Interest Group Webquest

Interest Group Assignment
Introduction: Interest groups are another way (in addition to parties, media, elections) that people can connect with their government. You are about
to embark on a one day mini-research project in which you will be investigating various interest groups.
List of Interest Groups: Look at the list on this website ( and pick an interest
group that you are motivated to learn about and in fact might be motivated to join.
1. Pick one interest group.
2. Complete the following chart on this interest group
Interest Group Name:
Purpose of the interest group
What incentives does this interest group offer in order
for people to join this organization?
How does this organization get money to do what it
wants to do?
Find TWO examples of political action or lobbying
that this interest group has conducted. Be able to
explain what they did.
How many members does this interest group have?
Is this a national, state, or local group?
Who is their leader? Is he or she famous?
Is this interest group effective? How would you
measure this?
3. You will be presenting your information in a small group setting in class. Please be prepared to present and discuss your findings.
Good luck!