Brown Bag Speech Outline

The Brown Bag Presentation
Objective –
Student will be able to construct and perform a three to five-minute speech describing
their self-concept, identity, and goals.
Due Date –
Friday August 21st
Total points - Speech –
Outline –
Total Assignment –
Take “any old bag” and fill it with no less than 7 and no more than 9 items describing
yourself. The bag itself should symbolize something about your life. The items should
symbolize something about your past, present, or future, as well as likes, dislikes, honors,
goals, achievements and wishes. Also, consider objects that show diversity about you,
such as how strangers see you, how parents see you, friends see you, you see yourself,
An outline of your speech will be due at the time of your performance. You will turn it in
before you deliver the presentation. 3 x 5 note cards will be allowed.
Rude audience listening behavior will drop your own speech grade.
Notes -
The bag must have 7 of the 8 listed items. Recent achievement, proudest moment, hobby
or interest, 1 favorite, goal, family or heritage tie, something you are good at and
something you hope to get better at.
Ideas for bags: Shopping bags, gym bags, luggage, bowling ball bag, pillowcase – feel
free to decorate your bag. The outside of the bag may be the springboard for one of your
main points.
Time: The speech must be three to five minutes.
You should come to class with your bag.
Brown Bag Speech Outline
Create an outline for your speech, following this format. You should have complete
sentences, follow the format, and clearly imitate your speech. Of course, the outline
should be grammatically free of errors. If it’s highlighted, include the title in your outline.
If it’s italicized, it’s just there to let you know what to put.