English 102: Winter 2014 Essay Assignment Critical Essay (30pts

English 102: Winter 2014 Essay Assignment
Critical Essay (30pts.)
Choose a work from among the readings on the syllabus, and find a professional article on
it, using the library’s collection of literary criticism (Nineteenth Century Literary Criticism,
Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, and Contemporary Literary Criticism, also available
online through the library website). Write an essay that both responds to the argument in
the article and presents an original interpretation. You may refer to other sources as well,
but focus your response on one critic’s analysis of the work. As in the previous essay, you are
presenting a unified, coherent argument, but here you are offering it as an alternative reading to
that of your critic. Again, support your interpretation with specific evidence from the text. The
final draft must be 7-8 pages, typed, in MLA format.
Research is required, so be sure to review the MLA guidelines for documentation. You will need
a works cited page, and sources you cite must be included with the essay. Review the policy for
submitting papers in the syllabus. Due at the beginning of class on the due date.
The essay will again be graded on the quality of its content (originality and accuracy of ideas),
organization (logic and coherence), and style (sentence skills and language use).