Basic Bench Assembly Instructions

Product: Basic Bench (B02)
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1. Two legs (A)
2. Bench seat (B)
3. Four gussets (C)
4. 22 - 1½" screws
You will need
1. Drill
2. #2 Robertson or Phillips
drill bit.
Step 1: Take the bench seat (B) and flip it upside down. Next, take
one set of legs (A) and hold it up against the outside of the bench
frame. Secure the leg into place with five - 1½" screws using the
holes on the inside of the frame. Repeat on the other side.
Step 2: Take one of the gussets and place it snugly on the inside
of the bench frame and flush against the leg. Using one screw,
secure the gusset to the leg, then use a second screw to secure
the gusset to the seat. Repeat for all four corners of the bench.
Step 3: Flip the bench up right and enjoy.
Proudly Made In CANADA