AP PSYCHOLOGY QUIZ 1. Who was considered the father of

1. Who was considered the father of behaviorism?
a. John Watson
b. Stanley Schachter
c. Arthur Jensen
d. John Garcia
e. Edward Thorndike
2. Which psychologist developed analytical psychology?
a. Carl Jung
b. Alfred Adler
c. Erik Erikson
d. Abraham Maslow
e. Wilhelm Wundt
3. Which psychological approach deals with the way the mind
interprets and obtains knowledge?
a. Psychodynamic
b. Behavioral
c. Cognitive
d. Sociocultural
e. Evolutionary
4. Which early psychologist was dramatically influenced by the work
of Charles Darwin?
a. Sigmund Freud
b. William James
c. Hans Eysenck
d. Roger Sperry
e. Stanley Schachter
5. Which approach emphasizes an individual’s potential for growth?
a. Humanist
b. Sociocultural
c. Biological
d. Behavioral
e. Psychodynamic
6. Which of the following is not considered an approach to
a. Biological
b. Behavioral
c. Sociocultural
d. Adaptive
e. Psychodynamic
7. Which psychological approach emphasizes “the activity of the
nervous system and the brain”?
a. Evolutionary
b. Biological
c. Psychodynamic
d. Behavioral
e. Cognitive
8. From our lecture, define ‘skewed distribution.’
9. From our lecture, define a ‘Double Blind Procedure.’
10. True or False: Correlation is able to identify Causation.