Is finding a good carpet cleaner for your business driving you crazy?

Is finding a good carpet
cleaner for your business
driving you crazy?
Let us put the smile back on
your face, restore your sanity,
and provide your business with…
Clean Carpet
We make carpet problems disappear…
• Stays cleaner • No recurring stains • Dries fast • Improves IAQ • Earth friendly
Soil-Releasing Encapsulation
CIMEX: The English built Cimex safely scrubs
RELEASIT: Releasit carpets stay clean longer!
carpet fiber more deeply than any other electric
scrubber in the world. All sides of the carpet fiber
are scrubbed with each cleaning pass because of
the Cimex scrubber’s three counter-rotating
planetary heads. Deep cleaning to the extreme!
Releasit suspends soil and forms a crystal with its
unique CRYSTALON3 polymer formulation. The
encapsulated soil particles release from the carpet
fiber and are extracted with normal vacuuming.
There's no dirt-attracting residue left behind either.
Releasit contains SOILEZE anti-resoil additive to
help resist resoiling. Recurring spills are eliminated
too. Australian Tea Tree extract has been added for
a fresh natural scent. Best of all, carpets remain
clean longer and continue to look vibrant and bright
day after day. You can now say goodbye to dingy
looking commercial carpets forever.
Encapsulation is fast
becoming the most sought out method for
maintaining commercial carpets. Commercial carpet
cleaners and carpet manufacturers around the
world are currently recommending and/or using
encapsulation to care for their carpets.
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