Near Miss Incident Reporting and Investigation

Near Miss Incident Reporting and Investigation
Thank you letter
Thank you!
Near Miss Incident Identification, Reporting, Investigating and Rectification Program
Thank you for reporting a safety issue under our near miss incident reporting system. What may have
been overlooked in the past is now receiving attention and some action will take place to prevent the
situation you reported from resulting in an accident the next time around.
All reports will be risk assessed and the level and urgency of the remedial actions will be prioritized
according to the ranking. It must be understood that some risks are tolerable and we have to live with
them as life is not entirely risk free. We strive to ensure that all risks are in the “As Low as is Practicable”
Your contribution to safety is appreciated and in the long run will contribute to a safer workplace for all.
Thanks again!
The Management Team