ed Dolan
Mr. Robert J. & Mrs. Meredith K. Donly
Mrs. Teresa H. & Mr. Robert A. Doolittle
Mr. George R. & Mrs. Ann B. Downing
Mrs. Suzanne J. & Mr. Raymond J. Droll
Mr. Raymond J. & Mrs. Susan H. Duncan
Mr. Robert J. & Mrs. Catherine M. Duncan
Ms. Clare L. Dyer
Dr. Steven N. Ebert & Ms. Svetlana Shtrom
Mrs. Sandra S. & Mr. Joseph A. Erler
Mr. Gregory E. Euston
Mr. Richard Falck & Ms. Jane C. Pen
Mrs. Eugenia F. & Mr. Hossein Faraji
Ms. Michele Fernandez
Mr. Floyd & Mrs. Patricia Finley
Mr. Carl M. & Mrs. Marci J. Finney
Mrs. Faith M. & Mr. G. W. Fitch II
Dr. Robert G. & Mrs. Ann K. Flick
Mr. Ed Flud
Mrs. Laura E. & Mr. Robert G. Flynn
Dr. James N. Forbes
Ms. Jacquelyn R. Forrest
Mrs. Leilani S. & Mr. John W. Freund
Mr. John K. & Mrs. Susan L. Fridley
Mr. Michael E. & Mrs. Judith L. Frye
Ms. Alexandra N. Gaffey
Ms. Elizabeth Galarza
Dr. Mary L. Ganikos
Mr. Joe Garcia
Ms. Clara Gargano
Dr. Robert H. & Dr. Gail West-Garin
Ms. Sarah A. Gates
Dr. Raymond & Mrs. Ruth Gay-Crosier
Mr. Richard J. & Mrs. Marilyn B. Gayer
Mr. Robert B. Gentry & Ms. Mary Sue Koeppel
Mr. Duane D. & Mrs. Christina F. Gerlach
Mrs. Alice D. & Mr. Stephen F. Gertzman
Mrs. Teresa F. & Mr. John C. Gilmour, Jr.
Ms. Valerie J. Ginn
Mr. Paul D. Glassburn
6 r Chapter One
Mr. Michal J. & Mrs. Patricia P. Glenn
Ms. Ana M. Gonzalez
Ms. Sharon DeVore Gonzalez
Ms. Joy K. Goodall
Ms. Catherine W. Goodrich
Mrs. Nancy L. & Mr. William R. Gordon
Mrs. Tina A. & Mr. James A. Gorske
Mr. Jeffrey J. & Mrs. Evelyn Y. Gough
Mrs. Martha S. & Mr. Dale T. Gray
Dr. Constance R. Green
Mrs. Barbara D. & Dr. Paul J. Greenstone
Dr. Michele A. Gregoire
Dr. David R. Griggs
Mrs. Laura B. & Mr. Mark A. Griglock
Mark D. Grover, Ph.D.
Mr. Mark A. & Mrs. Sharon A. Guida
Ms. Phyllis Guilliams
Mr. Stevan N. & Mrs. Joy W. Gutos
Ms. Mary L. Hall
Mr. William H. & Mrs. Barbara A. Hall
Mr. Michael L. Hamilton
Mrs. Debora S. & Mr. Neil J. Hampton
Ms. Christine Hand
Mr. William R. Hardin
Dr. James J. & Mrs. Marilyn C. Harris
Ms. Janice Harris
Mr. Stumpy & Mrs. Ruthie L. Harris
Mr. Barry Hartigan
Mr. E. Dale & Mrs. Lucy E. Harward
Mrs. Jeanne G. Hatcher
Dr. Daniel I. Haulman
Ms. Jamie Lou P. Hawthorne
Ms. Sandra Hayden
Dr. Joyce L. Hayman
Mr. R. Allen & Mrs. Susan H. Haywood
Robert A. & Mrs. Mary L. Heekin
Ms. Beth E. Heilman
Dr. Raymond H. & Mrs. Susan J. Helfand
Ms. Carol A. Hellums
Mr. Robert J. & Mrs. Grace V. Canan-Hemmes
Dr. Gene W. & Mrs. Evelyn H. Hemp
Dr. John W. & Dr. Lynn S. Hermanson
Dr. Emil E. & Mrs. Teresa R. Herrero
Mr. David E. & Mrs. Leslie J. Heumann
Dr. Clay A. Hipke
Mr. Sol M. & Mrs. Beverly J. Hirsch
Ms. Anne-Marie Hollingshead
Mrs. Amy D. Holloway
Mrs. Barbara J. & Mr. Leo F. Hood
Dr. George M. & Mrs. Dorothy H. Hope
Mr. Michael J. Horan
Dr. Ronald C. & Mrs. Marilyn L. Houts
Mr. John & Mrs. Maria Howey
Dr. Eileen S. Huang & Dr. Kuo-Jang Kao
Mr. Patrick E. Hughes
Dr. Robert Hughes
Mr. Robert C. & Mrs. Lela R. Hulsebus
Mr. Michael C. & Mrs. Dawn M. Huskey
Mrs. Carolyn & Mr. Carmine Iadovito
Dr. Charles H. Jackman
Mr. Harry F. & Mrs. Geraldine B. Jackson
Ina Claire & Dr. Marc J. Jaeger
Mrs. Michele M. & Mr. James I. Jaffee
Mr. Robert B. Jenkins & Ms. Lydia Rampel
Mr. Martin J. & Mrs. Janet A. Jenns
Ms. Rae Jesano
Mrs. Jeannie M. & Mr. Alex Job
Mrs. Diana C. & Mr. Brigham N. Johnson
Mr. Ernest C. & Mrs. Lisa A. Johnson
Mrs. Lela A. & Mr. Billy W. Johnson
Dr. Melvin J. & Mrs. Marsha J. Johnson
Mr. Robert L. Johnson
Dr. Carol J. & Mr. William Jones
Ms. Cathy Jones
Mr. Douglas T. & Dr. Sharon F. Jones
Dr. Pierce H. & Mrs. Laura Jones
Dr. Bernard E. & Mrs. Emilie S. Kane
Mrs. Marcia B. & Mr. Alan J. Karp
LTC (Ret.) Robert J. & Mrs. Sara M. Karrer
Mr. David A. & Mrs. Catherine R. Kasriel
Dr. Alan R. & Dr. Linde Katritzky
Mrs. Terrie Sue & Mr. Bryan S. Katz
Mr. Michael J. Kearney
Mr. Brian M. & Mrs. Christine A. Kearns
Mrs. Patricia Steiner & LTC James R. Kearns,
USA (Ret.)
Mr. Chris & Mrs. Michelle D. Kechriotis
Mr. David G. & Mrs. Estella L. Keefer
Dr. Marcia A. Keener
Mrs. Kimberly B. & Mr. Anthony J. Kehres
Mrs. Christine H. & Dr. John M. Kellett
Mrs. Marta C. & Mr. Michael W. Kendrick
Ms. Yvette H. Key
Mr. Paul J. & Mrs. Beverly J. Keyser
Mr. Gary A. & Ms. Rose O. King
Mr. Steven P. & Dr. Katrine G. Kirn
Ms. Kinnan L. Kline
Mr. Donald E. Knerr
Captain Bernard D. Knox
Mrs. Omaira & Mr. Nicholas L. Kontax
Dr. Leo A. & Mrs. Barbara G. Kormann
Dr. Sherry E. Kragler
Mr. Eric W. Kramer
Mrs. Colleen M. & Mr. Lawrence J. Kremer
Dr. Jerome T. Kresse
Mrs. Barbara A. & Mr. Ernest M. Krueger
Dr. G. Surya Kumar & Ms. Gollakota S. Rekha
Mrs. Kimberly A. & Mr. Curtis I. Kunihiro
Mrs. Debra B. & Mr. John K. LaCoste
Mrs. Cheryl W. & Mr. David N. Laffey
Mrs. Shameena & Mr. Ramesh Lall
Mrs. Mary Lou & Mr. Peter S. Lang
Mrs. Alyce H. Lanier
Mr. Jeffrey Larson
Mrs. Pui Y. & Mr. Philip C. Law
Ms. Deborah J. Lawless
Dr. Philip J. Lazarus
Dr. Jeannie L. Laz-Hall & Mr. Christoper J. Hall
Mr. Robert R. Leisy
Mr. Mark & Mrs. Debra Levy
Dr. Pei-Te Lien
Ms. Deborah A. Light
Mr. Winfield M. & Mrs. Janet A. Lindeman
Dr. William R. & Mrs. Lucille N. Lindsay
Mr. William A. & Mrs. Susannah J. Link
Mr. Wallace S. & Mrs. Priscilla D. Lippincott
Dr. David & Mrs. Lucy D. Loehle
Mr. Paul S. & Mrs. Joelma R. Losch
Mr. Michael S. Louramore
Ms. Mary Lozano
Dr. Wayne W. Maass
Dr. Murdo J. & Mrs. Shena M. MacLeod
Mrs. Cynthia B. & Dr. Richard T. Magrini
Mr. Victor Malta
Mrs. Deena S. & Mr. Michael Manko
Ms. Laydene Manning
Dr. Richard M. Manshardt & Ms. Elizabeth A.
Includes gifts received by the George A. Smathers Libraries from October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012
Mrs. Raimonda & Mr. Genc Margjoni
Dr. James J. & Mrs. Katherine L. Marois
Mr. W. Wesley Marston
Mr. John D. & Mrs. Carolyn M. Marty
Mrs. Cathy L. & Mr. Richard M. Martyniak
Mrs. Debra A. & Mr. Paul A. Marz
Mr. Charles & Mrs. Ellen Mast
Mr. Michael J. Matthews
Ms. Valerie S. McAlister
Ms. Brenda S. McArthur
Mr. James H. McClelland
Dr. Elzie & Mrs. Pinkie W. McCord
Dr. Jessica McCoy
Dr. Brian R. McCrea
Ms. Judith A. McCullough
Mrs. Laura G. & Dr. John M. McDermott
Mr. Paul J. McDonough
Dr. James R. & Mrs. Janet R. McGraw
Dr. Mary L. McGuigan
Dr. Nelya J. McKenzie
Ms. Harriet McQuay
Dr. Gail G. & Mr. David S. McRae
Mr. Gustavo A. & Mrs. Nelly Mellander
Mrs. Anne D. & Dr. Albert R. Menard III
Mrs. Debbie S. & Mr. John G. Menoher
Mrs. Joelen K. & Mr. Robert G. Merkel
Mrs. Deborah L. & Dr. Lewis D. Miller
Mrs. Lora E. & Mr. Jonathan S. Miller
Mr. Mark W. & Mrs. Kimberly Q. Milner
Mr. Carl W. & Mrs. Brenda J. Mitchell
Dr. Hendrik J. Monkhorst & Dr. Alka Velenik
Mrs. Dian R. Moorhouse
Mr. Ralph A. Morales, Jr.
Mrs. Catherine L. & Mr. Johnny D. Morgan
Mr. David L. & Mrs. Susan M. Morgan
Mr. Paul W. & Mrs. Stacia A. Morgan
Mr. Jason S. & Mrs. Monica J. Morris
Mr. Richard H. & Mrs. Donna V. Morris
Mrs. Susan W. & Mr. Anthony P. Morris
Mrs. Lisa J. & Mr. Mark B. Morton
Ms. E. Lynn Mosura-Bliss & Dr. Alan J. Bliss
Mr. Fred L. & Mrs. Elizabeth F. Addison
Mrs. Kathleen C. & Mr. James J. Murphy
Mrs. Susan I. & Mr. Darryl B. Murray
Mrs. Dawn C. & Mr. Christopher A. Myers
Mr. M. Frank & Mrs. Sandra A. Norman
Ms. Kalika Novoa
Ms. Linda A. Nugent
Mr. David R. & Mrs. Jessica O. Nute
Mrs. Renee & Mr. John Nys
Mrs. Laura B. & Mr. Arne E. Oak
Ms. Marilyn N. Ochoa
Ms. Charlotte C. Olson & Mr. Timothy P. Tolar
Mr. James A. & Mrs. Suzanne L. Orr
Mr. Thomas H. Orr
Ms. Tanja Ostapoff & Mr. Kenneth J. Selvig
Mr. Jonathan W. & Mrs. Bethany K. Owen
Mrs. Letha W. & Mr. Francis M. Palczynski II
Ms. Jean Panebianco
Mr. John E. & Mrs. Linda G. Parazynski
Dr. Helen M. Parramore
Mr. Mike Paulson
Dr. D’Orsay W. Pearson
Dr. Mark J. & Mrs. Elovia Peddle
Ms. Carolyn Perrone
Ms. Rhea C. Peters
Ms. Janet M. & Mr. Larry C. Peterson
Mr. Joseph C. Piazza
Dr. Nicholas P. & Mrs. Mercedes N. Piesco
Dr. R. Morgan & Mrs. Nancy A. Pigg
Ms. Mary Pillsbury
Mrs. Louise R. & M. John Plodinec, Ph.D.
Mrs. Lora & Mr. Paul A. Polgar
Mr. Douglas J. Pollard
Mr. Patrick R. & Mrs. Barbara S. Ponce
Mr. Robert J. & Mrs. Susan N. Poston
Mrs. Faye M. & Dr. Robert M. Predny
Dr. William C. & Mrs. Sarah T. Prentiss
Ms. Karen N. Price
Mrs. Marian D. & Mr. Gilbert R. Prost
Mrs. Angela J. & Mr. Wesley H. Pruitt
Ms. Kay A. Quinn
Mr. Chocku Radhakrishnan
Ms. Nila M. Raisz
Mr. Ethiraj & Mrs. Heamalatha Ramchander
Mrs. Anne M. H. & Mr. William E. Ramsay
Ms. Jacquelyn Y. Randall
Mr. Craig Ranson
Mrs. Meredith E. & Mr. Larry A. Ratliff
Dr. Daniel A. Reboussin & Dr. Ann L. Glowasky
Ms. Jacqueline M. Reed
Dr. Julia B. & Dr. Jonathan Reiskind
Mrs. Susan E. Remer
Dr. Richard R. & Mrs. Elisabeth J. Renner
Mrs. Diana S. & Mr. Clifton F. Reynolds
Dr. Leonard A. & Mrs. Helene T. Rhine
Mr. Karl H. & Mrs. Carolyn F. Riedl
Mrs. Susan N. & Dr. Abdalla Rifai
Mrs. Maureen C. & Dr. John E. Riski, Jr.
Dr. Patt F. Roberson
Mr. Donald F. & Mrs. Marcia I. Roberts
Mr. Ronald W. & Mrs. Sandra Robertson
Ms. Pamela J. Rock
Mrs. Patricia A. & Mr. Randy G. Romano
Mr. Ira Rosenberg
Ms. Christine M. Ross & Mr. William Fruin
Dr. Ira E. & Mrs. Annette Z. P. Ross
Mr. Craig E. Rothburd
Dr. Leslie K. & Dr. Louise S. Rothman
Dr. Wesley L. & Mrs. Rebecca Rouse
Mr. Eric & Mrs. Rebecca P. Runnestrand
Mrs. Deborah H. & Mr. Joshua I. Rutter
Mr. John W. & Mrs. Virginia W. Ryals
Mr. Thomas J. & Mrs. Vijay L. Saam
Ms. Sonya L. Salkin
Mr. Richard P. Saltzburg
Ms. Valerie Sammons
Mrs. Annabel Sanchez
Mrs. Teresa & Mr. Jesus J. Sardinas
Mr. Gerald F. Savage
Dr. Jonathan G. Scammell & Dr. Cindy S. Sheets
Dr. Michelle S. & Mr. Cory I. Schafer
Mr. Mark T. & Mrs. Patty A. Schiefer
Dr. J. Eric Schonblom
Ms. Valeria B. Schroeter
Dr. Daniel M. Schulgasser & Dr. Patricia M.
Mr. Lee Schwartz & Ms. Ann-Marie Y. Magne
Mr. Edwin S. & Mrs. Joyce S. Schwarz
Mr. David W. Schwieder
Dr. John C. Schwindt
Dr. John F. & Dr. Lynn T. Scott
Mr. John D. & Mrs. Elizabeth B. Shafer
Mr. Thomas R. Shelton
Dr. Chiayi & Dr. Cynthia H. Shen
Dr. Isabel D. & Dr. Christopher Silver
Mr. Thomas B. & Mrs. Elizabeth Y. Simpson
Dr. Theresa A. Singleton
Dr. J. Edward & Mrs. June W. Singley
Mrs. Joan & Mr. Thomas A. Skowronek
Mr. George W. Slaughter
Ms. Jan M. Slotnick
Mr. Eldon Smeal
Mrs. Margaret N. & Mr. Charles L. Smith
Mrs. Robin B. & Mr. Jeffery K. Smith
Mr. Thomas A. & Mrs. Emma W. Smith
Mrs. Margaret O. & Mr. F. James Smoot
Ms. Brittany A. Snipes
Mr. Peter K. & Mrs. Constance L. Soutullo
Mr. Theodore F. & Mrs. Jean M. Spas
The Hon. Richard T. & Mrs. Martha J.
Mrs. Gail E. Stephan
Ms. Grace E. Strawn
Mr. Nicholas M. & Mrs. Patricia A. Strippoli
Dr. Susan C. Styer
Mr. Robert P. & Mrs. Jan E. Summers
Ms. Misty L. Swain
Mr. Dennis P. Swaney & Ms. Karin E. Limburg
Dr. James R. & Dr. Lucille W. Swanson
Dr. Janie D. & Mr. George M. Sweet
Dr. Kezhen L. Tang & Mr. Nels F. Poulsen
Mrs. Claudia P. Tatom
Ms. Laura Tenenbaum
Mrs. Kathryn J. Thomas
Mrs. Ruth Ann & Mr. John S. Thomas (d)
Sunny K. Thomas
Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Elizabeth A. Thompson
Dr. James P. Thompson
Mr. Steven G. Thompson
Mr. Leonard M. Tolentino, Jr.
Rev. John A. & Mrs. Nancy A. Toth
Ms. Mary Ann Toth
Mrs. Selma H. & Mr. David Trachtenberg
Mr. Morris Trimmer & Ms. Amy K. DeHart
Mr. Ronald P. & Mrs. Kathryn L. Trunzo
Ms. Florence M. Turcotte
UF students reach for cake and pocket
Constitutions before participating in the Libraries
annual open-mic reading of the U.S. Constitution
on September 17 on the Plaza of the Americas,
sponsored by the Government Documents
Chapter One r 7
Includes gifts received by the George A. Smathers Libraries from October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012
Mr. Michael T. & Mrs. Connie E. Turner
Mrs. Sandra B. & Mr. Rodell L. Urban
Mrs. Dori O. & Mr. Lewis A. Valenti
Mr. Donald L. & Mrs. Diana M. Van Horn
Mr. Carl L. Van Ness & Ms. Laurel J. Davis
Mr. Steven J. & Mrs. Holly C. Van Wagener
Mr. Dennis L. & Mrs. Sue A. Vandel
Mrs. Mary Ruth C. & Mr. Stephen D. Vaughn
Mr. Jeff Vawter
Mr. Joel & Mrs. Elizabeth Villademoros
Mr. Fred W. & Mrs. Kathleen S. Vincent
Ms. Grace C. Wagner
Mrs. Grace B. Waldron
Mr. Edward C. & Mrs. Marlene T. Walford
Mrs. Karen R. & Mr. Ronald S. Walker
Dr. Charles E. & Mrs. Patricia A. Wallace
Mr. Thomas S. & Mrs. Glenda Walton
Mrs. Marci A. & Mr. Mark Wasserman
Mrs. Aleyene Watkins
Mr. Ronald Watson
Dr. Thomas A. Webber
Dr. David J. & Mrs. E. Judith Weiner
Mr. David J. & Mrs. Christine L. Wesley
Dr. Felicia E. West
Ms. Fulbia A. Westfall
Mr. James Wheeler
Mr. Bradley L. & Mrs. Cheryl E. White
Dr. Harold C. & Mrs. Lucile A. White
Mrs. Judy & Mr. Bill White
Ms. Carol A. Whitmer
Mr. Christopher Wilcox
Ms. Jeannine H. Wilder
Col. Nevin R. & Mrs. Alicia M. Williams
Mrs. Peggy B. Williams
Mrs. Wanda F. & Mr. Stan L. Williams
Mr. Milford P. & Mrs. Marijka D. Willis
Mr. Daniel H. & Mrs. Eileen W. Woodbery
Dr. Michael A. & Mrs. Ilene R. Worman
Mrs. Candace M. & Mr. Gregory T. Wrobel
Dr.. Donna Wrublewski
Dr. Julia A. & Mr. Michael A. Wuerz
Mrs. Judith J. & Mr. William H. Wymer
Mr. Eldridge T. & Mrs. Keesha J. Wynn
Ms. Robin Yack & Mr. Ronald E. Mullins
Mr. James C. & Mrs. Patricia L. Yahnis
Dr. Koahsiung J. & Mrs. Chia-Ping H. Yang
Dr. Mary E. Yontz & Mr. Jack R. Fisher II
Ms. Judith Young
Dr. Carl J. & Mrs. Sharon A. Zahner
Mrs. Angel B. & Mr. Sherman D. Zent
Mrs. Sally F. Zepeda
Dr. David J. Zimet
Lt. Col. Robert F. & Mrs. Marguerite H. Zumbado
Donors of $100,000 or More
Mr. Bruce A. & Mrs. Susan E. G. Smathers
Donors of $10,000 to $49,999
Dr. Nan-Yao & Mrs. Jill H. Su
Donors of $250 to $499
Ms. Judith C. Russell
Donors of Less than $249
Ms. Sharon R. Argov
8 r Chapter One
Ms. Alena Aissing
Ms. Kathleen Alison
Mr. Gregory R. Allen
Ms. Alison Almquist
Ms. Ava Anderson
Mr. Bill Angrick
Ms. Shelley Arlen
Mr. Carl N. Berg
Dr. Sylvie E. Blum
Dr. David Chalmers
Dr. Chauncey Chiu
Dr. Justine Christianson
Civic Media Center Coordinators
Ms. Louise S. Clay
Dr. and Mrs. David and Deborah Crown
Dr. Florin Curta
Mr. Dorr Dennis
Dr. Frank Di Trolio
Mr. Ed Dolan
Mr. Patrick Dunshee
Ms. Katherine E. Egolf
Mr. Ed Flud
Ms. Alise Freed
Mr. Joe Garcia
Ms. Sarah Ann Gates
Dr. Raymond Gay-Crosier
Ms. Dyan Gershman
Ms. Ana M. Gonzalez
Ms. Lauray Griffin
Dr. Lillian Guerra
Ms. Phyllis Guilliams
Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Anne Haisley
Dr. Martha J. Hardman
Mr. Gordon H. “Stumpy” Harris
Ms. Janice Harris
Dr. Karelisa Hartigan
Dr. Daniel L. Haulman
Dr. Christian Hausser
Ms. Sandra Hayden
Ms. Beth Heilman
Ms. Carol Agee Hellums
Mr. Jim Higlen
Mr. Kurko Ibolya
Institute Ramon Llull
Ms. Jeri Irwin
Dr. Marc Jaeger
Dr. Eric Kramer
Mr. Samuel I. Kreamer
Mr. Craig Kunaschk
Mr. Gerald Langford
Dr. Robert F. Lanzillotti
Ms. Deborah Ann Light
Dr. William A. Link
Louisiana State University
Ms. Mary “Beth” Lozano
Mrs. Nancy C. Macaulay
Ms. Iona Malanchuk
Mr. Victor Malta
Mr. Jose Cardosa Marchiori
Ms. Frida C. Masdeu
Ms. Valerie Smith McAlister
Ms. Brenda S. McArthur
Dr. Jessica McCoy
Dr. Fiona McLaughlin
Ms. Emily C. Mitchell
Mr. Ralph A. Morales Jr.
Dr. Melvyn New
Dr. Geraldine C. Nichols
Archivist Florence M. Turcotte, center, discusses
the legacy of author Zora Neale Hurston on
October 26 in Smathers Library with a display of
Hurston manuscripts and photographs during a
celebration of the 75th anniversary of Hurston’s
Their Eyes Were Watching God.
Ms. Kalika Novoa
Mr. Thomas C. and Patricia Orr
Dr. and Mrs. David Owens
Panama Canal Museum
Mr. Mike Paulson
Mr. Victor Payne
Mr. Allan Pither
Ms. Karen Nadeau Price
Ms. Nila Raisz
Dr. Patt Roberson
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Ann Rothschild
Mr. Eric Runnestrand
Mr. Richard Saltzburg
Ms. Valerie Sammons
Dr. Edward Schaefer
Dr. Rachel Schipper
Dr. Ofelia Schutte
Dr. David Schwieder
Mr. John F. Scott
Dr. Todd Siler
Mr. George W. Slaughter
Mr. & Mrs. R. G. Slingsby
Mr. David Stirt
Ms. Marian Suskin
Ms. Christine Kervin Tirpak
Ms. Reina Tito
Mr. James Tonkowich
Universidad Austral de Chile (Director, Luis Vera)
Dr. Jane Villa-Lobos
Dr. Leonardo A. Villalon
Dr. Kenneth D. Wald
Ms. Grace Waldron
Dr. Charles Wallace
Ms. Aleyene Watkins
Dr. Ronald R. Watson
Mr. James Wheeler
Ms. Jeannine Hebert Wilder
Dr. Donald E. Williams
Ms. Jane Jennison Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. and Beverly Wood
Dr. Donna Wrublewski
Parents Library Endowment
Fund supports students
by Diane Bruxvoort
Senior Associate Dean
The Parents Library Endowment
Fund is a general library endowment
intended for the Libraries’ “greatest
needs,” and the endowment fulfills
that goal beautifully. The intent each
year is to use funds generated by the
endowment for items that directly or
indirectly benefit students. There were
a variety of small purchases in the past
year for materials and supplies for
programming and exhibits, but two
major initiatives were directed at the
students’ immediate needs.
The first major purchase was for
science textbooks to put on course
reserve at the Marston Science
Library (MSL). Each semester MSL
purchases multiple copies of several
dozen science textbooks that are used
by hundreds of students. Library
funding is available for some of these
purchases, but is insufficient, so an
infusion from the Parents Library
Endowment Fund allows them to
serve more students. The circulation
statistics reveal the hundreds of uses
of these textbooks as does the need
to replace them each year, as they
literally fall apart from use. These
textbooks are expensive and unwieldy,
so some students use the ones at the
library between classes and leave their
copy in their dorm room. Others
may use the library copy rather than
purchasing a textbook that costs two
or three hundred dollars. In either case
the need is great, and the additional
funding is appreciated.
In fall 2011 Library West (LW)
received a technology grant to
purchase netbooks to circulate to
students. These replaced laptops that
had been circulating for several years
and were completely worn out. The
move to netbooks was well received
in LW, but MSL was still limping
along checking out laptops that were
overdue to be retired. The Parents
Library Endowment Fund was used to
purchase 32 netbooks and a charging
station for the students who use MSL.
The netbook program has been very
successful in both libraries and would
not have been realized at MSL without
this funding.
The Libraries take seriously the mission
to support the teaching and learning
of the University of Florida, and to
respond to student needs in each
library. The Parents Library Endowment
Fund is an excellent resource to help
students be successful in their academic
careers. Thank you to all who contribute
to the fund, and welcome to anyone
who would like to join this effort.
Library student assistant
scholarship winner
Daphney Degand was awarded the
fall 2012 James and Leslie Rutherford
Library Student Assistant Scholarship
essay competition. She works at the
Health Science Center Library and is a
second year graduate student in Public
Health. Daphney is from Pembroke
Pines, Florida. The $500 scholarship
is awarded during the fall and spring
semesters to a student assistant
employed by the Smathers Libraries.
Associate Dean and Drs. Martin
and Sandra Fackler Director, Health
Science Center Libraries Cecilia
Botero, Daphney Degand and Dean of
University Libraries Judy Russell.
An evening with Paul Ortiz
February 5, 2013
5:30 p.m.
Smathers Library (East), Room 1A
Dr. Paul Ortiz, associate professor
of history and affiliated faculty,
Latin American Studies and
African American Studies, will
be the next UF author to give a
presentation in the Authors@
UF speaker series. Details will be
forthcoming at
Students using multimedia
computers in Library West
The series is free and open to the
Chapter One r 9
Languages, Literatures
and Cultures Department
and the Libraries receive
$240,804 grant award
Online resource will create an
Archive of Haitian Religion
and Culture
The University of Florida and Duke
University researchers and librarians
have spearheaded a collaborative
partnership project which has been
awarded $240,804 from the National
Endowment for the Humanities.
This is the second largest award in
Florida (and one of only five major
grants awarded in the state) and one
of 244 awarded nationally this year.
The Archive of Haitian Religion and
Culture: Collaborative Research and
Scholarship on Haiti and the Haitian
Diaspora grant, led by project director
Benjamin Hebblethwaite (UF) and
co-director Laurent Dubois (Duke)
will document a central Haitian and
Haitian-American spiritual tradition,
the Vodou religion. It will gather video
and print resoruces and disseminate
them via an open access digital library
hosted within the existing Digital
Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) –
Partnering with the researchers are
the George A. Smathers Libraries,
which hosts the dLOC. In addition
to dLOC’s 29 international partners,
the Archive of Haitian Religion and
Culture includes collaboration from
researchers at Duke, University of
Notre Dame, the Schrijversvakschool
in the Netherlands, the Université des
Antilles et de la Guyane, and City Lore.
UF’s Dr.
is the author of
Vodou songs in
Haitian Creole
and English.
10 r Chapter One
@ your library
Project team for the Archive of Haitian Religion and Culture: Laurie Taylor, digital humanities librarian;
Richard Freeman, assistant librarian – anthropology subject specialist; Bess de Farber, Smathers Libraries
grants manager; Sophia Acord, associate director, Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere; and Ben
Hebblethwaite, professor of Haitian Creole and French, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.
Project team for the Archive of Haitian Religion and Culture: Laurie Taylor, digital
humanities librarian; Richard Freeman, assistant librarian – anthropology subject
specialist; Bess de Farber, Smathers Libraries grants manager; Sophia Acord,
associate director, Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere; and Ben
Hebblethwaite, professor of Haitian Creole and French, Department of Languages,
Literatures & Cultures.
Grant Award supports online access to
The Jewish Floridian newspapers
by Rebecca Jefferson
Curator, Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica
The Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica, in partnership with the Jewish Museum
of Florida and three Florida county public libraries’ systems, (Miami-Dade County,
Broward County and Palm Beach County), will broaden access to the Florida Digital
Newspaper Library (FDNL) through an award of $21,753 from Library Services and
Technology Act program funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services
and the Florida Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services.
The FDNL ( is a key resource for research, comprising
730 Florida newspaper titles and over one million pages of information which
attract more than one million online views each month.
Project funds will support the conversion of 127 reels of The Jewish Floridian from
microfilm to digital format and these will become accessible through the FDNL
hosted by the University of Florida Digital Collections. The Jewish Floridian is
Florida’s first ethnic newspaper of note and is of great interest to a broad range
of researchers, historians and writers who want to learn more about the cultural,
social, historical and political life of Florida’s Jewish population throughout the 20th
century in order to build a more comprehensive picture of Florida history. To date,
no comprehensive history of the Jewish community of Florida has been written; yet
this comparatively small section of the general population has made a significant
impact on the state. Revealing the content of The Jewish Floridian (1924 – 1990) will
contribute significantly to the effort of uncovering its hidden historical impact.
Led by Rebecca Jefferson, the project will use The Jewish Floridian online
collection to establish a training program targeted for the partner institutions and
their communities and for the citizens of Florida in general. The Florida Digital
Newspaper Project was the only proposal in Florida to receive funding within the
Technology category for the 2012-13 grant period.
Because of You
Smathers Library 2nd floor gallery
Open Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Samuel Huang
Associate Dean for Advancement and Development
Through December 14, 2012
Imaging Jerusalem
The Florida Tomorrow Capital
Campaign officially closed on
September 30, 2012. With your
generous support, the George A.
Smathers Libraries raised $19,301,951
toward its $20 million goal. On behalf
of UF’s 50,000 students, I would like
to take this opportunity to thank our
loyal library supporters.
• The George A. Smathers Libraries
provide the possibility of changing lives
• The George A. Smathers Libraries
play a critical role in advancing UF’s
• The George A. Smathers Libraries
provide research resources and
support academic programs
Because of You
• UF students are better prepared for
• UF students are our future leaders,
and supporting the Libraries is a
way to make sure our students reach
their full potential
• UF faculty researchers are more
Philanthropy means finding your
investment and using it for a greater
good. The Libraries at the University
of Florida are privileged and proud
to be a part this great team – Florida
In celebration of the 20th anniversary
of Dr. James and Adina Simmons gift
to the George A. Smathers Libraries:
an exhibition featuring the Holy
Land Map Collection and historic
photographs and rare books depicting,
idealizing and imagining Jerusalem
from the Price Library of Judaica. A
companion display will be in the Map
& Imagery Library in the Marston
Science Library, 1st floor.
Because of You
• The George A. Smathers Libraries
system is the largest academic
research library system in Florida
Any great university needs a great
library. The Libraries are helping the
University of Florida to achieve this
ultimate goal. Please accept our sincerest
gratitude for your ongoing support.
Yes, I support the University of Florida Libraries!
I want to join the Friends of the George A. Smathers Libraries at the following level:
q $250
Book Friend
q $500
Librarian’s Friend
q $1000+ Dean’s Circle
I would like to use my annual membership in the following:
q The Howe Society #004773
q Stewards of Florida History #013861
q Smathers Libraries Purchase Fund #008813
q Special & Area Studies Collections #005433
Latin American Collection #016045
Price Library of Judaica #000013
African Studies Collection #011223
Asian Studies Collection #016271
P.K. Yonge Library of FL History #013861
Baldwin Library of Historical
Children’s Literature #004010
Popular Cultures Collection #016107
Rare Books #011265
Archives and Manuscripts #016735
Architecture Archives #017459
q Other
Featuring materials from the P.K.
Yonge Library of Florida History.
About Face: Revisiting Jamaica’s
First Exhibition in Europe
Go Gators!
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January 14-March 1, 2013
Florida, 1513-2013: A
Quincentennial Commemoration
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(Library West) #012623
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Chapter One r 11
Library West • Marston Science Library
Smathers Library • Architecture & Fine Arts Library
Education Library • Health Science Center Libraries
Music Library
Judith C. Russell
Dean of University Libraries
Cecilia Botero
Associate Dean and Drs. Martin and Sandra Fackler
Director of Health Science Center Libraries
Chapter One
George A. Smathers Libraries
PO Box 117000
Gainesville FL 32611-7000
Diane Bruxvoort
Senior Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources and
Research Services
Samuel T. Huang
Associate Dean for Development and Advancement
Brian W. Keith
Associate Dean for Administrative Services and
Faculty Affairs
Rachel A. Schipper
Associate Dean for Technology and Support Services
Chapter One is published semi-annually and
distributed to friends of the libraries and selected
institutions. Questions and comments should be
addressed to the editor, Barbara Hood, (352) 273-2505,
Dean’s message
The libraries continue to be productive
and evolving as ever to match the
needs of students, faculty, staff and
researchers. This year has held many
highlights for new services and
materials that are important to our
users. Here are just a few:
24-hr student access
After funding a pilot semester last
spring to provide 24-hour student
access Monday through Thursday to
Library West, Student Government
has agreed to continue the funding for
three additional years during the fall
and spring semesters. The overnight
hours have proven to be very popular
with students with often as many as
350 in the building between 2:00 and
3:00 a.m.
Endowed faculty position
Drs. Martin and Sandra Fackler
established the first endowed library
faculty position in the University of
Florida library system for the director
of the Health Science Center Libraries.
This is also the first endowed faculty
position in an academic health science
or medical library in Florida.
Shared collection
The University of Florida and the
University of Miami have signed a
Memorandum of Understanding to
12 r Chapter One
create the Collaborative Academic
Library Collection, a shared collection
that will be housed in Gainesville for
long-term preservation, retention and
access to low use library materials. An
interim off-campus storage facility has
been leased to store materials until
the Florida Academic Repository
high density facility is built which will
integrate this collection with other
low-use print materials from libraries
in the State University System.
are benefiting
via combined
funding, reduced
duplication of
e-book titles
purchased, and
increased content
from thousands
of e-book records
now available to
Judith C. Russell
all users at UF
Dean of University
and FSU.
Expanded digital access
Important and often unique materials
from the Libraries and partner
institutions were added at the rate
of 869,439 pages last year to the UF
Digital Collection. Usage views for
the fiscal year exceeded 38 million.
Hosting digital copies of this content
improves access for UF faculty and
students and for scholars worldwide.
Grand Reading
Room renovations
The Special and Area Studies
Collections Grand Reading Room
in Smathers Library has undergone
renovations (see Libraries Open House
article on page 2). An additional large
display cabinet has been built in room
1A of Smathers Library, sponsored by
the Panama Canal Museum Collection
and it will house a rotating exhibition
of materials from the collection.
Patron-driven e-book acquisitions
We initiated a bilateral program with
the Florida State University Libraries
for the patron-driven acquisitions
of e-books. The initiative began in
December 2011 and through July 2012
allowed 2,115 uses of e-book content
and resulted in the purchase of 185
e-books, which became permanently
available to faculty and students
from both universities. Both libraries
We will keep you updated in the
coming year on our newest projects
and programs. As always, your
questions and comments are
welcomed. Please contact me at
(352) 273-2505 or
Judith C. Russell
Dean of University Libraries