Italian - Fenwick High School

Ms. Hennessey
Office: Room 300-P
(708) 386-0127 ext 201
Course Description
Italian III will build upon the student’s current skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in
the target language. Through the study of proper pronunciation, new vocabulary, verb tenses,
idiomatic phrases, cultural practices, and literature the student will cultivate his/her appreciation
for the Italian culture as a whole.
Course Goals
The student will gain a better understanding of the language through the expansion of his/her
vocabulary, the use of new grammar principles, and the comprehension of a work of literature.
Through the frequent use of the Italian language within the classroom, selective readings, and
essay assignments, the student will increase his/her fluency in the language and gain an
appreciation for a culture different than their own.
Required Text
Oggi in Italia, by Merlonghi Merlonghi, Tursi, & O’Connor (8th edition)
Oggi in Italia Accompanying workbook / lab manual / video manual (8th edition)
Da capo, by Annamaria Moneti & Graziana Lazzarino (7th edition)
Andreuccio da Perugia, by Giovanni Boccaccio (second semester)
Italian-English dictionary (NOT a pocket dictionary. It should be kept in the classroom.)
Required Class Materials
The student is required to have one spiral notebook (or one designated section of a multisubject notebook) and one pocket folder to be used exclusively for this class. A writing utensil
is essential for in-class assignments, correcting homework, and taking notes, quizzes, and tests.
All of these materials, including required texts, must be brought to class on a daily
basis. Points will be deducted for unpreparedness. During the second semester Andreuccio unit,
the student will be required to have a separate folder with loose leaf paper to be used solely for
Andreuccio handouts, homework, and notes. It will be turned in at the end of the Andreuccio
Suggested Materials
For additional help the student may find the following materials helpful:
501 Italian Verbs by John Colaneri and Vincent Luciani
Index cards for flashcards
Oggi in Italia’s Online Study Center
Rai international
Miscellaneous reading materials such as Italian newspapers, magazines, etc.
Grading Scale
The grading scale for this class will follow the grading scale set forth by the Fenwick handbook.
Students are responsible for keeping track of their own grades on Edline.
93 – 100 A
85 – 92 B
78 – 84 C
70 – 77 D
69 and below F
Evaluation Methods
Semester Grades
Grades will be determined by cumulative points on homework, quizzes, tests,
participation, classwork, and projects within each quarter but the the overall semester
grade will be based on the following distribution of those grades:
1st quarter average
2nd quarter average
Semester exam
There will be 5 – 7 quizzes per chapter and each will be worth 10 – 50 points depending
upon the amount of content covered in the lesson. The quizzes will most often follow
an introduction to a lesson in verb conjugation, vocabulary, and other new grammar
principles in order to solidify the student’s comprehension. The lowest quiz grade for
the semester will be dropped.
There will be one exam for each chapter and will each be worth 100 – 150 points.
Exams will be given over the course of two consecutive days during the week following
the completion of the chapter and will be announced at least one week in advance. The
foreign language testing days are Tuesday and Friday, therefore at least one part of
the exam will be scheduled on one of these days. Exams will cover material read by
students and discussed in class, and will include speaking, listening, writing, and reading
comprehension sections. There will be no curve and there will be no
exemptions from the final exam.
In the event of an excused absense, the student must make up a quiz or exam within two days
of the student’s return to school. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher
regarding missed quizzes and exams. An unexcused absence during a quiz or exam and failure
to complete the quiz or exam within two days of an excused absense will result in a zero. If a
student is absent from the class on a quiz or test day or a homework/project due date but is in the
building, he/she must contact the teacher before the end of the day in order to make up the work missed
or to turn in the homework/project. Failure to do so will result in a zero.
Homework will be given every day and is to be completed before class on the following
day. Late work will not be accepted. Homework will be checked for completion at the
beginning of every class. Any student that is involved in an act of plagiarism will receive
zero points for that entire week of homework and will be reported to his/her
Class participation is a necessary component in learning a language. Attending class
prepared with all necessary materials, being equipped with any questions regarding
lessons, adding to class discussions in Italian as frequently as possible and participating in
group work will all be part of the student’s final grade. Frequent disruptions unrelated to
the subject matter as well as frequent absences will result in lowered participation
Your will be graded based on the attached rubrics for your speaking in
conversation and classroom discussion. Please be aware of them so you are
clear on my expectations.
Additional Help
Ms. Hennessey will be available every day after school in room 300-P and by appointment before
Period 01. Students are strongly encouraged to practice speaking Italian in groups and to take
advantage of the Friar Mentors and the Write Place.
Plagiarism as defined by the student handbook will not be tolerated. In addition to the examples
stated in the handbook, plagiarism includes the use of online translators and native
speakers/tutors when writing in Italian. Failure to abstain from plagiarizing will result in a grade of
zero for the assignment and will be reported on the student’s record. Please carefully read
the following page regarding plagiarism in the foreign language classroom, sign and
return to me.
I will treat all of you with respect and I ask that you return the favor. Show your classmates and
teachers respect and they will most likely do the same for you.
Have fun and do not be afraid to stumble along the way. The best way to learn a language is to
speak, even if you make mistakes. It is more important to me that you participate in class (even if
you are incorrect) than to not participate at all.