4b Mt Pinatube timeline

Timeline of
What happened?
What was the human response?
A few weeks
before …
10th June 1991
 Clark air base evacuated
 Angeles town evacuated
12th June 1991
14th June 1991
15th June 1991
Weeks and  Local people (including death toll)
months after …
 Local environment
 Local economy
 Global climate
Underline in red all damage caused by the volcano
Mt Pinatubo timeline cards
Mt Pinatubo makes rumbling
sounds and steam is seen
above the crater
The US Geological Survey
(USGS) sends a team to Clark
to monitor the situation
Vulcanologists predict a major
eruption, although they cannot
say exactly when it will happen
Clark air base is evacuated, as
is the town of Angeles
Eruption: an ash cloud covers
the volcano’s peak and falls on
surrounding area
People wear cloths / masks
over their faces
A typhoon (hurricane) develops
in the Pacific Ocean, and is
approaching the Philippines
Eruption: explosions, ash cloud
(30kms high), pyroclastic flows
The typhoon reaches the
Philippines – heavy rain falls on
Luzon island
Continual mini earthquakes
are felt
Heavy rain mixes with ash,
creating a rain of thick mud
The volcano monitoring
instruments stop working as
the pyroclastic flow covers
Ash falls over a radius of
600km, covering fields – this
kills crops and grazing areas
Heavy rains mixed with loose
surface ash creates a mudflow
that floods the town of Angeles
Ash spreads around the globe,
creating a layer in the
atmosphere that reduces
sunlight the following year