M&M's Lab – Random Sampling

M&M’s Lab – Random Sampling
1. How many plain M&M’s do you think there are in a 1.69 oz bag?
2. Do you think every bag of plain M&M’s that size has exactly the same
number of M&M’s in it?
3. What colors are there in a bag of plain M&M’s?
4. How many of each color do you think there are in each 1.69 oz bag of
plain M&M’s?
5. Open your bag of M&M’s and count them. How many of each color are
6. Write each color as a percent of the total bag.
7. Record your results on a separate piece of paper. Collect this same data
from each of your classmates. (percent of each color in each of their bags of
8. Find the mean, median, and mode of the percents of each color.
9. Send one person from your table team to the internet to this website:
In the pulldown menu in the upper right, select “M&M’s brand” and go to
the FAQ’s.
10. Compare the % of each color with the actual percentages produced.
Explain why your results might be the same or different.