Character Motivation PowerPoint

What do you think the term
Definition: the reason a character
acts or does something
• “The reason we do what we do.”
• Two types of character motivation:
– intrinsic & extrinsic
Intrinsic- means you are motivated
to do something internally
– Something inside you drives you to do
– EX: wanting to do a good job
– EX: wanting to do the right thing
– Ex: wanting to be a better person
Extrinsic- means you are motivated to
do something by an outside force
– In other words, things are given to you that
drive you to do something
– Ex: chocolate makes you do something
– Ex: kool aid, candy, free time, money, jail
Your assignment
• Using your notes on motivation, write a
one page essay answering the following
What are you motivated by? Tell Why.
• If you do not finish this in class, it will be
for homework.