Self-Service Distribution Group Management

Ensim Unify™ Enterprise
Distribution Group Manager
Self-Service Distribution Group Management
Ensim Unify Distribution Group Manager for Active Directory & Exchange
automates and streamlines the provisioning and maintenance of distribution
With Ensim Unify Distribu-
groups. Under strict IT policy guidelines enforced in the software, end-users are
tion Group Manager, orga-
allowed to create and maintain their own distribution groups, while ensuring
that users are accurately, consistently, and automatically provisioned and deprovisioned. This method ensures the enforcement of security and compliance
requirements in an organization while dramatically reducing maintenance costs
nizations of all sizes have
reported a 40% decrease
in the number of help desk
calls and overall lower support staff workload.
associated with distribution group management.
Distribution Group Manager Benefits & Features Include:
Manage regular and dynamic distribution groups
Create, edit, delete, and clone distribution groups
Manage Members, Email Aliases, and Delivery Restrictions
Multiple Owner Support for a single distribution group
Installs in under 2 hours
Minimizes help desk calls
Role-based delegation
Policy based self-service
Information or ethical walling capability
Ability to set an automatic prefix for distribution group names
Bulk import and export of distribution group members
Full support for nested groups
Full featured self-service functionality
Ensim Unify™ Enterprise
Distribution Group Manager
IT departments are being challenged to ensure compliance with regulatory
and internal security policies. IT administrators are pressured to make
certain that the organization’s critical intellectual property is properly managed and updated. Ensim Unify lowers costs and overhead, automates policy
and streamlines maintenance.
Lower Costs and Overhead
The total cost of group maintenance can be greatly reduced when you delegate
maintenance responsibilities to owners and designated managers of those
groups. Administrators & help desk staff eliminate time-consuming manual
tasks from their workload and can focus on IT initiatives that require specialized
Ensim Unify Distribution
Group Manager provides
an easy to use standard
interface that enables DG
management by end-users.
The Self-Service web interface offers DG creation,
deletion, and modification,
as well as the management
of members based on IT
policy. All without a call to
expertise. Group owners and designated managers are empowered to make
the help desk – any time of
changes as needed to improve the flow of critical business information.
the day or night.
Automate Policy and Streamline Maintenance
The Ensim Distribution Group Manager allows employees to be responsible
for specified groups. They perform safety management functions that would
otherwise overwhelm IT administrators and help desk staff. Once the policies
are in place, a secure, easy-to-use, web-based interface makes it simple for designated users to control how groups are used; created, updated, and deleted.
The reporting capability makes it simple to review groups for compliance with
corporate policies.
Security & Regulatory Compliance
In regulated industries, certain groups of employees may not be allowed to
communicate with other employees due to legal requirements designed to
prevent “conflicts of interest.” Ensim Unify Distribution Group Manager offers
an automated control system that can be deployed to prevent communication
between parties with a conflict of interest as defined by the organization. This
“information or ethical walling” is a flexible, custom component that can be
included within the Ensim Unify Distribution Group Manager.
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