PN Incident Powerpt


What incident makes a good personal narrative?

Criteria for choosing a story to tell from all the incidents that have happened to you.

Make a list of EVERYTHING

You can sort all your ideas out later but remember...

the story should NOT be about just a strong memory.

The key to choosing a story for your PN is


Consider these things:

 What did you discover or realize from this incident that you didn’t understand before?

 How did the incident change you?

 How was your future changed by this incident?

 What do you know now that you did not know before?

Reject or Consider?

Reject the incident

If you were not changed, or you cannot explain a change that happened as a result of the incident, it is not a good idea for a PN.

Consider using the incident

If you DID experience a personal change because of this incident, it may be a good idea to develop into a PN.

When thinking over your ideas for your PN, make sure they meet these criteria:

 Did this happen to you, not someone else?

 Will the story be interesting to a reader? ( Do you remember enough detail for the story to come alive for your reader?)

Does the story have a clear beginning, middle, and ending?

Did the incident have an effect on you – change you - in a significant way?