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How to Become a Promo Girl

How to Become a Promo Girl
To become a promo girl, you need to be in as many promos as you can,
so be proactive and do some research online: you’ll find tons of
promotion agencies searching for promo girls all over the
country. Instead of spending a lot of time and trying to get access to
these agencies, you can also register with us and get the job offers from
numerous agencies with only one application.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience on promo modeling,
there’re lots of experiences that you can add to a resume and are very
helpful: dealing with the public, dealing with crowds, selling experience,
hosting parties experience, etc.
Choose modest and modern outfits for your pictures and interviews so
you sell your personality and charisma as your first attribute and your
body doesn’t become the principal product. Solid colors and the right
size are indispensable for an interview outfit.
The better connected the more promotion jobs. Link with other promo
girls, meet-up, work together and recommend each other to new
agencies or jobs. This will be a win – win situation for both. And
additionally you might become really close friends.
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