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Results Delivered
ITSM Problem & Incident Management
Take the first step in superior Incident and Problem Management.
Audience: Problem Managers, Incident Managers, Escalation Managers, Technical Support
Engineers and anyone involved in managing or supporting the resolution of incidents and problems.
Organizations that have worked with
Kepner-Tregoe have achieved the
following results:
• Reduced Mean-Time-ToRestoration by 74%
• Reduced time-to-resolution by 50%
Course Description
Learn the KT Clear Thinking processes of Situation Appraisal, Problem Analysis, Decision Analysis,
and Potential Problem Analysis and establish a common troubleshooting approach that ensures
quality and consistency in customer support. In alignment with ITIL® framework. These core
“troubleshooting” skills are used by IT Service and Support Managers worldwide to reduce timeto-close, increase first-time-fix rates, reduce unnecessary fixes, increase customer satisfaction
and maximize Customer-Lifetime-Value.
• Reduced variation by 77%
• Increased Customer Satisfaction
to +90%
• Improved first-time-fix-rate by 40%
• Reduced backlog by 60%
Skills Developed
• Structured, critical thinking to analyze incidents and problems, select the best fix or
workaround and proactively avoid problems
• The ability to systematically clarify, categorize, assess impact, and prioritize incidents and
problems through KT Situation Appraisal & effective questioning
• Clearly describing a problem and gathering the most relevant data to get to root-cause
• A strategic approach to problem solving based on problem type, e.g. start-up and recurring
• How to capitalize by making thinking visible
• Effective, consistent incident and problem documentation
“We needed improvement - and
12 months later, the figures are
here, showing how our team has
implemented the problem solving
process …our progress was steady,
going from +10%, +15%, +20% and
+35%, and finally reaching +90%
after just six months.”
Helpdesk Supervisor, Galileo
• Succinct effective stakeholder communication and resource management throughout the
problem or incident life-cycle
The Kepner-Tregoe methodology is recommended by ITIL® as a best practice for problem analysis
in their official Service Operation publication.
This priSM® recognized workshop will prepare you for the KT Problem & Incident Management
KT Problem and Incident Management Exam
Prerequisite: Attendance of the KT ITSM Problem & Incident Management workshop
The KT Problem and Incident management exam is an exam which is offered using webcam
proctoring taken at a time and place mutually convenient for the candidate and the exam proctors.
A separate fee applies for the administration of the exam.
View the web proctored exam guidelines
20 May 2014
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