Set up Your Online Virtual Office

Chapter 5
Set up Your Online Virtual Office
NSA online offers the ability to place customer orders and sign up new distributors
online, provides 24-hour access to your business information, and contains a host of
support materials, including all the forms in this manual, sample scripts, past
newsletters…the list goes on and on. You can also have an online presence for your
customer prospects with your own personalized website. At this site, your
customers can review all the research on Juice Plus+® and, if they choose, place an
order online – and you still receive full credit! For additional information, and to sign up,
go to; click on Sign Up tab on the menu bar, select United
States, click on bar that reads CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR NSA Virtual Office.
Order Your Promotional Materials
Promo Plus+ offers a complete line of sales support materials which you can view at However, you will only need a few supplies initially.
Suggested Start Up Order (Approximate Cost is $50)
1. 20 CDs/DVDs such as An Easy Solution, Whole Truth in 15 Minutes, From Here to
Longevity. Choose your favorites or see Chapter 11 for options.
2. One package each of several key product brochures such as Juice Plus+®
brochure, Recipe for Better Health.
3. One package of pre-printed Juice Plus+® postcards for follow-up with your
4. (Optional) One research kit which includes one reprint of each of the published
Check with your sponsor for further suggestions. You can place a phone order with
Promo Plus+ by calling 888-552-8200 or order online at