Notes Power Point

August 27 Wednesday
Copy the diagram and show your work.
1) What is the perimeter of the rectangle?
2 ) What is the area of the rectangle? 5x+2
Pencils, Notebook, folder
Colored pen/pencils/crayons
Grading pen
Graphing calculator
Note #2 Data and Function Models
• We will organize two sets of data, create scatter plots, and identify
the parent function.
• I will learn how to compare given data to parent functions.
Data 1
Jason’s grandfather deposited $4,275 into an account to pay his college expenses.
Jason withdrew $475 each month to meet his costs. How long will it take Jason to
spend all of the money that his grandfather deposited into his account?
Data 2
Sue Ellen throws a basketball towards the hoop from a height of approximately
6 ft. In 0.1 sec, it is at 6.8 ft. In 0.2 sec, it is at 7.36 ft. In 0.3 sec, it is at 7.6 ft. In
0.5 sec, it is at 7 ft. In 0.7 sec, it is at 5.2 ft. In 0.9 sec, it is at 2 ft. In 1 sec, it hits
the ground. How many seconds had elapsed when the ball was approximately at
4 ft?