Volcanic Ash Web Site Review & Contributions
Your expertise is needed
In 2004 several partner organisations launched the Volcanic Ash Web site
( as a way to provide information about the widespread effects of
ash and recommended actions for people to prevent damage to buildings, vehicles, agriculture,
infrastructure, and lifelines. With additional ash fall events around the world in the past 5 years,
new information about recommended strategies and case studies are needed to update and
improve the usefulness of the Web site. If you have information about effective ways to minimize
the effects of ash, photographs of the effects of ash and people taking preventative action, and
knowledge of case studies please contact the Ash Web Team ( [email protected]). Through your
local and regional contacts and networks, expertise, support and contributions, the Ash Web site
can be significantly improved to help us all deal with future volcanic ash falls.
We plan to revise the Web site begin ning in October 2009 based largely on contributions of new
material. Please send new information, recommended strategies for dealing with ash, ideas,
photographs, and comments to us by the end of September 2009.