Heliographic or Sun Printing

Heliographic or Sun Printing
1. Dampen fabric with water and dilute Colourcraft Fabric Paint 2 parts water to 1 part colour.
2. Apply colour to fabric using a stiff bristle brush, ensuring colour has penetrated the fibres of the
3. Whilst fabric is damp place objects onto the coloured fabric and place in the sun to dry.
E.g. Buttons, leaves, feathers, washers.You can also sprinkle rock salt onto coloured fabric for a
mottled effect, scrunch the fabric, or tie marbles into fabric.
The areas that are not in direct sunlight i.e. covered up, will fade.
4. Once dry, remove objects and leave for 24 hours before ironing to set colour.
5. Suitable for both natural and synthetic fibres.