Greeting Speech 101 for spring w/Duane Smith: I hope you had a

Greeting Speech 101 for spring w/Duane Smith:
I hope you had a great break. I look forward to working with you all. For those of you who are
uncertain about what exactly you signed up for, a hybrid class is a mixture of online work, and in class
participation. So, instead of coming to class twice a week, you will only be attending once a week;
but you will be doing online work to compensate for the time we don’t spend in class.
Because we will only be physically meeting only once a week and we are severely over enrolled, time
is precious and will be managed as such. If you are late, or not present the first day of class
your spot will be given to one of the many who will be desperately trying to add. So, if you
are truly planning on taking this class PLEASE be present and on time day one!
In an effort to ensure that each of you understand fully how to negotiate the demands of taking a
hybrid class there will be a simple, but valuable test week #1. If you do not have immediate,
consistent and easily accessible use of a computer and the internet - not only will you not be able to
access the information needed to take the first test, but passing the class will not be possible.
Again, please make day one a priority. Note your class day, time and room number. Come early so
you can negotiate the parking, getting lost, and then finding your way. Embracing the philosophy of
always early never late not only helps you with everything in life, but it is also the best way to
manage your fear of public speaking because it ensures that you are prepared and ready to rock.
Sec #
7:30am – 9:40
11:20am – 1:30pm
11:20am – 1:30
7:30am – 9:40
11:20am – 1:30pm
3:00pm – 5:10pm
sec # 7412
sec # 7415
sec # 7411
sec # 7413
sec # 7416
sec # 7414
H 111
CC 210
H 113
H 111
CC 210
BSC 108
Test #1 is posted and open – i.e. you can take it now! All the information needed to get a solid 15/15
points is given to you in the announcement labeled: Things to Know for Speech 101 W/Duane
Smith. NOTE: Midnight on any given day is 12am – which is the start of a day, not the end of one.
Remember this when you are planning the completion of any online work.
Book #1: “Empowering Speech,” Smith
Book #2:“Essentials of Public Speaking,” Hamilton. 4th
Stopwatch (Cheapest at Big 5, or Wal-Mart)
Consistent internet and computer accessibility
Final note: being a great audience member (on time and respectful of your peers) in class is more
important than a great speaker.