Juice Plus+' Postcard Follow Up Program

Juice Plus+' Postcard Follow-Up Program
The Juice Plus+' (4-month) Follow-Up Program. These cards can be purchased through Promo Plus+
(www.nsapromoplus.com) or 1-888-552-8200 or on your Virtual Office www.nsavo.com They are
designed to help remind and educate your customers on the benefits of taking Juice Plus+' everyday and
help them establish the Healthy Juice Plus+ habit!
Postcards are also available blank for sending a friendly note, invitation to a WP or other event.
Postcard #1: Thank You & Congratulations!
(Handwritten Idea: “What a wonderful thing you are doing for your health!” or “ Consistency is the Key!”)
Postcard #2: The #1 Reason for taking JP+ is . . . PREVENTION!
(Handwritten Idea: “Even before you may feel Juice Plus+, you can be sure it’s working!”)
Postcard #3:
The Science of Juice Plus+
(Handwritten Idea: “Isn’t this exciting? Who do you know who needs JP+?” Or “Check out www.juiceplus.com
for more info on the science of Juice Plus” Insert your personal website in case they go to order more product!
Postcard #4: What it would cost to buy all 17 Fruits &
Veggies in Juice Plus+®!
(Handwritten Ideas: “ Your body WILL thank you for this!” OR I hope Juice Plus+ will be a permanent part
of how you take care of yourself.
The lack of a single serving of fruits and vegetables everyday, may add up to a great deficit over time. Aren’t
you glad for Juice Plus?
**Be sure to write on the top of the care “Next shipment is due_________”
JP Gummie® & CHS Postcards
NSA also offers a postcard program for those customers taking JP+ Gummies & children on the
Children’s Health Study®. Postcard sets are available from Promo Plus+ and on www.nsavo.com . The
postcards are already imprinted on the back with a message to the child.
For older kids you can add these jokes:
What did one strawberry say to the other? It’s your fault we’re in this jam!
Why did the orange go to the doctor? He wasn’t peeling well.
When do you go at red and stop at green? When you are eating a watermelon.
Why did the orange stop? He ran out of juice.
What do you have when 134 strawberries try to go through the same door? A strawberry jam.
Ha, ha, ha!
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