1. World History Study Guide: 2. Hinduism 3. Pre

1. World History Study Guide:
2. Hinduism
3. Pre-Hinduism (Vedic Religion):
a. Struggle between Aryas and Dasas
i. Aryans: light skinned
ii. Dasas: dark skinned Dravidian
b. Development of Varna
i. 4 “class”
1. Brahmin (priests)
2. Kshatriya (warriors)
3. Vaishya (merchants)
4. Shudra (peasants)
5. Untouchables (people who cannot be touched)
a. Jobs that have contact with dead animals
b. Clean wastes
ii. Jati
1. Subdivisions of varna classes
2. Arranged in hierarchy structure
3. Had different rules regarding the interactions between a different
iii. Reincarnation
1. Atman: spirit that is reborn in another form after death.
2. Karma: one’s actions that influences the next life.
iv. Sacrifices
1. Brahmins performed sacrifices
2. Not in favor of writing to hold on to their religious knowledge and
v. Women
1. Study lore
2. Participate in rituals
3. Own land
4. Married in late teens
4. Hinduism
a. Rise
i. Reform of Vedic religion after surge of Jainism and Buddhism
1. Personal devotion
2. Fertility Rituals
3. Dravidian cultures
4. Buddhism
5. Decreased importance of sacrifices
ii. Deities
1. All deities are part of a one divine force
2. Vishnu: former Vedic god (Preserver)
a. On Earth in form of avataras
i. Rama, Krishna, Buddha
3. Shiva: former Vedic god (Destroyer)
iii. Worship
1. Puja: prayer to a god
2. Pilgrimage
3. Bathing in the Ganges River
b. Impact
i. Dominant religion of India
ii. Common people were converted as Hinduism had personal deities to have
direct connection to