Hinduism Study Guide

Hinduism Study Guide
1. What are the Vedas?
2. Who were the Aryans?
3. What change marked the transition from early Vedic religion to Brahmanism?
4. In the caste system, how were people in India placed into a certain social class?
5. Why did Untouchables live in separate communities?
6. To Hindus, the soul, or atman, is a part of
7. What are the specifications for building Hindu temples?
8. In some Hindu traditions, Brahma is the creator and Vishnu is the preserver. What does Shiva do?
9. The festival of Divali, which begins the Hindu New Year, celebrates
10. The ancient social class system was called varna. What did early Hindus mean by varna dharma?
11. Which animal became a symbol for the Hindu belief in reverence for life?
12. How was the Hindu belief about karma related to the caste system?
13. Which symbol best represents samsara, the Hindu view of birth, life, and death?
14. What is the Ramayana? Explain what it is and what its purpose is.